Rachel Zoe’s Baby Bump In Black

Rachel Zoe looked stylish in practically all black while walking with her husband Rodger Berman and their friends in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (February 5).

The celebrity stylist wore long thigh high stiletto boots and a belted shirt dress underneath a brown and beige leather jacket.

Zoe, who is expecting a boy in early April, recently said she doesn’t want the baby to come before the Oscars.

I have conversations with him on a daily basis, like, ‘You cannot go anywhere until after [the Oscars]. I have a lot coming up so he’s not allowed to go anywhere yet!”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    Who cares…

  • Anonymous

    This Woman seems so self important… I can just see it now, once the baby is here they little entourage that she always seems to have will change too about 5 Nannies.

  • Tara

    Is there anyone on this website that has something nice to say about anyone? I would assume most of us are mothers. So that in itself should make us feel blessed
    Life cannot be so horrible that you all need to be bitter. In five articles I read today, there was maybe two nice comments out of a total of 80!

    • SuperG

      Thank God someone sees this too. I thought I was the only one who thought people were overly nasty lately.

      It’s perfectly fine to post your opinion but just to CONTINUALLY be negative is like being surrounded by the mean girls on the playground all over again.

      I like Rachel btw.

    • Anonymous

      If you have time to read through 80+ comments, maybe you are spending too much time on the internet.

      You are right, a large proportion of the commenters do not always leave sugary sweet comments or fawn over the “celebrities” (I use the term loosely as many depicted here are D-listers at best). However, most of the negativity is fairly innocuous and I’ve yet to see anything along the lines of racial slurs, profanity, death threats, etc. So, chill out and let people post their opinions!

      • SuperG

        Bitter much sweetie!

        Must have a terrible life…tsk tsk

      • SuperG

        “chill out”
        Oh look ladies we have a Harvard Educated Prognosticator here.

      • Tara

        Thanks superg- good to know I was not alone in thinking some of these ladies were a tad catty.

        And you are indeed correct “anonymous”! I do have a lot of time on my hands today. There is not much else to do while one is attached to chemotherapy iv drip. My mistake for not using my time more wisely.

      • Tracy

        If they are d- list celebs why in fact are you “wasting your time”? And there are many slurs, profanity etc. The moderator does delete the majority but only if they have been reported. I have noticed some extremely unkind ones that remained for almost a month.

        Way to be a judgmental piece of work anonymous.

  • isabella

    Why care so much about some random person opinion. I seen more negative catty comment on other website like perez Hilton celebrity babies just jared and many more. I think this website is the more tame then other website I mean you guys should see what people write about Jessica alba daughter on justjared. Beside the owner delete the negative comments.

    • Vikki

      I do not think it’s about caring about random people. But there is always a pattern of “anonymous” always writing negative things and sounding bitter. She/he is probably the one who always insults that Courtney girl.

      Btw it’s rather rude and hypocritical to say to someone ( the anonymous one) that she may be spending too much time on the Internet, when what the heck is she doing while writing her angry thoughts of the day.

      Ps. Tara- it’s amazing that you are not bitter, if I were in your shoes I would expect a pass for all the vitriol coming out of my mouth today;). Feel better. I have been there, it gets worse before better but it’s worth it.

    • Vikki

      Also those sites you mention, Perez Hilton, just Jared, etc., market themselves to be scandalous. No one goes to Perez Hilton to hear him be soft and gooey or to hear about the new shoes lily grace hack is wearing.

      This site targets moms, that’s why it links to sites all dealing with parenting.

  • Tara

    I have only just come upon this website. I thought it would be lighthearted brainless gossip. Something to help waste the hour away, while all I could do was sit and wait. But after reading the angry bitter attitudes I realized it’s filled with many bitter women. Yes we have a right to an opinion, but to insult just for the heck of it serves no purpose.

    I am up for trading any type of criticism as much as the next, but sometimes as was the case yesterday it goes beyond normal activities of supposedly grown women..and don’t think that the attitude you come to on these boards doesn’t affect your kids..

    Ok enough preaching, rip away ladies:)

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