Halle Berry: Nahla Is Black

Monster’s Ball star Halle Berry graces the March cover of Ebony. While the 44-year-old Oscar-winning actress remains mum about her custody battle with estranged ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, she does open up about their daughter’s mixed race.

On her 2-year-old daughter Nahla’s mixed race: “What I think is that that’s something she’s going to have to decide. I’m not going to put a label on it. I had to decide for myself, and that’s what she’s going to have to decide—how she identifies herself in the world. And I think, largely, that will be based on how the world identifies her. That’s how I identified myself. But I feel like she’s black. I’m black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

On how she identifies herself: “If you’re of multiple races, you have a different challenge, a unique challenge of embracing all of who you are but still finding a way to identify yourself, and I think that’s often hard for us to do. I identify as a black woman, but I’ve always had to embrace my mother and the white side of who I am, too. By choosing, I’ve often [wondered], ‘Well, would that make her feel like I’m invalidating her by choosing to identify more with the black side of myself?’”

On balancing her career and motherhood: “Being a mother is probably the most important thing in my life right now. Career is important, but nothing really supersedes my role as a mother. That’s the most important thing I’m going to do in this life at this point.”

Continue reading the interview with Halle at Ebony

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  1. Janis Jones

    How about “My daughter is healthy, happy and surrounded by love” rather than actually answering a questions like this? You don’t want to put a label on it yet you give your opinion on what you would refer to her as.

  2. Anonymous

    Well gabriel’s white and he’s equally related to her, Halle. So sad for you huh? It’s just clear that (as many hypothesized) Halle used Gabriel to get a kid and now wants nothing AT ALL to do with him, including things to do with nahla.

  3. Anonymous

    She really needs to brush up on what the “one drop theory” means and how it was used to make sure illegitimate children of slave owners would never be able to have a claim to their rich white father’s money and that they would remain slaves. Not to mention that it was used to help ensure that the Jim Crow laws could be enforced, keeping black people – and even mixed raced people – segregated from whites. The entire theory is based on the idea that white blood becomes “tainted” when it’s mixed with black blood, and that any amount of that “taint” is enough to ensure that someone is relegated to the status of a slave/lesser citizen. Seriously, just stop talking. Poor Nahla.

    • Tara

      Glad someone else thought her rationalization was a bit screwy. In a way she is claiming nahla to be of lesser value.

      • Jada

        How so? I don’t agree with her one drop theory nor do i condone her projecting her insecurities on her daughter but to say she is ‘claiming nahla to be of lesser value’ is offensive! being black or being called black doesn’t make her less than if she were to call herself white you started off positive then f’ed it up with that nasty remark… shame

        • Tara

          Look up “one drop theory” it was put into place so that the blacks would not have any rights to the land of the slave owners! That is why by saying she subscribes to that thought process, in essence she is using something that was to keep blacks inferior, to justify why she calls her child black.

          It’s an insult to the black community. Get it. I am against it and as a white woman find it equally offensive.

        • Tara

          Look up “one drop theory” it was put into place so that the blacks would not have any rights to the land of the slave owners! That is why by saying she subscribes to that thought process, in essence she is using something that was to keep blacks inferior, to justify why she calls her child black.

          It’s an insult to the black community. Get it. I am against it and as a white woman find it equally offensive.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with tara, your overly sensitive and defensive nature, completely missed the mark. By Halle using the one drop theory SHE is the one responsible for making the correlation that her daughter is less of a human.

          Please go study the history before you condemn her…….she was “on the side of the black argument here” duh,

  4. Anonymous

    She’s asking for it, and she’ll get it. And then, she’ll regret it.

  5. Anonymous

    well if she wants to put so much emphasis on it, nahla is 3/4 white and only 1/4 black.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow…I am losing more and more respect for her. Like ANON poster above states…isn’t Nahla 3/4 white and 1/4 black? She needs to get a grip. I feel bad for that little girl and the fact that she used Gabriel for his DNA. Ugh!

