Zuma Rossdale: Play Time At Coldwater Park

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Zuma Rossdale was seen with his nanny at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (February 8).

Wearing a fedora hat and a long necklace, the 2-year-old tot looked like he had fun riding piggy back on the nanny!

This past Sunday, Zuma was spotted with his family going to a Super Bowl party.

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Photo credit: GSI Media/Fame

  • P!nk

    I love this kid!

  • Lioness

    Love, love, love it- this kid is so stinkin’ cute!! The outfit is cute too- though a chain that’s half the length of his little body? Cmon now Gwen, lol… a little much.

  • Felissa

    OMG!! This kid is freakin’ cute!!
    BTW Did Gwen and Gavin dyed zuma’s hair?

  • Anonymous

    I would be concered with that long chain around his neck getting caught in the gym equipment much like a scarf or strings from a jacket or hoodie would,just saying…

  • Anonymous

    No Felissa, Zuma has always been a tow head.

    • Felissa


  • Grandma of Four

    Oh my gosh! Here he is again! Just the most wonderful smile! Such a happy little guy! I am concerned about the necklace….not because it is a bit much but for SAFETY reasons! Things can happen so fast with kids that it is best to PREVENT first! Gwen may have had nothing to do with this….the nanny might have had it on and Zuma wanted to wear it! With my own kids and now the “grands” I always ask myself, “Am I better off NOT doing “such and such” for “whatever” reason!” Most of the time my answer has been, “YES! Don’t do it!”

  • Anonymous

    I love the nanny’s top! I wonder if their nannies get unlimited access to HL/LAMB clothing etc, they always seem to be wearing it or generally dressed/styled very similarly to Gwen!

  • Anonymous

    look @ my zuminator, he is so much cuteness

  • Lilly

    I can’t stand how Gwen dresses these poor kids! I can’t even imagine making a toddler sit through getting their hair bleached and getting their nails painted. That kid must be so uncomfortable with those super skinny jeans!!! He does look adorable but he’s a toddler not a model, Gwen needs to stop being a fashion freak and dress those poor kids comfortably. Someone call child services on that lunatic!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      oh shut up.

      • Anonymous

        yes, please… SHUT UP! any idiot can see that his hair is not nor has it ever been bleached… a simple google search would show you that he has ALWAYS had such light blonde hair, which is fairly common for little kids with naturally blonde hair… get a clue before you post such stupidity. KINGSTON is the one with the bleached mohawks. Zuma’s hair has always been like that.

        • Anonymous

          although the comment on the hair was stupid, i DO agree that she dresses these kids like they’re walking out into their own little Fashion Campaign every day… not like a little 3yr old who is going out to the park to run around and play all crazy… no wonder all this poor kid can do is swing or go down the slide, his pants are too tight to let him actually run around! not to mention the necklace constantly clanging around his neck and flying back up to hit him everytime he tries to run or jump!!!! yes, yes, i know, it was probably the nanny’s necklace since it seems to match the 218 accessories that SHE has on, but still. COME ON GUYS!!!!! i’ve never seen any kid be able to run around at a park, like a real little kid does, with a friggin fedora on….this was clearly just matchy-matchy time for the nanny and Zuma instead of matchy-matchy time for Gwen and Zuma.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, there Gwen’s accessory again, I mean child.

    • Anonymous

      What, the nanny is solo today? What happened to Gwen? Maybe she got tired of playing with her toys and had work commitments..

      • Anonymous

        wow. what an A-HOLE….. just because a mom has to work or might have other commitments-be they work commitments or otherwise-does NOT mean that they are “tired” of playing with their kids. what an idiotic statement. and i say that NOT as a fan of Gwen Stefani (cuz i’m not really, i just think this little boy is friggin adorable) i say that as a MOTHER who loves being at the park with her kids and misses them dearly when i can’t be there with them-FOR WHATEVER REASON.

        if you want to come on here and make some asinine comment that nobody-especially Gwen Stefani- cares about, at least have it make sense and say something like some of the other commentors…..you know, that she constantly is putting those boys in REALLY tight jeans and i know from having a little boy, those really tight jeans aren’t always comfortable for them while they’re playing…. you CAN find “skinny jeans” for boys that aren’t sooooooooooooooo skinny or tight and they will be much much more comfortable for them. watch in the pics where the nanny goes to pick him up, he can’t even spread his legs all the way to be picked up because he’s so confined by the dammed jeans. and yes, i know that’s not how you spell dammed.
        or comment on the fact that these kids are always wearing 14 ridiculous layers of clothing- cardigans (which are sually for girls, btw…and this looks like a girls cardigan too!) over top of t-shirts that are over top of tank tops that are over top of shorts that are over top of leggings (ON A BOY! YES! leggiings on a friggin boy…i truly HAVE SEEN IT ALL ON HERE with this one) over top of weird leg warmers (again, usually for girls, but not in this family…anything goes fashion wise) and then throw in a few necklaces and bracelets and of course, the sunglasses…what 4 year old boy would be caught dead without their sunglasses at the park. i mean JESUS! give me a break…. or give the kids a break i guess i’m saying…. can’t they ever just get dressed in some normal jeans and shirts or hoodies and go play at the park. does every day out have to be a nonstop friggin fashion extravaganza???? if you are going to come on here and make stupid comments, make them something like this… not some stupid comment about why isn’t Gwen with them…. SHE ISN”T WITH THEM BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO WORK IN ORDER TO PAY FOR ALL THESE CLOTHES THAT THEY WEAR AND ALL THE NANNIES TO HELP THEM WITH THEIR KIDS. DUH!

  • Anonymous

    i absolutely love zuma, i think he is just about the cutest thing on here…but holy crap… i have never seen a little boy of that age LITERALLY BE CARRIED THROUGH A PLAYGROUND like this. in every single picture, he’s either being carried up the steps of the jungle gym, or he’s being held onto while he’s going down a SMALL, AGE APPROPRIATE SLIDE (not even a big, fast slide…we’re talking the little toddler slides) or carried from activity to activity…. this is not normal… LET THE KID PLAY!!!!!! or wait, maybe all these other people are right, maybe with the super tight jeans and the crazy long necklace, maybe he CAN’T RUN AND CLIMB on his own at the playground!!!! all joking aside, kids need to be left alone on the playground (obviously closely supervised) so they can develop the coordination and the physical skill set that is age appropriate for them, and they also need to develop their own SOCIAL and COPING SKILLS as well… learning how to play side by side with other children is INCREDIBLY IMPROTANT at this age, not only that but it’s a big deal for a 3year old to think, “wow…this slide looks kinda high… i dont know if i can’t do it…but MAN!!! i wanna go down that slide, it looks like SOOOOO much fun….” and then all of a sudden, before you know it, the kid sits down on the slide looking slightly frightened or maybe apprehensive and before you know it he’s giggling and screaming his way to the bottom. the sense of accomplishment that children get, even from what seems to us to be the smalles of things is EXTRAORDINARY. that is why they tell you that play time truly is learning time for children. this kid is never going to get any of that if he is just carried and held from slide to swing to sandbox back to slide and held onto the whole way down. he’s not a baby…he’s THREE!!!! if he was 16 months old that’s one thing, but he’s not!!!!!

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