Pete & Bronx Wentz: Boys In Black

Rocker dad Pete Wentz and his 2-year-old son Bronx showed off a similar style as they headed home from a Starbucks run in Los Angeles, California yesterday (January 31).

The Black Cards bassist recently explained that Bronx inspired his untamed new do:

“My son, he’s got this full head of awesome curly hair, and when he gets out of the bath he’s so stoked. I want to get out of the shower and just be stoked,” Pete said, adding, “The amount of maintenance that went into my [straight] hair was ridiculous.”

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  1. Anonymous

    He shoulda stuck with the straight hair. UGH.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah really – his hair looks terrible.

  3. Anonymous

    Why, why, WHY is he leaving his hair frizzy like that? It totally changes his look and not for the better. It’s atrocious and it makes him quite homely. He’s a bit odd looking anyway but somehow the straightened hair kind of worked and made him slightly cute in a quirkish way but this new fro is just a thousand shades of ugly.

  4. Ondine

    Who the heck cares what he looks like? He’s a musician, can’t we just listen to him play? Good for him anyway, I wish more people would accept themselves and not get into that charade of phoniness that permeates the entertainment industry. He is a musician, just play the guitar and sing and you’ll be just fine. The days of people caring about foolish things like their hair texture and color should long be over already. Just accept yourself, that enables everyone else to accept you also.

  5. Anonymous

    Kevin Jonas, is that you? Not a good look, Pete.

  6. Anonymous

    That hair is just gross

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