Guess Who Revealed: Andres García!

It’s Andres García!

Andy García and his 9-year-old son were spotted at the LA Lakers game in Los Angeles on Tuesday (February 1).

The legendary actor and his wife María are also parents to daughters Dominik, 27, Daniella, 23, and Alessandra, 19.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jack Nicholson’s child

  2. samantha G.

    it’s a Boy or Girl?

  3. Anonymous

    Pamela Anderson’s son ?

  4. SallyAnn

    Andy Garcia’s son Andres.

  5. Me123

    Andy Garcia’s song Andres

  6. Anonymous

    James gandofini’s son (the sopranos)

  7. Anonymous

    James gandofini’s son (the sopranos)

  8. Anonymous

    Pam Anderson’s sons are both way older than this kid.

  9. vivien leigh

    Not Andy, but almost: his son Andres.

  10. Anonymous

    Yep, Andy Garcia’s son 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    I was gonna say it was Carnie Wilson’s Lola, but after reading only the dad is the celeb, i’ll go then with Andy Garcia’s son.

  12. Anonymous

    i don’t know who it is, but the kid needs a haircut, nicer clothes and lose some weight for his own current and future health…

  13. Anonymous

    The idiot above said the kid needs nicer clothes. What’s wrong with his clothes? He’s got Laker gear on going to a Laker game. He’s actually dressed appropriately. You’re a MORON!

  14. P!nk

    nosoupforyou – I’m sure you’re in great shape, right?

  15. Ondine

    Nobody thought to brush this kid’s hair before he went out in public? I’m laughing cause the father is a real Dapper Dan-type but the kid is a mess! I guess love really is blind.

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