Matt Damon & His Little Beach Beauty

Matt Damon was spotted taking an early morning stroll with his adorable daughter Gia, 2, on a beach in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (January 30).

Looks like they got out for their father-daughter walk just in time – rain started to fall on Southern California later in the morning.

The True Grit star and his wife Luciana welcomed a daughter, Stella, on October 20 and are also parents to daughters Alexia, 12, and Isabella, 4. Shortly after Stella’s birth Matt talked about life with four kids. “It’s been pretty crazy! The baby came a couple of weeks early. It’s our fourth, so we’ve done it before – but it’s a whole new dynamic. It’ll take a little getting used to. [But] the other girls are happy to have their little sister, so it’s amazing.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • J.D.

    That looks like Gia.

  • Anonymous

    That is Gia.
    She’s so big and cute!

  • Anonymous

    It better be Gia because if it’s the other one, she’s extremely tiny.

  • Lea

    Is she even wearing an underwear?

  • Camila

    So cute!

  • Alyson

    haha Lea…no I dont think she is.

    These are really cute pics. She has gotten so big! Little beach baby 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That is def not Isabella lol it’s Gia! I guess it’s cuz we rarely get a glimpse of them. Too cute.

  • Hannah.J

    I’m going to go with everyone else and say it’s Gia, Isabella is tall and skinny.

  • Marsha Takeda-Morrison

    I think you’re all right – that is Gia, not Isabella. The photo was mis-labeled. Thanks for all your sharp eyes out there!

  • vivien leigh

    Gia. Not Isabella.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for i all view images .

  • Anonymous

    Cute kid!

  • Sophia

    I was going to say, that looks like Gia not Isabella, but it seems like everyone else spotted that first 🙂 She reminds me of Bailee Madison when she was younger. Cutie 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That is Gia – not Isabella. Gia has grown a lot too. She is a beautiful little girl. She seems to be having a wonderful time with daddy Matt. Wonder when we are gonna see pics of Matt and Luciana with all their four girls. Alexia and Isabella sure have gotten even more beautiful lately. And can´t wait to see Stella!

  • fan of matt damon since 97

    Thank you very much for these photos … We missed Matt at the SAG Awards
    last night since it was nominated for best cast and two cast members were
    nominated… Alexa is in school right now … but where is Lucianna..? Who is
    never without her kids..Matty is a great dad just like Ben … Wonder what
    beach he is on..He does have a movie to promote this week…The Adjustment… coming out on Friday.. Glad to see him back Thanks Matt too

  • Anonymous

    Okay, looks like everyone else has covered the message I was going to leave – that this must be Gia, because Isabella would have had to shrink and age backwards to look like this. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    what do you mean without her kids .if shes there the other 2 are in school being looked after by the nannies.she probably has the baby with her . but shes always where matt is . not a stay a home mother.

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