Jennie Garth Talks About The Family Dealing With Husband’s Twilight Success

Jennie Garth can’t wait until husband Peter Facinelli is done with the latest Twilight movie. The former 90210 star says it’s been hard having him away from her and their girls, Luca, 13, Lola, 8, and Fiona, 4.

She tells, “I can’t even remember what life is like with a husband. I will be very happy.”

“It gets harder the more time he’s gone. It’s more of a challenge to keep everybody connected, and for the girls, they miss him so much, so it’s kind of heart-wrenching to see him come and go. But there’s no other way to keep him doing what he does and keep their lives normal,” she adds.

We could become a traveling circus — go with him wherever he goes and homeschool the kids. But they’re enjoying having regular quiet lives, and we like them to be able to have that.”

Having Facinelli reach career success with the Twilight series has affected their oldest daughter life.

Garth explains, “I was with her at a soccer tournament over the weekend, and there was a gaggle of girls walking by, and one of them said, ‘Have you guys seen the super hot ‘Twilight’ guy?’ — having no idea that was her dad. She said, ‘Mom, did you hear those girls?’ They were looking for him, having no idea he’s across the country right now.”

Jennie notes, “In her world, she doesn’t like it to be a big deal. But she’s very proud of him.”

As for the actress, she’s happy to concentrate on her family at the moment.

She says, “I’ve really been focusing on the family and the girls and keeping things normal for them. Whether it’s a sacrifice or not, I don’t know — but it’s definitely what I want to be doing. I want him to take this time for himself and make the most of it. And besides, with him as the breadwinner, that dynamic works for a marriage.”

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  • lynn

    i dont know what it is but something about her really bothers me now. i used to be a fan. cute pic though, and her kids are adorable 🙂

  • Love

    She’s has concerns because she knows first hand about the celeb life. She had success very young and had the time to enjoy it with no kids involved! Peter is experiencing success, but to enjoy all the success and to build on it so that you will continue to work will take you away from routine family life. Hanging out with co-workers versus being home with kids doing homework. That’s a threat to all families everyday.

  • Alexsmomma

    Out of all the old 90210 girls, she has aged the best… Still looks in her twenties.

  • Julianne

    Love that family ; They are so perfect !

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