Halle Berry’s Daughter Was “Traumatized” After A Visit With Gabriel Aubry

More details have emerged since Halle Berry’s friends have publicly said the actress was afraid for her daughter Nahla’s safety under ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s care.

Sources have told People that the actress sensed something was wrong around Christmas when Aubry came to pick up their 2-year-old.

“She was crying and kicking and screaming,” claims one source. “She was hanging onto her mother’s legs so she didn’t have to go.”

Allegedly, when Berry tried to calm their daughter down, Aubry became impatient.

The insider says, “He got Nahla and forced her into the car.”

However, this was not the first time the toddler has been upset. A source reveals that after visiting her dad another time, she appeared “traumatized”.

Aubry recently responded to Berry’s claims by stating that he was disappointed that she would “falsely malign him publicly and for her own purposes.”

A source close to Aubry says, “Those who know Gabriel well fortunately don’t believe a thing about what is being said.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This is nothing but a smear campaign and a thinly disguised one at that. Halle Berry’s looks keep many people from seeing that underneath all of the facade is a hateful, controlling, ego-maniacal, man-abusing witch. The reason she can’t find lasting happiness with a man is because she mistreats every one of them and runs them off. Then, in order to save face and portray herself as the constant relationship victim, she sends her paid posse out to run the smear campaign. Notice how every guy she’s ever been with has supposedly been a monster of some sort? She’s full of crap. She’s purposely and maliciously turning that sweet child against her own father because she’s selfish and wants to keep the kid to herself. It makes her crazy to think that the courts will allow her ex-husband to go on with his life unhindered by her controlling ways, free to raise the child, when she is with him, as he sees fit. This is about malicious hate and control. The courts need to force Halle into serious counseling and parenting classes because she is the one who is harming the child, not Aubrey.

    • Anonymous

      I love how you presume to know all about Halle. Opinionated people like yourself is what makes the world go round and round.

    • Janis Jones

      I completely agree with you on your comment… It seems like everyone of her ex did something wrong to her or so she claims. I’ve always wondered why someone as beautiful like her can’t seem to KEEP a man and why any man would even cheat on her… Not saying this is any excuse to be cheated on but still…. I hope for the sake of their daughter, this doesn’t get any worse than it already is. At the end of all the slander and insults hurled at at each other, unfortunately, it’s only the child that gets hurt in the end.
      And I would be beyond shocked if it’s true that some immoral media garden tool, like Kim Kartrashian, is the reason why Ms. Berry is acting like love jealous tyrant.

    • Sunny Sue

      Yeah, I tend to agree with you. Halle’s beauy is blinding people from the fact that’s she ten shades of crazy.

    • Sunny Sue

      Yeah, I tend to agree with you. Halle’s beauty is blinding people to the fact that’s she ten shades of crazy.

    • Sunny Sue

      Yeah, I tend to agree with you. Halle’s beauty is blinding people from the fact that’s she ten shades of crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! All kid throw fits at some point in time especially when they have parents that are separated and are being passed back and forth. It happens. She sounds nuts and has a notrious repuation for being a big b*tch. So this doesn’t surprise me. She is opening her big mouth about their life while he is staying quite. What does that say about her?

  2. Venni

    Nahla could be just going through a phase. At two, some kids have a lot of anxiety about being away from their primary caregiver. My kid went “certifiable” at two when I switched her nursery! LOL! With that said, both Halle and Gabriel ought to get some counseling on how to handle these things. They are both first time parents and everything is new to them.

  3. Anonymous

    lol I love how a 2-year-old crying when she realizes she has to leave her mom is suddenly a sign of abuse. i guess all kids who cry when they get dropped off at school or at daycare are being abused at those places, right? she was probably fine in the car 2 minutes later. not to mention that kids who are experiencing separation anxiety and the stress of their parents fighting over them are pretty likely to be upset.

    no mention of how radaronline has a copy of an email halle sent gabriel saying “thank you for the donation”? surprise, surprise. so convenient that she was raving about him in her last interviews and then he files for custody and all this bad stuff comes out. i feel sorry for Nahla.

  4. Moo

    Ugh, she makes me sick.

    I don’t believe for one moment any of this is true or not 100% exaggerated, however even if it were, she’s doing herself no favours by publicly trying to humiliate him. when Nahla is old enough to make her own mind up about her dad, she’ll realise her mum has been nothing more than a malicious liar.

    Poor girl.

