Tori Spelling Hints At Baby No. 3

Are Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott ready to add to their brood?

While playing bridesmaid at her best friend Amy Colvin’s wedding over the weekend, the sTORI Telling author, who is already mom to Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, hinted that baby #3 may not be too far off.

“I think it would be amazing if she’s pregnant with her first and me with my third at the same time,” she tells People.

Last summer Dean, who also has son Jack from a previous marriage, admitted that he would love another child: “I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. tiki

    i’m thinking/hoping she’s already pregnant.

  2. Courtney

    yeah so am I tiki Liam and Stella are adorable so if they are infact expecting again as she’s going to be 38 in may not that that’s old to have a child but it’s harder to conceive if something were to go wrong and it’s more likely to be a multiple pregnancy this time because of advanced maternal age

    • Tara

      “advanced maternal age”. It’s not like she is an 72 year old grandmother in India trying to conceive. She is 38. I had my first and only child at the age of 37, and the ob/gun said I was in better health than many of her patients in their 20s.

      Obviously having a child after 40 is a tad riskier but I had to laugh at the advanced maternal age statement;)

  3. klutzy_girl

    She looked pregnant in a photo the other day, but now I’m not so sure!

  4. Taylor

    UGH! PLEASE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE CHILDREN!! Tori, you are mentally, and physically not capable of having another child with that loser, gold digger of a husband of yours. You COMPLAIN SO MUCH about your life, past and present, just try and enjoy what you have instead of trying to compete with others.

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