Jaime Pressly Puts On A Happy Face

In the midst of a very tumultuous time in her personal life, actress Jaime Pressly headed out to pick her 3-year-old son Dezi James up from school in Los Angeles, California this week (January 31).

Yesterday the My Name Is Earl star was formally charged with two misdemeanors stemming from her January 6 DUI arrest.

Jaime is also on the hook to the IRS for almost $650,000 in unpaid taxes, and just last week she filed for divorce from her husband Simran Singh, citing irreconcilable differences. The pair tied the knot in September 2009.

Could the actress be facing a custody battle with Dezi’s dad, Eric Cubiche, on top of everything else?

Eric’s mom tells RadarOnline.com, “Jaime and Eric have always had a nice relationship when it comes to my grandson Dezi, but that could change. My son remains focused on Dezi and everything is good with our family and my grandson. We’re very protective of Dezi and want nothing but the best for that precious boy.”

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  • Love

    No doubt she loves her son, hopes she gets it together.

  • Anonymous

    I think how Jaime is being portrayed is so very unfair — sure the lady made a mistake but she is human & one mistake does not warrent the crap she is getting off the media & Radar online speaking to a grandmother is no source we can trust
    The father of this child is a well known dj who club hops for a living & Jaime has taken care of this child from day one very well — he is always with her & looks so very much loved & happy.
    I think its time to remember we are all human we all make mistakes but the difference is she has to go through this with us all watching
    Give her a break!

    • Donna

      Tax evasion, drunk driving, stealing.the list goes on…

      No one I know makes those “little” mistakes.

      And ones person little mistake of drunk driving can be another persons death!

    • Anonymous

      The media is only portraying the facts. And so what that the father of the child is less than stellar. Many women find themselves in the same position but still continue to love honorable lives.

      I agree that mistakes are human, but hers are on a repetitive cycle. And to be honest, when one has a child the type of “mistakes” she has made are unforgivable.

  • Tracy

    Wow – divorced again already! How do all these celebrities owe the IRS so much money? Ridiculous!!

  • Janna66

    How is it only a MISDEMEANOR to get in a car and driver with a blood alcohol content of almost three times the legal limit?

    It’s a shame that she’s got so many dramatic, personal problems going on right now, but there is no excuse for extreme drunk driving. She should be in jail.

  • Marianna

    Sorry no pity at all for her.. My 35 yr old brother in law- father to my sisters 3 and 4 yr old children was killed by a drunk driver last year with a blood alcohol level lower than hers.

    She deserves jail. None of this first offense crap. It disgusts me.

    Write to MADD to change these laws.

  • Sunny Sue

    I actually dislike this celeb SO MUCH and have found her to be rude and just plain mean. She’s spouted ignorant things in the past – pure white trash!! None of this surprises me about her. I know we don’t every really know people but I always got the feeling she wasn’t a nice a person. Now, I see it’s true. How anyone, let along a PARENT, could get behind the wheel while intoxicated is beyond me. What a selfish piece of garbage.

    • Holly

      Agree 100%

      Marianne- I am a member of MADD we already get the names automatically of those who have. DUI. You are right the laws have to change. God bless your family…I can only pray that people like Ms. Presley realize what risks they are taking when they get behind the wheel.

  • Anonymous

    nobody is saying she didnt eff up by getting behind the wheel but do you really think she did that tax crap on purpose to herself …many of the celebs get effed over by people who work for them & the divorce is her own business nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors so saying mistakes one after the other is highly unfair & very judgmental
    She is facing up to what she has done, this is her 1st dui & 1st divorce, people deserve a second chance so give the woman a break she is no lindsay lohan for god sake

    • Anonymous

      Many of the people who kill while driving drunk, it’s their “1st offense”

      There is enough out there to know not to drink and drive. Just like idiots who smoke. You know by doing so someone is going to get hurt.

      She deserves jail time.

  • Anonymous

    Thats bullcrap that she deserves jail time on a very 1st dui she is a mother and has never been in trouble before
    would you say the same if your own mother or someone you knew made a mistake?
    She deserves to be punished indeed but not jail time.

    • Marianna Duncan

      The woman that killed my brother in law did so on her 2nd DUI. She got probation and her license taken away for 90 days. 6 months later she was out with her friends for a moms night out. Had 3 glasses of wine, ran a red light in her SUV, killing him INSTANTLY as he was crossing the street.

      He was a good man, a pediatrician who dedicated his life to others. An amazing father of 2 babies who will never know him.

      This woman is serving 10 years in jail, will probably get off in 4. She is 33 with 2 young kids. She will have her second chance regardless.

      What about poor Michael William Stanford, his wife and his two beautiful children

      So no ANONYMOUS it’s not BS!!!

    • Sarah m

      These articles are about motherhood and celebs. The two do not go hand in hand all the time. I agree with the posters who state once you have a child, mistakes that can be avoided are inexcusable.

      She drove drunk. She was not a teenager on her way home from a “kegger”. She is a grown woman with a child. Her life is blessed in so many ways. She was lucky no one was injured. But I firmly believe that jail time is the only true discouragement to this.

      Yes she is a mother, but she could have taken someone elses away with her “one mistake”. I would not want my child, my mother, my father, my friend or even the boy who bags my groceries to be the collateral damage in giving her a second chance on this.

    • Tara

      Yes I would. If someone I knew were ignorant enough to play God with someone else’s life. I certainly would support them, but if jail was the correct punishment they have to pay the price.

      No one is above it..except it seems celebrities or in ms presleys case a pseudo celeb.

  • Anon

    I think the people who say she “should” go to jail, know that the law gives first offenses a probation. Maybe I am wrong but they are suggesting that the law is wrong and that it should be changed to be more of a deterrent for first time DUI.

    Regardless what she did was inexcusable. The tax issue most likely was not her fault. I have maybe 1/10 of her income and I am confused by what my accountant tells me.

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