Halle Berry Fighting For Custody Of Nahla

Halle Berry is going to court with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey over custody of their 2 ½-year-old daughter Nahla.

Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” Halle’s rep tells PEOPLE


The 44-year-old mother of one pulled out of the film New Year’s Eve – set to start filming this week in New York – in order to clear her schedule for custody litigation. She’s being replaced by Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl.

“She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention,” her rep adds.

Gabriel filed court papers on Sunday, December 30 seeking to be formally recognized as Nahla’s father and to establish that he’ll share custody.

There is no information on what prompted the custody dispute.

Halle’s rep continues, “Halle has always made the needs and safety of her daughter her first priority and, both while Halle and Gabriel were a couple and since their break-up, Halle has only acted in her daughter’s best interest.”

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  • Anonymous

    This is bull. She had no problem with Gabriel playing nanny while she made a movie, but now that she has a new boyfriend and wants to move on with her life, she wants him out of the picture. If she didn’t want a father for her baby, she should have gone to a sperm bank.

  • mslewis

    Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” Halle’s rep tells PEOPLE
    This is the beginning!! Mark my words . . . Halle Berry’s mission in life right now is to DESTROY Gabriel Aubry!! She is through with him and doesn’t want to share anything with him and he won’t cooperate by just going away. I think she is going to accuse him of molesting Nahla. This is going to get ugly.

    In my opinion, Halle Berry has major issues with men and she is also a cold-hearted b!tch who can cut anyone out of her life without a look back. She did this to Eric Benet’s daughter when they got divorced. She was like a mother to that poor child and when Benet cheated and they were divorced, Halle wiped that child right out of her life and never speaks to her or about her . . . EVER!! That’s what she wants to do with Gabriel but, unfortunately, he’s not cooperating. I just hope he can hang in there with this fool and give his little girl the stablity and the father figure she needs in her life so that she won’t turn out like her psycho mother!!

    • Ondine

      I had been wondering about that first daughter of hers. It was a legal step-parent adoption. I can’t imagine negating an adoption, neither can I understand abandoning a girl who thought she had a mother but really didn’t.

      • Anonymous

        Halle DID NOT adopt India, they discussed it but broke up before filing the paperwork according to Eric. Regarding Nahla Halle is selfish,they should share custody of her IMO

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous..is she really going to paint him as a unfit father? Wow. Since when did trying to be an involved father and co-parent in a separated relationship become wrong?

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny that she gushed over Gabriel after they broke up, and he was perfectly fine to watch Nahla when the three of them went overseas so she could film her movie, but the SECOND he makes a move in court to actually have a custody agreement so he can see his daughter, he’s suddenly an “unfit” father. Halle should have just stuck with a sperm bank if she only wanted a sperm donor; instead she got a guy who actually loves his kid and wants to see her and be a father to her. How sad for Nahla to have a dad who wants to raise her too!

  • Erica Ann

    If Halle wanted to raise a baby on her own she should have gone to a sperm bank or adopted. Gabriel is Nahla’s father, she wouldn’t exist without him and he has every right to seek joint custody.

  • Kate

    If you have such serious concerns why did you have a baby with the man in the first place? Is it because he is so gorgeous and you just wanted to make sure that your baby would be beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Halle does not need that clown to make a beautiful baby because she’s already beautiful. As a multicultural individual myself, I find it offensive that some people think that people have kids with white folks in order to make them “beautiful.” You need to check yourself.

      • Grace

        Kate didn’t say anything about race. You’re the one who is making this a race issue. So I think you’re the one who needs to check themselves. I believe Kate was referring to Gabe being attractive. And yes, Halle is attractive, but attractive people can still have unattractive kids if they have a child with someone unattractive. There are quite a few models who have homely kids because they married very unattractive men.

  • Anonymous

    This really is a sad. You can smell her manipulation miles away..

  • Anonymous

    Oh the jealousy on this forum 🙂 dont judge unless you know the full details. Maybe he wants more money by having joint custody. What the hell do you know? If he’se hanging around the likes of Kim kardashians and her dirty mouth family, heck yeah I would be a concern parent. So go stuff yourself, jealous bunch of cows.

    • Deemore from bmore

      You nailed it!

    • Victoria

      1. He has his own money and can take care of himself
      2. They were never married and California doesn’t acknowledge common law marriages, and even though they were together five years, it doesn’t mean they considered their relationship a common law marriage, especially since both of them stated they didn’t want to get married.
      3. In joint custody arrangements no one gives the other any money

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I wake up everyday jealous of Halle Berry, NOT. Can’t stand it when someone types don’t judge, when they are judging you. It’s a forum for discussion, get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Of course you do. She has the hot guys after her while you have your forums for discussion. So keep drooling and keep celebrating her.

