Nicole Richie & Family: Trekking Trio

Nicole Richie went on a hike in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday (February 5) with her adorable kids Harlow, 3, and Sparrow, 1.

With her outdoor activities, this mom-of-two certainly walks the walk – she recently talked about setting a healthy example for her kids.

The former Simple Life star, who was in Europe with hubby Joel Madden as his band Good Charlotte kicked off their tour, recently Tweeted about being a newlywed, “This whole ‘My last name is Madden’ thing is really working for me here in Ireland! I’m down, I’m down.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • caitlin

    Harlow just turned three. Adorable family.

  • Mimi

    So cute.

  • Anonymous

    So refreshing to see that she has completely turned her whole life around, ended up getting married and being a devoted mother.

  • Anonymous2

    Is she pregnant? She looks great but a little rounder than usual. Just saying.

  • Shirelle

    Harlow and Sparrow are so cute. I love the name Harlow. I love Sparrow’s batman tee so cute.

  • Anonymous

    They’re average looking.

  • marymoss6

    This is sweet!!! major brands give out samples of their popular health products best place is “123 Get Samples” tell your friends too.

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • Anonymous

    Is a nanny really necessary to bring on this outing???????

    • Anonymous

      This is probably the first time I’ve seen a picture of Nicole with a nanny – she seems to be very self-sufficient and a real hands- on mom and walks the talk — she enjoys being with her kids and doesn’t use them as props,unlike certain others we see on this website.

  • alice

    sparrow. oh my goodness. why would anyone dream up this name for a child with parents knee-high to a grasshopper? seriously!! this kid will likely be 5 foot 5 fullly grown and he has to be “sparrow” !!?! child abuse pure and simple. all the organic friendly harvested wood toys and homespun cotton tunics will not influence my view one iota.

    • Danielle

      Actually I thought Sparrow looks tallish for 1. Harlow always favoured her mother though in height.
      Lol @ this article saying they were ‘hiking’, hardly, more of a stroll id say considering Nicoles in ballet pumps and 1 yr old isnt going to walk very far haha

      • matilda

        because nicole and harlow are v cute midgets. my daughter is 1 and in the 100% for height and she would TOWER over this kid.

  • AJ

    So cute! This is a really little thing to notice, but I think it’s adorable how babies grip one of your fingers when they’re holding your hand. I love the name Harlow, Sparrow not so much (Row is good though) but hey, he can always use his middle name James… Their baby, their choice in names.

  • Julianne

    OMG ! what an adorable kiddos 🙂 Love little sparrows’ eyes … he is so big 🙂

  • Anonymous

    AJ I agree it is adorable how little ones do grip just one finger, probably easier for them 🙂 this is such a cute family!

  • hopeso


  • Anonymous

    they are not midget, maybe other peoples children are freakishly tall lol! also i dont get why people get so annoyed by the nannies? if i had the money i would bring them around too. its also nice in a world where both parents usually work for the parent and nanny to work in unison!

  • Anonymous123

    Sparrow reminds me of Sloth from The Goonies.

  • Anonymous

    Can she dress them better? I dress my kids better than this….

  • Anonymous

    i agree sparrow does look tall for his age, and harlow is so little and cute. i’m sure her tininess lets her get away a lot more then other kids her age lol!

  • Anonymous

    Love them, so cute 🙂

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