Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Files For Divorce

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has filed for divorce from rocker husband Pete Wentz.

TMZ reports that the documents were filed in L.A. County Superior Court. She cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. However an insider says it’s because of Pete’s behavior.

“It’s really all about Pete’s erratic behavior.”  The source revealed, “She really wanted out.”

Simpson is asking for joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their 2-year-old son Bronx.

Her rep confirmed the news to People.

After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son Bronx, whose happiness and well-being remains our No. 1 priority. We ask that everyone honor our privacy as we navigate this next phase of our lives.”

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  • melo1983

    Woww, this is so surprising!!!

  • Georgia Elizabeth

    Everyone is getting divorced. Hollywood is so sad 🙁

  • Me123

    Ths is actually a complete shock to me. They always looked so happy together.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I don’t think many people saw this one coming.

  • antigoniem

    Wow!!! This caught me off guard.

  • elle

    Completely shocked. They’ve seemed so happy recently.. wonder what happened.

  • klutzy_girl

    Half the people are surprised, the other half aren’t.

    I’m surprised and I have no idea why. So sad!

  • Anonymous

    It’s because he stopped flat ironing his hair.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great comment!

      • Anonymous

        what’s with the sheep laugh? (bahahah) ive seen other people say this, i dont get it. who laughs like that in real life?

  • Courtney

    um this isn’t a surprise at all they only got married because she was pregnant with Bronx and being a preachers daughter having a child without being married is a no-no. hollywood has always had it’s short lived marriages and it’s longer ones for example Eva Marie Saint has been Married 60 years in october or Melissa Newman will be married 17 years this year.

  • caitlin

    What the point of getting marry in Hollywood. When so many celebrities divorced.

  • JMO

    Didn’t see that one coming!

  • JMO

    Didn’t see that one coming!

  • lily

    Okay nobody cares about Eva or Melissa. I don’t know why you keep bring up random celebrity in every post. Stick with the subject of the post.

  • Finsama

    It’s not just Hollywood where marriages are thrown away after what is very little time. I’m only 27, and I already know several people I went to high school with who are divorced, and I’m from an upper-middle class area. People just tend to give up when it gets tough. They don’t realize that marriage is work, just like parenting is work, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up.

  • Suzy

    That’s what happens when you only get married b/c you’re knocked up.

  • Angela

    She just couldn’t deal with Pete’s new hairdo. Seriously, though, I’m very surprised!

  • Anonymous

    Wow..I always envied them!!! I guess you just never know:(

  • Anonymous

    had to be his new hairdo. gross.

  • Julita

    maybe he wasnt faithful

  • Alma

    I’ve always seen him as an imature type, who still had lots to to in the grownup area. They’ve rushed into the marriage bac. of the pregancy. they are still young though.

  • P!nk

    I was going to comment on the hair thing too but I see others already beat me to it! Seriously, I am NOT surprised. I agree with Finsama – people give up when it gets tough. I don’t know why anyone in Hollywood would get married when those marriages never last. Marriage has gone from a sacred union between two people to a joke. It’s sad.

  • Lea

    I can’t believe these comments like: ‘They looked so happy together’. Do you think these images with all smiles actually represent how people really feel…?

    • Me123

      Some people who smile are actually happy. So yes, images with smiles do often represent how people really feel. Some people fake it, but I hate to be the kind of person who would assume it’s fake smiles. I’m sorry you are.

      • Anonymous

        I smile a lot but I’m not happy. I just don’t want my children to know that.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry…I don’t know why my comment got triplicate….maybe I’m even sadder then I thought

          • Anonymous

            That’s a really sad comment and i’m so sorry for you, for real. Please try Jesus – when no one else loves you and nothing else makes you happy, He does. just try praying to Him earnestly and watch what happens!! Also, read isaiah 53 – it’s so beautiful 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Pushing Jesus on someone whose religious views you don’t know is really rude and insensitive. Not everyone wants Jesus in their lives, and it’s incredibly arrogant of you to think a stranger would welcome it. I’m happy it works for you, but you best keep it to yourself unless someone actually asks you about it.

  • Anonymous

    Olivia Wilde, Jude Law and now Pete and Ashley.

  • Sarah G.

    Wow! This truly took me off guard. It was completely out of the blue.

  • Anonymous

    So I suppose that if all of Hollywood’s blonde’s revert back to their natural brown, etc., their relationships will break up as well?! Knock-off the natural ethinic hair bashing!

    • Janey

      Ashlee’s a natural BLONDE. So technically speaking, she’s not reverting back to anything, she’s just changing her hair color – maybe because of her current situation. People like to make changes when they sometimes face certain obstacles in life (breakups, etc.).

      Natural ethnic hair bashing? Seriously? People are just joking. Plus, Pete’s flat-ironed emo hair has been SO talked about, it’s natural it would be brought up.

  • vivien leigh

    wow, divorce…

  • Be

    I wonder if they’ll actually go through with it, they seemed reasonably happy. I’ve had young family who got married under similar circumstances and had drama in the beginning, surprisingly they matured, learned to communicate and are happily married with more kids. So, some do tough it out. I think the key is growing up together and learning to compromise/prioritize (I don’t mean be a doormat, just remember what’s important and how to navigate each other).

    • Be

      Oh, and I think his hair is cute.

  • Courtney

    Gah I only gave those as examples get over it. granted Lissy comes to mind readily because she’s the product of a nearly 51 year marriage herself. let’s agree to disagree

    • Anonymous

      Your “examples” aren’t relevant. They are NEVER relevant. How do you not get that?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing about something because there has to be a point in the first place. Your posts have no point. They have NOTHING to do with the post you are commenting on. Do you even understand the concept of staying on topic?

  • belimatt

    wow i didnt see this one coming 🙁 well good luck to both of them……….

  • Anna

    When they got married because she got pregnant I thought it wouldn’t last but now I was thinking they seemed like a stable couple…of course you can only see so much on pap photos.

  • Heidi

    interesting… he often seemed to be the one who spent the most time with bronx except for lately when he started getting back into his music again.

  • suzan

    Here we go. Another stupid hollywood couple. WTF is wrong with these people. DONT POP KIDS IF YOU ARE GOING TO DIVORCE!! My cousin suffers because her parents are divorced. YET THESE DO IT AND DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Although I never cared about either of them, this makes me sad 🙁

  • Nev

    I couldn’t care less but wow…didn’t see this one coming.

  • Peta

    ‘Erratic behaviour’? That sounds like code-speak for either drug use or alcohol abuse – or both. If that’s the case, I don’t blame her for hightailing it out.

    • Anonymous

      and yet she’s the one who’s been seen partying the most lately. . .

  • Anonymous

    I so sad for them .

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