Reese Witherspoon Takes The Family To Church

Reese Witherspoon, accompanied by fiancé Jim Toth, took kids Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7, to church in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday (January 30).

It was a rainy day in L.A., so everyone was bundled up. And by ‘bundled up’ I mean no one was wearing shorts and a tank top.

Reese is working on a new movie, Water For Elephants with Robert Pattinson. The actress had this to say about one of her other co-stars. “It was one of the best experiences of my career. I worked with her for three months, just training,” she said of the pachyderm in the film. “I had to get in shape – I had no harnesses, no safety equipment, nothing. It was literally just me and the elephant and I had to climb onto her.

“She’s 10 feet tall and over 9,000 pounds and it was this exercise in trust. It’s a really beautiful thing where you learn to communicate with a creature non-verbally.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • klutzy_girl

    LOL at the “bundled up” comment.

    I wonder if Reese and Jim are getting married some time this year. She was looking at wedding dresses in Paris.

    (And I can’t shake the feeling she and Jim may have kids soon. No clue why.)

    And I still cannot get over how much Ava looks like her mother!

  • Helene 78

    Love Reese. She is so genuinely decent. You never get an ounce of pretention from her. She has always carried herself with dignity even through the worst times.

  • Anonymous

    I think she is rushing into this thing with this guy. Its not cool for her continuing to state that she is with a “grown up”. Both Ryan and Jake have kept their prior relationship and break up out of their mouth but she keeps making digs at both of them. I have lost alot of respect for her and feel really bad for the kids. This guy isnt what he portrays to be. It wont last and she will be a divorced 40 year old with little ones again. These folks in this business have no respect anymore for relationships. They are in love one minute and hating each other the next. I just dont know!

    • Helene78

      I like Ryan a lot, but he cheated on her, of course he will keep the relationship details quiet. He was at fault. If there were skeletons in her closet believe me they would have been eagerly exposed by now.

      Why should she be held to any higher expectations than you might a personal acquaintance.

      • Victoria

        Doesn’t matter, he cheated, she divorced him, it’s over and done now. I believe everyone should have a chance to express their feelings about their ex, but eventually you’ve gotta let it go, and stop needling in little comments. After a while you just start to look bitter, not that IMO Reese is bitter, but after awhile for anyone, that’s how you start to come off.

        • Donna k

          To be honest I have never heard her say anything derogatory about Ryan.

  • Anonymous

    Agree^^ She’s probably pregnant and doing a repeat shot gun wedding. What a shame!

  • Anonymous

    Ava looks ridiculously skinny, hope she’s not developing an eating disorder or unhealthy body image issues. 🙁

    • Helene78

      Omg, she is eleven. I weighed 90 lbs until I hit 16. I was very health. Now after the birth of my son, let’s say I no longer weigh 90 lbs:)

      She is too young to judge in that way

  • Anonymous

    I love how some people on this board are so quick to point out unnecessary BS and love to make $h!t up.

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