  5. Ariana

    It’s just separation anxiety. It’s totally normal for kids that age and it doesn’t mean the kid is terrified of the other parent. She’s just more used to the parent she’s been with. After a couple of minutes she’ll be playing and will have forgotten all about it. I think anyone would be able to see through Halle’s immature and devious ploy to discredit the father. It’s a low, mean blow and I think it’s backfiring on her already. She needs to grow up and act like a mature parent.

  6. Victoria

    1. I just don’t believe it, even the part about her crying when she leaves her mother. Gabriel and Halle broke up April of 2010, at that time Nahla was in the beginning stages of being 2, so by now I’m sure she’s used to leaving and going places with her father. Not to mention she always looks so happy in pics with her father, she doesn’t look mute, or stiff, or you know like she’s trying to force herself out of the reality of being in his presence.

    2. If she really felt her daughter was in danger she should’ve gone to court right away and got it so he couldn’t come near Nahla instead of waiting until now when Gabriel is taking her to court for half custody. Especially because we’ve seen pics of them out and about in Novemeber bopping along, looking happy (and looking like her daddy dressed her, lol, Gabe’s cute but just like any guy dresses a girl just like he would a boy, lol)

  7. ABC

    I agree 100% about seperation anxiety. My 18 month old clings and screams and cries for dear life when he sees I’m about to leave him with Dad (the sweetest, kindest, most patient Dad one could have). Its not about my husband, its about leaving me. My eldest two children did the exact same thing around that age.
    That said, a first time parent could easily misinterpret that behavior. I could see how someone less experienced could see my son’s clinging and screaming as not wanting to be with his dad rather than what it is…Anxiety about mom leaving (which resolves 10 minutes after I leave).

  8. Anonymous

    halle’s pretty nasty.
    the kid i used to babysit cried like crazy everytime her mom dropped her off. i was scared of her mom thinking i abuse her or something. thank god the mom wasn’t as dumb as halle berry

  9. Marinka

    I don’t usely comment on CBS but I cannot understand why she needs to justify herself so much about why she wants full custody. It’s very selfish because she doesn’t think about her child while doing this even if she said so. She should keep those things private, and deal with it in court. And a child can be easily influenced by a parent especially if they don’t live together and the other trash talk the other, but that doesn’t mean Gabriel is a bad dad. Maybe this”source” should stop spreading rumors like that. How come she didn’t complain while she was with him, a man doesn’t turn from the greatest dad of the world like she said , to a monster all of a sudden. She really needs to act more mature, in order to really do what’s best for her daughter and think less about herself .
    I really hope they will both deal with this issue in order to give this little girl more love and stability.
    (PS excuse my english it’s not my 1st language 😛 )

  10. LaKesha

    None of us know anything about what’s actually going on. It’s funny how everyone seems to know that Gabriel is in the right and Halle is a “witch, evil, etc.” when Halle has never publicly acted out to suggest that she is this way. I say kudos to Halle, at least she is willing to stand up for her child. Most of the readers on this site are mothers–would any of you not stand up for your child if you belived something was going on?

    • Anonymous

      When Gabriel released a statement that he was seeking joint custody he didn’t put into question Halle’s parenting.She basically implied in that statement that her child is in danger in her father’s care. I’m not even going to address the comments about him using racial slurs because were not directly from her rep. The rep statement to People magazine was uncalled for. She could have written that to the statement to the courts not to a celeb magazine.She has been praising his parenting for years even after the break up and now he files for joint custody and 3 weeks later all this comes out.

    • Anonymous

      Berry was more than comfortable having Aubry as the primary caregiver to Nahla not only when they were a couple, but also after they split (while she was working). She had planned for Aubry to be on location with her while filming, as they’d done before, so he would be with Nahla instead of a nanny so I find her story lacks credibility. Creating a break in the bond between a child and the child’s other parent or any other form of parental alienation is child abuse.

  11. Anonymous

    Wow, Watch out Kindergarden teachers! Halle will accuse you of abusing Nahla if she hangs on to her legs and cries her ass off!!

  12. Anonymous

    LaKesha how is she standing up for your child when her first statement to People was “She has attempted TO RESOLVE THESE COUSTODY ISSUES amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, DIRECTLY, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention,” If she thinks her daughter is in danger was concerned about Nahla staying with her dad for a EXTENDED period of time why was she going to try and work thing out with him and what difference would it make if she is with her father for 3 hrs or 3 days. Lest not forget last month Halle was saying what a good father he was and why did she not take action right away with her concerns why wait to 3 weeks after he files to get shard custody.

