Geri Halliwell: Being A Single Mom Is Challenging

Geri Halliwell says being a single mom to four-year-old daughter Bluebell Madonna is tough but admits that her “privileged” situation means she has it easier than some parents going it on their own.

“Being a single mum is hard – although it depends on what day you ask me,” the former Spice Girl said. “Sometimes it has its challenges but I am wary to say that it is too tough because I feel more privileged than most and I have a mother who is incredibly hands-on.”

Geri, who had Bluebell while she was in a brief relationship with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi, is now involved with aristocrat Henry Beckwith and says more children may be in her future.

“We’ll see. I haven’t ruled it out,” she said of giving Bluebell a sibling or two. “I do love being a mum, although I have to say I feel like I am more in my element now that Bluebell is four-and-a-half.

“I’m enjoying this stage more than the baby part of it because I can interact with Bluebell. It’s great having a daughter.”

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  1. Moo

    Although Bluebell’s biological dad isn’t involved, she is engaged to someone else who she lives with, do i don’t think she can really consider herself a single mum – she has more support than most single parents, aswell as the money to provide any additional support she requires!

  2. Real single Mum from Oz

    I SOOO hate when celebrities carry on about how hard it is to be a single mum. I am a single parent, with no financial support from my son’s father. I had to do it alone but with the help of my loving parents and siblings I was able to get a job. Celebrities need to live in the shoes of REAL single parents and see how tough it can be. When you have millions of dollars behind you it doesnt matter if you are single or not.

  3. Anonymous

    Seriously. This is one of my ultimate pet peeves! How hard is it to be a “sigle mom” when you have unlimited cash, people to drive you everywhere, shop for you, do your bidding, and watch your children? Really? Is that really hard? I doubt it.

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