    • Janna

      While I cannot understand why anyone needs to be labeled as black OR white, if we’re talking pure logic, math and genetics, then that child is much more “Caucasian” than “African”.

      Doesn’t the “one drop” theory work in reverse? If she’s got one drop of white blood, doesn’t that make her white, not black?

      • Tara

        As another poster stated by using the one drop theory, Halle in essence is calling her child tainted. It was out into place to keep blacks subjugated.

        It is a vile thought process but for her to use this to justify her case, only echoes everyone who suspects she is a racist.

        Additionally I am ashamed FOR you who choose to attack ones intellectual capacity to further their your own agenda. It is a MYOPIC viewpoint that we ALL ORIGINATED from the same place. It only reinforces the perception that today’s leaders and educators are solely interested in perpetuating a “revisionist” history.

  7. klutzy_girl

    I’m seriously hoping more and more that Gabriel gets full custody. Halle clearly has issues. (But there’s also the fact that what’s been said about Gabriel could be true, so I’m torn.)

  8. Lila

    Yes, Halle used Gabriel for his DNA and now she’s not grateful to him.
    Nahla Ariela AUBRY is Gabriel’s daughter, Halle can defame him, but this is the true: Nahla Ariela AUBRY is Gabriel’s daughter.
    Nahla will hate her mother for this, in the future.

  9. Anonymous

    “I’m black”…. what does that even mean to her? Does it mean her skin is darker, but absolutely flawless? Does it mean she eats collard greens? Does it mean she gets dry scalp? Does it mean she has a great sense of rhythm? Is being “black” defined by something??

    Stupid. Just stupid.

  10. tiki

    we adopted a mixed race daughter years ago. at the beginning of each school year, i had to fill out an information card on her and i would ask her how she wanted her race to be listed. some years she chose ‘black.’ other years she chose ‘white.’ and still other years she chose ‘other.’ even as a child she understood that her heritage was comprised of more than one race, and she was good with that reality. halle berry is claiming ‘blackness’ for her child for the sole reason that it fits her current narrative. i find the woman utterly despicable. she will use anyone and anything in order to get what she wants. shameful.

  11. Anonymous

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with her comment. Though I’m not surprised that many (likely white) commenters here don’t understand it. All she said was she will let her child decide for herself how she identifies. And that beyond that she feels her child is Black. Why is this so bad? Because you want her to declare her child white? Because being Black is so horrendous that you can’t imagine one would choose to self-identify as it? And to identify their child as such? Moreover why do any of you care so much? Does Halle identifying herself and Nahla as Black affect your income or way of life? That she considers herself and her child Black is so terrible that you think she doesn’t deserve custody of her own child is just insanity. And clearly none of you have any clue about the complexities of race, racial identity and raising multiethnic children.

    • Vikki

      Comments like this only reinforce the belief that we as blacks are the cause for the segregation in modern day society. Her child is a mix. There is nothing wrong with choosing one over the other, yet it is extremely harmful to raise a child with a bias towards one ethnicity, when in fact she is multicultural. From what ms berry says you can be certain that nahla will NOT be blessed to partake in the various nuances of the causcasian culture.

      It is wrong to draw this delineation. It negates the role of her grandmother, on both sides, well as her father.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing about your comment makes any sense.

        • Anony mommy

          Maybe she should use Ebonics then to explain her point.

          Blacks complain too much about equality then are the ones who draw the line between the two.


          • lmichelle

            Is that what you are using? English must be your second language. What other explanation could there be for your terrible grammar. Let me try and help. It is not a good idea to start a sentence with ‘maybe’; ‘Then to’ just doesn’t make any sense; There should be a comma after equality, and that second sentence is a misplaced modifier.

            How dare you associate being black with bad grammar. White people have been trying for decades to emulate it. This probably explains why they comprise the majority of the people I tutor.

            I hate to burst your superior bubble, but some people actually don’t mind being black. Since when does giving up your heritage mean equality? No one asks Native Americans, Asians or any other race to do so.

      • Jennie

        Must have been all the big words … lol

        But I agree Vikki. My view is that people are HUMAN beings. I hate putting labels on everything. Honestly wish they would take off the ‘Race’ question on school forms, job applications, etc… as I don’t see why it matters at all.

