Report: David & Victoria Beckham Expecting A Girl!

Rumor has it there will be a very well-dressed baby girl this summer!

The Sun reports that David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a baby girl! Posh is said to be “over the moon” after discovering the happy news during a 16-week scan.

A representative for Vicki declined to comment on the reports.

According to The Sun, Victoria had a 4D scan at private hospital where doctors were able to confirm that another Spice Girl is due to arrive this summer.

Victoria – mom to sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6 this month – has spoken of her hopes for a little girl. She revealed once that she could imagine “painting her nails, putting on make-up, and choosing clothes” with her.

Thanks to CBS reader Marilyn!

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  1. Courtney

    I so hope this is true as Victoria has made no bones about wanting a little girl. but in the end all that matters is mother and unborn child are healthy

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think this is true at all

  3. Peta

    I’m waiting to hear from Victoria herself, but ‘YEEEEEEHAW!’ if this true.

  4. klutzy_girl

    I hope it’s true, but The Sun is the one who claimed Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy were engaged, so not believing them.

  5. vivien leigh

    If this is true…wow. A girl…after 3 boys… A girl after a life with 3 man in the house… amazing.

  6. Courtney

    I wonder what They’ll name her if it’s true

  7. caitlin

    If the rumor is true .she finally have the baby girl she always wanted.

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry guys — The Sun is not a reliable source.

    I’m pretty sure Victoria and David said that they’re not finding out the gender until birth.

    Despite this, I have very little doubt that she’s carrying a girl, not because The Sun says so, but because the sex-selection technologies for spinning sperm are pretty darn affordable for people this rich. Please, but do you think they would even bat an eye at dropping 10k to get the “type of” baby that they want???

  9. Anonymous

    The expectation for a girl is way too much for them and people in general. The poor thing better not be boy, geez.

    • Tara

      Funny you say that. When I had my ultrasound the tech asked did I want to know the gender. I said yes. When she sounded almost “afraid” to tell me, I thought the worst that something was “wrong” with the child. She then said , it looks like a boy! I was one of the few who really wanted a boy more than anything ( obviously I would have been happy with a girl too).

      She was shocked bc she said almost everyone wanted a girl with all the u/s she had performed in the past few months. She said she even had women in “fits of tears”

      I would not trade my beautiful, amazing son for the world….

      • Anonymous

        Your post made me smile, Tara. I have a 3 y.o. boy and am a few weeks pregnant with a second kid (of unknown gender.) I feel that I’m constantly surround by women with an anti-boy sentiment, and it drives me nuts!! I can easily imagine a woman in fits of tears when faced with the “threat” of having a boy… sadly.

        I’m sure some girls are great, but most of the ones I know are very, very difficult children… possibly because their parents spoil them rotten and oblige their every whim. Whenever someone says “Oh, maybe you’re second baby will be a girl!”, like it’s some prize that eluded me with the first pregnancy, I can’t help but roll my eyes. I would be lucky to have another boy!!

        • Anonymous

          Oops — I meant “your second baby”… of course. πŸ™‚

        • Anonymous

          Most of the girls you know are very, very difficult children? That has nothing to do with the gender, you idiot! Girls are no more difficult than boys are. It’s probably a good thing you don’t have a daughter with thoughts like that!

          I actually have two daughters and they were a piece of cake compared to how my nephews behaved as children. But, it all depends on personality and how parents raise them, etc. Gender has nothing to do with it!!

          • Tara

            Jesus, do not be so nasty, all she said was the girls she knows were difficult. Listen I am the only girl in a family of 7 kids. I was the youngest. My mother tells me that she would take 20 boys over having to raise a teenage girl again.

            I agree, I was a challenge, not in any criminal way, but girls are much more moody and emotional that’s a fact.

            I was thrilled to have a son. It’s the only child I will have due to medical reasons. I will take the 10 years of energy he will have over the years of drama with a daughter. It’s just an opinion.

            Give her a break.

