Gwen Stefani Brings Zuma For A Doctor’s Visit

Gwen Stefani took Zuma to the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (February 3). While waiting in the lobby, the No Doubt singer shared her soup with the 2-year-old toddler.

Zuma sure looked cute in his outfit. He was coordinated with red sneakers, a red belt and a striped hat.

He was last seen with his dad, Gavin Rossdale, getting frozen yogurt the day before.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Just perfect !!! Zuma is so gorgeous with his beautiful smile !!!

  • Kate

    He is wicked cute!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the 3:1 adult to child ratio. Is he a handful or is this just typical of Gwen to need a lot of help.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Angel !!
    But I miss Kingston !!! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Who cares how many people he’s with. He’s adorable.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure no one “cares”, just making a harmless observation 🙂

  • caitlin

    zuma is adorable.

  • alice

    no way, no how can ANYONE effectively parent a 2 yr old boy in shoes with 6 inch heels.

    thus the need for a nanny wearing flats.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, Alice. And the bodyguard/male assistant wearing running shoes!

      • alice

        lol sing it sister

  • Anonymous

    kids not cute.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure you’re not cute either.

  • Rachel

    He’s the different of Kingston! lol 😀

  • Grandma of Four

    Oh my goodness! Is Zuma’s SMILE to just die for!? TOO CUTE and EXPRESSIVE! I have my fingers crossed he does not discover the “tongue sticking out phase” his big brother has been going through! Which might explain why we have not seen much of Kingston in the past few days! 🙂 And, I think Gwen is SMART to take the care provider with her to the doctor! It is important that ALL persons who care for your children be “up to speed” on ALL issues including visits to the doctor! Good for Gwen! Common sense!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Grandma of 4, why don’t you get off your computer (and your high horse) and spend some time with those grandkids of yours instead of fawning over kids that you don’t even know. Sheesh!!

  • JMO

    Zuma is cute. But I wonder what the doctor thinks about this interesting fella with red painted nails lol.

    I have never NOT seen Gwen and Gavin w/out a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    I bet I could sit and eat soup comfortably while waiting and sport those heels too if I had a nanny to do my job, but I don’t and damn proud of it. I realize for celebs there are def needs for someone to help but at the docs, seriously? I have a roudy 2yr old boy and I def know chasing him ain’t going to happen in those shoes! hah.

    • Anonymous

      So true! Lots of celebs have nannies and have the means to have them on standby 24/7, but they don’t need them to accompany them on simple errands, playdates, etc. This gal is a prima donna and cannot/ will not go out with her kids without one. God forbid she should break a nail or get a hair out of place.

  • Felissa

    Did Gwen and Gavin dyed Zuma’s hair?
    Btw He’s adorable.

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