        Halle should be raising her daughter without that even being of any importance at all and just focus on her daughter becoming a well adjusted, happy young woman as the years go by.

    • Anonymous... with a brain

      I would say that we (the group of posters here) care about as much as you do. Meaning, enough to give our opinion, blast whoever doesn’t agree with us, then move on with our day because it doesn’t really matter!

    • Janna

      Maybe you need to re-read what she said. The “one drop” rule is a disgusting theory and was used only to allow people to prove one was better than the other. For her to use that argument when discussing her daughter’s race is nasty.

      Also, one commenter here, JUST ONE, said something about her losing custody. No one here has any vested interested in which parent has custoday, but you can bet if my WHITE husband *decided* that he considers our daughter WHITE instead of mixed, I’d be P.I.S.S.E.D.

    • Kerry

      I agree totally with you, well written. and just to add further,i am of mixed race and unless you have had an experience with it, you will not fully understand the complexities that come with race. mabey that is why some of the commenters think that halle is being racist or whatever. i have a daughter who looks more white than black and everytime im out with her, people stare and look with wondering eyes. when they ask me what race she is, i say black, which is what i identify myself as. i dont see the problem with that. so what if halle as her mother chooses to say, well to me she is black? she supported her statements, by saying that in the end it will be nahla’s choice as to how she sees herself and what she identifies herself as. the only thing that halle mustnt do is degrade the white part of the childs herirtage and make it seem that she has no connection to being white. and in my view she is not doing that.

    • Pip

      Halle is claiming all of this because she believes in the One Drop Rule. That is what makes it offensive (at least to me). By her already identifying her daughter as black, she will likely push that on her daughter. A child will go along with their mother’s opinion so once Halle says she’s black, that’s what the girl will believe. I have done extensive research on race, racial identity, & multiracial children. I am also a multiracial woman myself. When Nahla gets older, she may choose to call herself mixed/multiracial instead of black, but Halle would save her from the chances of confusion & an identity problem/crisis if she just identified her as mixed now.

  12. Vikki

    As a black woman adopted by white parents, I find Halle quite offensive. when I see my mom and dad I don’t see color, I see the love and adoration I have for them. I have found the white groups to be more inclusive of me than the black community. Ironically I am 100% black by birth- yet the black community that I have been exposed to sees me as not one of them simply because I was raised in a white family.

    Furthermore, she has openly discussed the fact that her mother who is white was the one that raised her and gave her love, while her father who was black abandoned her as a child. To openly state “I am black” must be such a slap in the face to her Caucasian side.

    I have lost all respect for you ms. Berry

    • lmichelle

      I can tell that the only reason you don’t identify as white is because you can’t. Are you sure it’s not YOU that has the problem. Have you ever tried to befriend someone black? Were you encouraged to learn about our struggles and triumphs? You need to take a long look in the mirror, then revisit your attitude. My daughter was raised to see being black as positive because the world was going to teach her different. I was smiling from ear to ear at her 18th birthday party;why? Because it looked like the United Nations had set up headquarters in my home! It’s so sad you will never experience that.

  13. Courtney

    who cares Halle is obviously an unthankful lil wench. think about it she’s said on numerous occassions that winning the oscar ruined her career if she was going to say that why didn’t she decline to accept the award. saying Nahla is more black than white is like saying Nell Lissy & Clea Newman are more French than they are Russian that’s not true they are 1/5 of each as their dad was hungarian/russian and their mother is French/German/Irish. Halle should shut her mouth and be thankful that her daughter is healthy & happy.

  14. Anonymous

    Honestly, Nahla is screwed either way. Either her father is racist and possibly abusive (which I find doubtful, as Halle was just going to pay for him to come babysit Nahla while she filmed a movie and didn’t accuse him of any of this until he filed for partial custody). Or she’s got a crazy, possessive mother determined to cut off, or at least severely inhibit, her relationship with her father, and who will no doubt spend all her time badmouthing him, if her recent comments are anything to go by. Hopefully Nahla’s too young to remember any of this and by the time it’s sorted out through the courts, everyone will have decided to be civil adults and do what’s best for her.

