Christopher Meloni On His “Greatest Moment As A Father”

When he’s not busting bad guys on the set of Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Christopher Meloni is the happily married father of two children – Sophia aged 9 and Dante, 7. The actor, who plays dashing detective Elliot Stabler, has been married to wife Sherman Williams for 15 years and in an interview with REDBOOK talked about work, marriage and fatherhood.

On one particular experience of being a daddy: “One year on Christmas Eve, I stayed up with my daughter because she wanted to meet Santa. She crashed out, so I put her to bed, put the presents down, then climbed out on the roof — because we’d left a tray of carrots and apples for the reindeer — and I had to go bite into all of them. And let me tell you: It was icy. And it was dark. And cold. I think that’s my greatest moment as a father.”

On Sophia’s Godmother – co-star Mariska Hargitay: “They’ve always been very sweet with each other. Sophia was just at the set yesterday, and first thing she said was, “Where’s Mariska?” And the last thing she said before we went home was, “Wait, Daddy, I’ve got to say good-bye to Mariska.”

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  • Anonymous

    Seems to talk a lOt about his daughter…? Like, why isn’t his son included?

  • Anonymous

    Oh Geez get over yourself. Maybe he mentioned him in another article that you MISSED.

  • Anonymous

    Man I bet Mariska is a great god mother

  • Anonymous

    They are very sweet people and down to earth. I’ve met his whole family.

    • Anonymous

      what is mariska?

      i don’t understand

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