Jessica Alba & Honor: Brentwood Beauties

Jessica Alba and daughter Honor, 2, were spotted as they met friends for lunch in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday (February 2).

As they always do, the mother-daughter duo looked chic in their coordinated outfits of black and gray.

James Cameron, the director of Jessica’s 2002 TV hit Dark Angel sent a Tweet to the actress earlier this week, “Jess, we have to do another kick butt project together soon!” that had science fiction fans hoping it was a sign the two would be reuniting on a remake of the series.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    oh look, it’s the Queen of Razzies!!!! If Jessica hasn’t gotten the clue that she sucks as an actress, someone close to her should. Just enjoy your $$$ and be a normal citizen like us!

    • Anonymous

      Why so mad? Oh yeah, because she’s making millions and looks beautiful.

      • Anonymous

        shallow, much?

        • Anonymous


    • Anon.

      Snarky much?! She’s doing better than most of us. And smiling all the way to the bank.

    • Agreed

      AMEN sister!!! Give it up, girl! You can’t act!

  • Anonymous

    I guess our first commenter is one of the people who pay $35 to vote for the razzies – I don’t know why anyone takes those sexist awards seriously when they have no more authority than the comments at TMZ. Jessica surely has a sense of perspective about what those awards mean! With a cutie like Honor and being able to spend so much time with her, who wouldn’tt? 🙂

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