    • Anonymous

      I think you need to think before you “speak”. Do you really think if Gabriel was racist he would have had a relationship and a child with a black woman?

      • Venni

        Ummmm… Get a clue. Plenty of white men with mixed race children harbor racist beliefs. E.g., Strom Thurmond

        • Anon3

          Following your train of thought, then you believe many white people who choose to have a relationship with a black person, is in essence slumming it?

          Makes no sense venni and as a black woman with a white husband I certainly think he would take issue with your racist logic,

          • Lioness

            Why do people take things so personally? Anon3, I don’t believe ANYONE said that ALL white men who date outside their race feel that they are “slumming” it, so your marriage to your husband has nothing to do with it. I am also a black woman with a white husband, but that didn’t give me reason to take offense to the simple fact that YES, there are white men who have relationships with Black women and other women of color (or white women who date men of color) who DO have racist inclinations, and feel that they are “slumming” it, or “going exotic for a while”. They never see that woman as a true equal. Strom Thurmond was a good example, Thomas Jefferson is another. And if they are ancient history to you, then I can introduce you to a number of white people who feels it’s okay to play/date outside their race, but not marry.

          • Venni

            No. You didn’t follow my train of thought.

            The point was made that Gabriel procreated with a black woman ergo he cannot be racist. I simply offered up exhibit A (Strom Thurmond) to contradict that point.

            “Slumming it?” That’s not a rational response to what I said.

  15. Evilkanivil

    Ok Halle, why date white guys then?

  16. Anonymous

    The term MIXED RACE is reserved for mutts and mongrel dogs so I don’t blame her. it is an offensive term.

    • Anony- mommy

      Fair point, but why automatically deem nahla as black? Why not white?

      It’s rather egotistical on her part. And I agree with vikki, she has repeatedly condemned her black fathers side of the family stating they wanted nothing to do with her. It is a sad state of affairs that she can so easily dismiss the crucial role her Caucasian played in her success.

      Either way I agree nahla is screwed. It’s a no win situation unless one party is willing to concede. Sadly I see that will have to be mr Aubrey.

  17. Nevada Billy

    There are white people who have as little as 1/18th Native American blood and yet they have the nerve to call themselves Native American. They are not they are white! What we call “Hang Around The Fort Indians”. The vast majority of Native Americans have white ancestry but we do not call ourselves white we call ourselves Native. I think she has a valid point.

  18. Anonymous

    Halle’s idea of “abuse” is Gabriel taking dahlia while she was crying at halle’a feet and putting her in her carseat. If that’s abuse, there are a helluva lot of abusive parents out there. Some kids cry at everything. Some kids are obsessed with their moms. It’s just life. Halle would still take nahla if she was crying at gabriel’s feet

  19. Goddess william

    Listen ya’ll. Halle is saying what she is saying because she is angry at this man. People say a lot when they are angry. Obviously, she is angry at the fact that he make comments about her racial identity, so it is her way of getting back at him by referring to her child as black. In the end, we all came from Africa whether European Americans want to accept it and we all look the same once our skin comes off. Get off of it, and give Halle a break the woman is hurting and she is just simply striking back at this man. Her child will be fine.

    • G

      No we don’t. We have racial differences that go under the skin. We are different. Races, cultures and religions mix in our ancestry in different ways and I do believe that we should have identety that involves them. I don’t believe we should live in color blind world because that woud negate our uniqueness. We ARE different and we are EQUAL.

  20. Jessie t

    One question, if Gabriel came out in an interview and said he considers “nahla to be white” how would at have been covered? He would have been called a racist amongst other things.

    Simply because Halle is “black” she is allowed to get away with what in itself is an incredibly racist thing to say.

    I am a mixed race Woman, I am not offended by the term mixed. We all are an amalgamation of cultures whether your Irish, Italian Jewish, Scottish.