          • Tina

            God if my daughter turned out as rude and bitter as “anonymous” I would pray for a boy myself.

            you have some nerve calling someone an idiot, when your posts are nothing but ignorant. I suspect you are the same angry poster on many of these boards. Tara and the other commentator were referencing their happiness at having a boy.

            Get over yourself and just hope your daughters do not learn by example.

          • Anonymous

            You Must be such a shining example of how a good mother raises daughters. Lets hope my kids are not in your daughters class

            Your attitude is what is “idiotic” and super sensitive

          • JMO

            Why do people insist on calling people nasty names??

            Personally I have had bad/good experiences with both genders. I nanny for 2 girls. The first was a complete angel and still is. The second although still a tot is far more difficult. I have 3 nephews. For the most part they’re good boys but they’re def. boys! Rambunctious, potty talkers, and somewhat whiney. I think it def. is how you raise your kids but also just some kids have personalities beyond their parents control.
            That being said after 3 nephews I’d much rather have a girl but I’d be happy with a boy.
            I worked with a women who admitted when she found out she was having a boy she cried for days. She badly wanted a girl. Her husband had to take her out shopping to buy boy clothes to make her feel better and she said she just would cry. But then she said her son was born and she couldn’t imagine never having him or acting such a fool about him being a boy. She did eventually get her girl. Bottom line is you love what you get because you have no choice. For the most part your not going to think your own daughter is bratty or obnoxious – which is why when you meet a child who is know that their own parents dont find them to be annoying the same way you do πŸ˜‰

            And I am happy for Victoria if she gets her girl.

        • Tara

          Good luck with baby number 2 anonymous. I hope he/she brings you worlds of happiness, love a sloppy kisses regardless of the gender.

          Glad I could make you smile;) I have encountered the anti boy brigade myself at times. It’s sad that people just cannot be happy for you whether your child is boy, girl, black, white, purple or polka dot!

  10. Anonymous

    Your “source” is the Sun??? The paragon of journalistic integrity, that Sun?? GMAB. Not that this is life or death news, but at least use a credible source.

  11. Courtney

    you’d say the same thing if it were the other way around like a certain iconic film couple that should remain nameless when they had their last daughter 46 years ago. just because they didn’t get the boy they wanted doesn’t mean they loved her any less than they did her sisters. there’s no such thing as gender selection it’s a 50/50 shot everytime

    • Anonymous

      Courtney! I have never, never once thought you were “crazy” for your rambling posts — I always thought it was kind of cute. But I don’t understand why you say that gender selection doesn’t exist???!! It’s pretty common, and getting more common. (Whether that’s a good idea is another discussion… but it is very, very technologically possible.)

  12. layla

    Courtney stop with your obsession with 1950 celebrities. Give it a rest. It’s getting very annoying not only that but you think you know everything.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m so happy for them! Even if The Sun has made it up, I still think she’s pregnant with a girl.

  14. elle

    I wouldn’t believe anything The Sun reports

  15. Cane

    Courtney- there is a such thing as gender-selection … I did it two years ago. It can be done with ivf with 100% and iui with 87% !! Google it !!

  16. Sarah G.

    I really hope that David and Victoria are having a girl. They’ve had three boys, after all.

  17. caitlin

    there’s no such thing as gender selection. Yes There is because a while back I saw a special on television. Where a couple had 5 daughters. The father wanted a boy so bad. He did the gender selection his wife was blessed with twin boys. They pay a lot for the treatment.

  18. Anonymous

    I am 100% positive they are having a girl. It is called PDG(google it) very available in LA and very much afforable to them. I was going to do it but my husband was opposed. There is no way in hell she would go threw another pregnancy and have another baby unless she knew that it would be a girl. So happy for her that she is finally getting her baby girl!!!!!!!l

    • Victoria

      Of course there is a such thing as gender selection but I’m sure Courtney was refering to the natural correct way of making a baby where the probability of having a boy or a girl is 50/50. And Gender selection though legal in many parts of the world is not particularly encouraged in America hence why this is in red on the website of the place you were talking about:

      Unlike many programs offering sex selection only to very limited couples with known GENETIC DISORDERS in the family we make sex selection available to all patients. Parents have come to us from from nearly every nation on the planet (we have assisted patients from 147 different nations) seeking to balance their families or assure themselves that a pregnancy will result in ONLY the gender outcome they desire. REMEMBER: Nearly all couples qualify for sex selection using the PGD method, which provides near 100% (99.99%) success regardless of sperm counts or gender percentages!