  • Anonymous

    it seems vindictive but who really knows?!

  • Amber

    Halle seems to be a very shallow and selfish woman. I guess that’s what tons and tons of money does to you. I hope she knows karma is a b*tch.

  • Sissy

    Halle and Gabriel childhoods were sad, Gabriel lived in foster care, and recently lost his mother, Halle does not have any contact with her father, not to mention as adults Halle and Gabriel career choices make for a crazy life! Poor baby girl Nahla, two parents who love her but not each other. Gabriel’s personal life indiscretions is going to come out and Halle’s will too!

  • Anonymous

    Gabriel is no longer with Kim kardashians she with someone else now and there was never any photos of Kim around his daughter and the time they were together Nahla was with Halle. Halle boyfriend is none as a cheater and been thru many women, and I think Halle is doing this because she finally has the child she always wanted and doesn’t what to give up half her time with her child to Gabriel which is not right.

  • Anonymous

    WOW – it seems like not one of you knows what it is like to go through something like this. “If you have such serious concerns why did you have a baby with the man in the first place?” – you could say that about the millions of women who are tangled up in the family court system all over the country. Some men (and women) change drastically after a child and/or break-up. My daughter’s father is not the man I spent 5+ years of my life with and chose to have a baby with. He is also so angry at me that my daughter suffers, none of us know if that is the case here. Halle did sing his praises when they split, we all want the split to be easy and we all get along, but when that doesn’t happen we get upset and see the light. Not one of us knows what is really going on here and it is not up to any of us to judge Halle, Gabriel or anyone else on this forum.

    • Victoria

      Oh please, people don’t change, so please don’t go spouting that off. He is the same man he was when you were together. He’s just showing you a side of himself that you’ve most likely never seen before.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not about to judge who is the better parent, but why the h*ll do you issue a press release about something like this? Tacky, tacky, tacky and in extremely poor taste. The only reason I can think of is she anticipated him doing it first and wanted to beat him to the punch.

  • SANY

    wow- Halle you are really a witch. There is nothing wrong with Gabriel- I hope he wins……….

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone presumes so much about this former couple. Why assume that Aubry is a saint and Halle is a witch? We don’t know the facts of this story. As for Halle issuing a press release, apparently she pulled out of a movie to deal with the situation. This likely explains the release.

  • JMO

    I don’t know how the court system works in LA but I would think if there is no evidence that he is an unfit father that they would not take away his rights to see his daughter? What has he done? Has he neglected her? Beat her? Put her life in danger? Does he do drugs? Drink often? I mean if the answer is no she really has no leg to stand on! And it’s ashame to take a child away from their father if there truly isn’t anything going on that warrents it. I feel bad for children. They get stuck in the middle of their parents messes all the time. I agree Halle most likely wanted a baby and she ended up marrying Gabriel bc she thought it was the right thing to do at the time. My cousin was in a similar situation. She wanted a baby. So she went off the pill even though her boyfriend didn’t really want one. She gets pregnant they elope in Vegas fast forward a year later and all she does is belittle him and constantly tell him she’s getting a divorce when he has done absolutely nothing to her! I told my cousin she should of just gone off and done it on her own if she wanted a kid so badly and she agrees but it makes me feel really sad for my lil cousin that now he’ll be put through a messy divorce and may not get to see his daddy as much. Such ashame.

  • Anonymous

    Jan 31, 2011 @ 09:20 pm
    Anonymous said:

    Of course you do. She has the hot guys after her while you have your forums for discussion. So keep drooling and keep celebrating her

    Nope not drooling after her men. I’ve loved the same man for 25 years, no one can turn my head like him. Hoping everything works out for the best interest of their daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Halle wants Gabriel to relocate everytime she goes off to shoot another movie. He wants to keep the baby while she is on location according to TMZ. That’s why he wants joint custody

  • Anonymous

    Let that be a lesson for all men that has children out of wedlock! You have no rights to a child if you don’t put a ring on it. Go cry me a river to the courts.

    • Victoria

      Not true, Mr. or Miss Ignorant

  • Anonymous

    just share custody? :O

  • Émily

    What a bitch. She has serious mental issues.

  • Anonymous

    i agree that halle just wanted a baby, but people should really go the donor route or adoption if they don’t want to deal with a father in the kid’s life. and frankly, i suspected this even before they broke up. by the way she talked about relationships in interviews, it was obvious she wasn’t that into him- just for the kid. and how can she expect him to relocate wherever she goes every time she makes a movie? he has his own life

  • tif

    Good luck Nahla. Dont worry though, there’ll be plenty of money for your personal therapy at a later date.

    So public, so sad for Nahla.

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