    And goddess Williams- please do your research, we all did not evolve from Africa. Go back to school and learn your history.

    • Annie123

      Um… yes we did actually, sorry to disappoint you! Human groups from Mesopotamia know as Sapiens Sapiens (our kind of “human” species, the most developped kind) migrated to different parts of the planet. As the Neanderthals went extinct, they were the only human species left. They were then cut off from the formation of continents (America, for example, was connected to North Asia before). Each group developed for millions of years on its own, hence creating different races. You should go back to school yourself…unless you believe we come from Adam and Eve.

      • MS

        That is if you believe in Darwinism. Even then there have been disputed accounts of origination.

        So anyone that believes in Adam and Eve are ignorant? I follow the evolution theory yet I do not negate the beliefs of others as you obviously do.

        You are egotistical and need not attack Jessie t for his/ her contention

        Btw I am black and I have my masters in fine art and sociology from University of Penn. So no concern about my need to “go back to school”

      • Vikki

        You did not answer her question. What if the roles we reversed?

  21. Anonymous

    I think Halle is the racist one, I have no respect for her.

  22. Anonymous

    Halle is half white and half black (mother is white, father is black), and Gabriel is white, therefore, Nahla has more white in her than black, but she wants to say Nahla is black because Halle LOOKS more black than white, that’s what I think.

  23. Anonymous

    i would just like to point out that halle considers herself BLACK and considers Nahla to be black as well, because halle is her mother and halle considers herself black… YET – halle’s mother is WHITE. so the whole point about halle being her mother and that’s why nahla is black.. well, it makes no sense and she contradicts herself. halle’s mother is white – so if they went by only the mother’s race, they’re all white.

    in the big scheme of things, putting an emphasis on race is ignorant. my daughter is 1/4 indian (her grandfather is from india) and 3/4 white. when you look at her, she appears white. but she is in fact 1/4 indian. does that mean i’m going to shove everything indian down her throat and make sure she calls herself “indian”. no. she is an american, plain and simple. her ethnic backround is indian. her last name is indian. her ethnic backround is always german, italian and welsh. and her mothers maiden name is german. it’s not some huge deal. it’s important to know, but it’s not the number one thing. putting SUCH a strong emphasis on being ANY one ethnicity is one of the main reasons racism still exists today – because they are taught that it is better to be considered one race instead of the other.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m also mix european-asian and I look mostly european but if someone considers me mix or biracial I’ll have no problem at all!! why limit to one race? that will be a lie and racist.

  25. Goddess william

    Jessie t
    Just because you claim to be biracial doesn’t mean jack! We are all multi-racial to some extent, if you trace back your roots or the average person, they consist of many racial ethnic groups especially blacks whose ancestors are a product of slavery. And by the way, i am far more educated than you will ever be. The truth of the matter is, look at how many responses this issue has gotten, it is because so many of us are unresolved with this obvious race issue we as Americans are in denial about. The truth of the matter is, like i said, we are all one people. And Halle’s issues are just simply a product of her lashing back at Gab. Additionally, the is always two sides to a story, you don’t know what Gabriel has done to her or what she has done to him. They both saw each other as an opportunity and each went after it. He used her too because of her stardom to boost his career. So it is visa versa. That is human beings for you. So, stop hating on Halle, Gabriel isn’t an angel. If Halle, hadn’t made a comment about Nahla’s ethnic identity, so many people would not be hating on her like that. This county is racist and it always will be, it is deeply rooted in America and it ain’t going anyway today to forever. The only way to rid America of its racism is to start from a clean slate because it was built on oppression, the wiping out of the native people and will continue to oppress other.

    • Marty

      “That is human beings for you. So, stop hating on Halle, Gabriel isn’t an angel. If Halle, hadn’t made a comment about Nahla’s ethnic identity, so many people would not be hating on her like that. This county is racist and it always will be, it is deeply rooted in America and it ain’t going anyway today to forever”

      Oh yes Jessie t, I am convinced goddess Williams is much more educated than the majority of opinions on here.

