Kourtney Kardashian Is Teaching Mason To Be Bilingual

Kourtney Kardashian says she’s been teaching her 13-month-old son Mason Spanish.

While at an event in Kitson in L.A. she said, “We like to speak Spanish to him. My mom’s housekeeper speaks it to him, too. He says ‘hug’ now. He says it in Spanish and English – abrazo!”

However, you won’t be able to see Mason practicing his bilingual skills on television. The 31-year-old reality star and her boyfriend Scott Disick have decided not to include their son in the current season of Kourtney And Kim Take New York.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, how typical high brow of you to teach your child to communicate with the hired help!

  • Anonymous

    Is she fluent in Spanish? Chatting with Grandma’s housekeeper will not make him bilingual.

    • rose

      That’s what I thought too. Saying “abrazo” and “hola” is far from bilingual…

    • Anonymous

      Did you not know that kids are sponges if he hears it constantly eventually he will learn it. He is 13 months of course he is only going to speak a few words at a time… Duh! But it’s a start.

  • Hannah.J

    It’s good they are teaching him a second language but who is he going to talk to thats Spanish apart from the help.

  • Anonymous

    if anybody follows any of these sisters on twitter, they are always posting videos with mason. i’ve seen at least 3 that have them speaking spanish to him. the latest was from kim: “dame un bessito, papi!”

    they are all speaking spanish with him, so don’t be so quick to judge.

  • Anonymous

    KOURTNEY MINORED IN SPANISH in college! of course everyone here assumes the worst in these girls!! shame!

    • Verónica Ramos


    • shiri

      English is my second language. I have been told that I speak it incredibly well, yet not even I would presume that if I spoke English to my daughter, she’d learn it as well as if my husband, who is a native English speaker, did it. Long story short, you should really only speak the language you know perfectly to your child to give him/her the chance to learn the language properly and not to start copying your mistakes (because you will make some) or your accent.
      But then I’m not sure that you would understand – obviously you haven’t even mastered English yet.

      • Verónica Ramos

        Maybe she *ALSO* reads him books in Spanish or something.

        I’m Spanish (but I live in Catalonia) so I speak two languages myself as well! My English is not that good, but the day I have kids and they’re old enough to learn it, I’ll teach them the ‘basics’ (and they’ll study English at the school, of course). Pretty sure they’ll have Castillian and Catalan as their two first languages (in Catalonia the first language is the catalan but, for example, I speak Spanish at home because my father was born in Sevilla and doesn’t speak our language very well).

        Sorry for this Bible! Hehe. I just wanted to clarify, you know. I watch tv shows and read books in English because I want to talk/write it perfectly but as long as people can understand what I’m saying, I’m fine.

        • shiri

          Teach them Catalan and Castellano, that will suffice. No need to “teach” them the basics of English yourself. No point in it either – if a language is not a part of the child’s daily life, s/he will forget it right away anyway. Children don’t learn languages through being “taught”, they learn through listening in an environment that immerses them in the language.
          If you feel that growing up with two languages is not enough, send your child to an English-speaking kindergarden or school.

        • Ajay

          Your English seems pretty darn perfect to me 🙂

  • Sunshine

    She should be teaching him Mandarin that is not a peasant language, but the language of the future and progress.

    • Kate

      Listen, troll, people like you who peruse random blogs and say offensive things merely to be inflammatory are sad little people. Either you don’t know or you don’t care that while most people would just roll their eyes at your obvious attention seeking, calling Spanish a “peasant language” has the potential to genuinely offend people. Grow up, no one thinks you’re clever.

      • Sunny Sue

        While I’ll agree that Sunshine’s statement was offensive, English probably isn’t HER first language. Since she’s pushing Mandarin, I’ll assume she’s Chinese and doesn’t realize that calling Spanish a “peasant language” is rude and offensive to the highest degree.

    • Diva-Mommy

      I so hope your not serious in saying that spanish is peasant language. If you are, I feel very sad that you are such an ignorant person. I will double sad If you have children, where you will be infecting them of your ill natured attitude towards spanish people.

    • Verónica Ramos

      Peasant language? ¡Culturízate un poco, anda!

    • THF

      Not certain why calling it a peasant language is offensive. I am from Italy and we consider almost 95% of our dialects to be peasant based derivations. Almost all romance languages follow the same core base?

      Too sensitive?

  • Diva-Mommy

    Oh and Mason is such a little cutie pie.. hehe I look his lil manly looks.

  • Anonymous

    *Eye Roll*

  • Anonymous

    good so now he can cater to illegal immigrants.

  • Anonymous

    How precious. Maybe he will learn how to tell the hired help how to clean the toilet and scrub the floors. I knew the mother couldn’t possibly be bilingual.

  • Helene78

    There is nothing wrong with learning a second language. My only concern is this mandatory Spanish requirement in many of our school systems.

    It used to be you could choose French, Spanish or German. I just signed my two yr old up for pre registration at a private kindergarten. They told me he will only learn Spanish as they have done away with other choices. I don’t speak Spanish, ( only French and English) so will not be able to help him.

    This country’s catering to the Latino community has gone overboard to the point of almost forgetting it is an English speaking country first and foremost.

    • Stelle2788

      Listen here Helene78 …….
      Your an idiot!
      You are contradicting yourself!
      If this country is “forgetting it is an English speaking country first and foremost” then why the hell are you NAGGING about choosing native languages, such as French, Spanish or German? You catch my drift?
      In case you havent heard many school districts in this beautiful country are struggling with finances within their school districts. They try to presereve as much money as they can; therefore they can only afford to hireas many as one of these foreign languages.
      **Let me school you real quick**
      People all around the world speak Spanish as their first language making this language most wanted in our school systems. You can find Spanish on five different continents and in many different cultures.
      Here they are!
      Africa – Equatorial Guinea
      North America- Mexico
      Central Ameria-Guatemala,Honduras, El Salvador,Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
      Carribean- Cuba, Dominican Republic,and Perto Rico.
      South America- Venezuela, Columbia,Ecuador,Peru,Bolivia, Chile, Argentina,and Uruguay!
      *Just in case you cant count that was 20 COUNTRIES that SPEAK SPANISH*
      Spanish is the thrid most spoken language in the world right under English and Mandarin.
      fyi ***French is 9th***
      hmmm… Would i want my son to speak the 3rd most spoken language in the world or the seventh????
      Looks like this counrty that is “caterting to the Latino community” just gave your son more of an opportunity to get ahead in life!

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