  13. Audrey

    One granddaughter always cried when dropped off at either parents house. As soon as the other parent left, she would quit. The mother always tried to make a big deal out of it; Dad knew it for what it was – separation anxiety.

  14. Anonymous

    im not buying it! it seems halle has issues with taking responsibility for the messes she has created.

  15. Hannah.J

    Why do they let it get this far can’t they sit down an act like parents.

  16. Country girl

    All kids go through a stage of seperation anxiety and acting up. Although I dont know all the facts, that is what it sounds like. I think it is being blown out of proportion.

  17. Grandma of Four

    Separation anxiety to the max! When my 41 year old daughter was 2 and I would go out the door, she would become hysterical….screaming, throwing herself on the floor, pounding her little legs and arms up and down….tears, tears, tears! I was an absolute wreck and would call home to check on her when I got to my destination (NO cell phones!) and my husband (or the sitter) would tell me she stopped her truama by the time I got to the corner and was playing with this or that! Exhausting for me! She also did this when my husband would walk out the door and I was able to see how quickly she would calm her little self down! Then there was the time my daughter and her husband went out to dinner and left me with the 2 year old grandson! He became so hysterical I did not know what to do. My husband said, “Put him in the tub and turn the shower on!” Clothes and all! So, I did and when I cut it off…..my little grandson stopped screaming long enough to say, “Turn it on again, Grandma!” Separation anxiety!

  18. Kerry

    People shouldnt make assumptions.Its unfair to assume that the men in halle berry’s life left her or cheated on her solely because of something she did. who knows what happend or why the rships didnt last. and besides, what has that got to do with anything here? if aubrey had cheated on her and left her for another woman, then yes, i would say that mabey she went to court as some kind of revenge. to maliciously punish him. that is not the case, they parted on the mutual grounds that the rship was not working for either of them. Furthermore, everyone is making gabriel out to be a saint, a doting dad that is blameless in all this. the truth is we dont know. you cant just judge by appearances. give halle a break. she is a first time mom and there is no doubt that she loves her daughter with all her heart. i doubt she would want to hurt or harm her in any way,especially when it comes to her child’s father. and yes nahla may very well have crying due to seperation anxiety, but i believe that the press and the media have blown this whole custody story out of proportion. the so-called ‘sources’ that have been informing them of what’s going on, are cashing in on every little thing that takes place. these are celebrities, they sell. and everything they say and do, will inevitably be open to misintepretation, be weary of everything you read and hear. i hope this whole thing gets resolved and the people concerned move on with thier lives.

  19. Anonymous

    Halle Berry needs treatment. She definitely has anger issues. She is crazy!

  20. Anonymous

    These are my two cents: I am a Halle fan, but I think she’s wrong here.
    Little girls this age act this way all the time. I work with abused children and they do not kick and scream, actually children like that are more likely to be quit and retreated. So, nonsense.
    Secondly, I have the september Vogue on my coffee table in which she praises gabriel so much, and that was also after the breakup.
    It’s strange…..

  21. HLB

    …Yah, because a two year old couldn’t possibly just simply be having a temper tantrum. Give me a break!

  22. ANON

    I don’t wan to presume to know what’s going on. I will agree most of the time it’s seperation anxiety and many kids do this to their own parents. Even if being dropped off at grandmoms, school or even staying home with daddy. My nephews love their dad but they loooooove mommy and when she leaves even at 5 the one still throws tantrums and screams I don’t want to stay with daddy!
    But coming from my end as a child I cried all the time being left alone with my dad and I had good reasons as my dad was sexually abusing me. At 3 and 4 though I didn’t know what was happening or have words for it so I just knew I didn’t want to be with him (or anyone I was always scared). So that’s why I see it from two sides. No I don’t think Gabriel is harming his daughter. Afterall she’s two and at that age it’s very common for kids to act that way.

  23. Anonymous

    Please don’t dive into the “he said, she said” in this….this is just an ugly custody fight that’s getting uglier, and people outside the family don’t need to know the details.

    Please rise above covering the daily details that concern no one but those involved.

  24. Gretha

    Well, Nahla looks much happier on photos with her father than with her mother. I think Halle just got pissed off when she saw the photos of Gabriel with Kim Kardashian. Olivier Martinez is just a right guy for her…..unstable and unfaithful.

  25. Anonymous

    It actually just makes me wonder if Halle was sexually abused and thats why she is interpreting Nahla’s behaviour so catastrophically. It would make a lot of sense and i suspect they both need parenting classes and counselling.

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