      “goddess” is nothing but a racist. Furthermore she does not try veil her ignorance. Do you not understand that they NEED to feel victimized, it’s the validation they use to manipulate their gimme gimme mentality.

      Just like equating, that criminal, Ms. Williams Bolar to Rosa Parks. If we take away this “oppression” they will finally have to succeed on their own merit and that frightens them to no end.

      My father was a civil rights atty during the 60s. He risked his life traveling down south for the sole purpose of giving blacks the equality, that they rightly deserved. The true dilemma for the black community as a whole, is that now that they have the equality they want even more.

      Every culture has been oppressed. Do something with your life and make a difference instead of playing the persecuted.

  26. Gems

    As a mixed race woman, I feel that you do tend to identify with one race at school, but this is to do with the culture of labelling in adolescence. however as an adult you realise that these things are ridiculous, i have a mixed group of friends, i have siblings both black and white. I would hate to have to define myself in such small terms. That Halle has decided to already decide the race of her daughter is horrendous as she made that decision when she chose her babies father, she chose to have a child with a white man, creating a baby who will no doubt have a strong resonance with the white racial identity, due to her entire family (Halle not being in contact with her black family) being white. However she was born, and will always be of mixed heritage. Halle’s decision to choose her daughters race seems to be in hope of feeling more racially black than she is. I myself was angry when she claimed to be the first black oscar winner, because to my way of thinking she was the first mixed race oscar winner. Disassociating yourself from your heritage does nothing but cause problems. Though I cant help noticing this interview was for ebony magazine, perhaps this is a further attempt to ingratiate herself with black people, and to please the ebony readers. If she wishes to choose thats fine, but as far as Nahla goes, she will hopefully grow up to identify with all of her cultural heritage (though I would question where Halle will gain the traditions and cultural ideals of her black side as she isnt in contact with her family?) Throwing the race card solves nothing.

    • Vikki

      Thank you for this thoughtful response. I am black, raised by whites, am married to a white man, adopted two 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 hispanic children and have two biological children. We are the American dream;)

      I am tired of the black society being so vocal and so readily on the defensive when the race issue comes up.

      It is no longer the society that our parents grew up into. As a black by birth woman, I would hate to think that anyone feels I am owed something because of the past mistakes of our ancestors. Let’s start to take accountability and to classify ourselves as humans.

      • Anonymous

        What the heck kinda self hating comment is this. Wow tired of black society… Since when do you get to speak about as an homogenous group. Being black does not make you a representative. I don’t feel like I’m owed anything and don’t see what that has to do with her comments. And please know I am in an interracial marriage and have biraracial kids and still think you sound ridiculous

        • Venni

          She has really gone off a mental cliff with all that. So sad. And to think she’s imparting that bull into the heads of 4 innocent children!

          • Vikki

            I will guarantee you, all the venomous comments are from blacks. You have proven my point. Idiots

          • Anonymous

            Vikki you need counseling. Learn to love yourself. You obviously have issues

          • Anonymous

            No she doesnt! She’s simply a PERSON who defines themselves by her thoughts, talents, actions, and words, not by the amount of melanin in her skin. There is no black culture or white culture….its racist magazines like ebony ghat perpetuate this garbage. Did anyone else notice the cover of the mag says, “is marriage for white people?” so if people mag had on the cover something equally stupid but directed toward blacks, that would be ok? I think not! Does ebony have a quota of how many whites or Asians need to be featured like other media venues?

          • Vikki

            Thank you. In fact I have never defined myself as anything but American. That is the way I was raised. My parents never saw me as different from them and I think that is the greatest thing we can do today to heal these fissures. I am Victoria Murphy Martins, proud daughter of Tom and Nancy Murphy, wife of James Martins, and mother to Jon, lily, Jacob and Martina martins. We all have different hues, but NEVER once did anyone ever make me question if I was worthy.

            I think the ones that have issues with my positions are the ones that are insecure with who they are as human beings.

            I am raising my children to see life outside of the color lines, and I stand by my claim that I find the black community the most divisive in this entire argument.