      Gender selection is pointless, people should be grateful with what they get and even more grateful that they’ve gotten any at all. Not to mention when he’s mentioning all of these patients that come from all over the world, you have to wonder are they coming to get boys because it’s no secret that majority of societies have for centuries thought of boys being better than girls. While this is even true in American society, gender selection for Americans, seems more like a cutesy idea to toy with, unlike other places where it can just promote gender inequality.

  19. suzan

    Am sure it was IVF and specifically selecting a girl.

  20. Alileah

    16 weeks is pretty early I wouldn’t completly trust one done until 20 weeks. I too expected they would have a girl using sex selection LOL.

  21. Anonymous

    Of course its a girl. They paid good money so that it would be.

  22. nicoleC

    cant wait to see mini Victoria !!!

  23. Finsama

    I think people put too much importance on the gender of the child. Just love your child, regardless. Even the mom’s who make comments like, “I’m glad I have a boy, because girls are so bratty,” that’s not a good way of thinking. That’s not appropriate. Kids are who they are based on personality and upbringing, period. I have a cousin who has two daughters, and he and his wife were noticeably disappointed that they had second girl, because he really wants a son. So, they’re going to keep going until they get that coveted boy. Too bad for the unwanted girls they have along the way, right? I just don’t understand why gender matters to people. Have children because you want to raise a child, regardless of gender. Then you’ll never be disappointed.

    • Pamela

      There actually is nothing wrong with voicing a preference. I truly doubt the majority of women who say they wish they had either a boyor girl go ahead to treat the child with any less love and devotion, than if they had the gender they wanted.

      Of course we all want healthy happy children. That seems to be a no brainer, however I myself wanted girls and got 3 boys. I show them the same amount of attention and care as I would had I gotten my girl. I still can be a tad disappointed though when I see the cute clothes and the special mother daughter bond that I may never experience.

  24. Julianne

    If that’s true I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM β™₯
    lovely family πŸ™‚

  25. Courtney

    don’t be so critical that’s why I said who shall remain nameless. you can’t always get what you want that’s part of life

  26. Audrey

    Sweetest child I had was my only son born between two sisters. He did become the roughest of the three as a teenager though. Still, wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.

  27. Anonymous

    I have a boy and a girl… and couldn’t love either of them any more than I do!! They are both HAPPY, HEALTHY, and PERFECT!

  28. Anonymous

    it’s true, it was announced on itv2 as well!!

  29. Anonymous

    In December I read that Victoria was going to have a girl over at
    Congratulations to the Beckham’s, what a wonderful gift for them all.
    (not too sure why others are using this forum to argue tho)

  30. Kerry

    In a previous article i read, the bekhams opted to keep the sex of the baby a surprise and find out only once he or she was born? so im not sure if any of these current reports are true. anyway,a friend of mine was told at 16 weeks that she was going to have a baby girl and when the child was born, it was a boy! i just fee that you cannot be sure at this stage. having said all this, its a natural inclination for a mom who has had three sons to want her next baby to be a daughter,for the same reasons that men want to have sons. we want mini me’s. we want to dress them up and buy pretty things and pamper them like dolls,cause they so cure. and dads want the sons to carry on the family name and keep a part of them point is that sometimes the motive behind a parent saying they want a boy or they want a girl is personal and a tad bit selfish. not always, but in many cases. and in the end when we look at how many couples struggle to have kids or lose thier kids through miscarriage or stillbirth, it reminds us that we should just be happy with whatever children we get. not go out and say-oh i want a boy, or i hope its a girl. its not right.

  31. Kerry

    oops, spelling error. i meant to say that we want to pamper them like dolls cause they so cute, not ‘cure’

  32. Marilyn

    Now Hello! magazine is reporting it’s a girl, too.

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