          • Anonymous

            Something is obvioulsy not right with you. You definitely changed the tone of your comment this time around. You made some sweeping judgements about black people that demonstrated your ignorance. And if you read the comments on this thread you would see that there are PLENTY of negative rude offensive “venomous” comments from white people commenting on what is wrong with blacks today.
            Also I dont understand why people want to people so colorblind. What is the problem with acknowledging our differences? I would not want to live in a world where everyone was the same. Once again differences need to be celebrated not erased.

          • Vikki

            The truth is you cannot handle the fact that someone who is “black” in your eyes does not follow the party line. It is not I with the problem, it is you.

            The so called white venom comes as a result of over compensation of society to appease the large and vocal minority masses. If you claim blacks have rights to feel discriminated why cannot whites too?

            Why are there black student union groups, black miss America pageants? Bc the black community has segregated itself. As another poster said what is the quota for whites in these groups, where is their affirmative action? It’s no where and that is what is wrong with the black argument. You state let’s appreciate our differences. Please tell me where and when has that been done by publications such as essence, ebony, bet etc. But god forbid there not be a black face in glamour, cosmo . There is an unbalanced expectation here.

            I am done trying to convince someone that does not want to face the facts that they are the ones with the issues. Not I.

          • Anonymous

            Um lady, please stop. I never said anything about blacks having the right to feel discriminated. In fact I dont understand why this post has turned into a conversation about black being bitter and feeling a sense of entitlement. I have not made an argument to either side b/c i do not see its place on a conversation dealing with how halle berry daughter will define herself. So the issue is not whether or not you agree with me. The issue is that you generalized the black race when really there are more than enough blacks that dont want to get ahead on a hand out b/c the white man owes them something b/c their ancestors were slaves (that is what youre implying right?)

            And those groups exist because historically blacks have been denied access to large scale white groups and organizations so they made their own NOT because they wanted to be segregated. Maybe if black women (and minorities in general) were featured more in glamour and marie claire, there wouldnt be a need for ESSENCE (and by the way there are magazines that serve most minority groups not just blacks).

            It seems my dear that you do not know the facts. I dont think blacks should use “the white man keepin down” as an excuse but unlike you I DO NOT think that ALL black people feel this is the way it is. To make a sweeping generalization like that about your own race is a signifier of self hatred

          • Anonymous

            Excuses excuses excuses. It seems to me you are the hater here not vikki

          • Anonymous

            How has vikki changed her tone. She obviously had to describe the racial (color) makeup of her family, or else you would just write her off as an “ignorant white woman” who could not possibly understand the plight of the blacks. This forum does not lend itself to pictures or video- so one must be a descriptive as possible in painting a picture.

            She has articulated that she has found more segregation from the black community than the white, again where is that wrong? I agree with the other posters here, the anger directed at vikki is a result of the fact that here you have a “black skinned woman” who does not identify herself by her color. Her opinions have been formed by experience. And furthermore it frightens you that this individual is disputing that her “skin color” has ever caused her any obstacles. It does not fit your agenda at hand.

            Give her credit for her honesty.

          • Anonymous

            Um you Obviousy did not read my other comments. The ones that clearly said I don’t have an agenda and when have I said that my skin color has given me obstacles or that I support that argument?
            What are you talking about? And what correlation is their between her race and tone of her comments? She could have been purple the problem I have is making a blanket incorrect statement about the black community.

          • Anonymous

            Vikki has obviously wisely given up trying to rationalize you. But again I ask where did she state ALL blacks. You are overly sensitive here. She states her personal experience, you have the sled loathing not her.

            By the way I am 100% jamaican.

          • Anonymous Philly

            Ps when you write anonymously, how is it humanly possible for me to ascertain which are your posts and which aren’t? Kind of egotistical there.

            Out of 110 posts about 60% are under the heading anonymous.

          • Jennie

            And the world can use a lot more people like you!!! 🙂 Good for you!

          • Vikki

            Hi Cheryl

            Too funny. As you can see I am as shy with my opinion as always. Thanks for defending me. I am having trouble ascertaining where I said EVERY BLACK person is…

            They aree going to see what they want. I will write you. Nit going to post my email publicly for obvious reasons. I will call Abby.

            Thanks to those who could look beyond your own defensive and sensitive natures and actually were able to digest what I was saying. I still think it’s a great country to live in, we aree the luckiest nation and on earth and unless people can get passes their own “issue” This world is going to hell in a hand basket.

            Vikki (Victoria)

          • Anonymous

            Ok. It just seems a bit off and attacking. When she declared that they the venomous comments were from the blacks and made several other negative comments about the black community which were off-putting. Seriously, you can not think the black community wants a hand out and I would advise against forming an opinion about an entire group based on you experiences with a few. My husband lived in dc where he and his family were terrorized by the blacks there but that doesn’t give him the right to assume that the black community is a certain way. The strange thing is i dont disagree with her entirely, i am bothered by anyone who blames their lot in life solely on race. However like I stated before I never want to be colorblind. I’m going to teach my mixed child that it is our differences including skin color that makes this world so special. I really don’t understand why it has to be ignored but that is where we can agree to disagree. What I took issue with most was the derogatory tone of her comment. I really like the lioness’ comment further down in the thread, like the later poster said she manages to make get point without being inflammatory

          • Latrice

            I hAve to say as a mixed race, black/ Chinese, you try to come off as balanced in your critique of Victoria’s position. But then you lace it again with claims that she made “sweeping generalizations”. I agree with some of the other posters here, you are sensitive to this issue so are reading what you want.

            I find your argument to be articulate and well thought out, but I have a difficult time taking you seriously when you say “let’s agree to disagree” and then write victoria off as being inflammatory.

            Additionally is it not rather unfair of you to dictate how your husband should feel about race. I would assume the fact that he married you shows he is in fact color blind.

            And finally I will say something that you will not like. I do not believe the races should mix. Because one day we will all lose our individual identity and this debate about color blind will not even be an issue.

            Regardless I commend people such as Terry, vikki, lioness and even you for bringing an intellectual position to this board, rather than the name calling that probably makes up about 75% of this article.. Yes goddes Williams I mean you.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right I obviously do not agree with your statement about the races mixing but it is your opinion to have. And when I said agree to disagree I was refering just to the issue of people needing to be color blind (not see skin color) in order for the issue to be solved b/c my position is that we should embrace our differences.

            And i dont feel that it is “unfair” for me to think that my husband shouldnt assume that all blacks are violent due to his bad experiences growing up. I think it is unfair to think that everyone of a particular group is any particular way. And i think that sometimes people mistake race issues for things are really a socioeconomic issue buts that another conversation. And no he is not color blind he held some stereotypes based on the way he grew up that really did nothing for his character and when he went to college and was able to meet more people (minorites and white) he views changed. But even now i would not say that he is colorblind

            Im not sensitive her comments rubbed me the wrong way not because of the her points but b/c of the negativity that was directed towards blacks seemed unfair.

          • Lydias mom

            Does your husband know you held him in disdain, because ” his character” was not what YOU deemed appropriate?

            Also the other posters seem to have moved on. You may perhaps be the one with issues since after reading this particular exchange you are the “voice” that keeps coming back to rebut..

            Maybe look within before casting dispersions.

          • lmichelle

            I can’t believe that you have the audacity to sit here and say you have never heard White people make racist comments. ESPECIALLY behind the protection of the internet. You either choose to ignore it or this is your first time on the net. Wanda Sykes hit the nail on the head when she said ‘white people always shout reverse racism when what they are really worried about is karma’. I find it ironic that the two people on here filled with the most self hate are the two black women raised by whites. Perfect argument against that. Please breed yourself out.

          • Anonymous

            The marriage article is directed at Blacks and how we have the lowest marriage rates than any other group according to the Census findings. Please explain to be how you are offended by a report stating Whites have the higher marriage rates.?Please explain to be how Ebony is racist?

          • lmichelle

            I guess you’re right…seeing as you are black.

          • Anonymous Philly

            As a child of a black father and white mother, I find vikki to be one of the more level headed debaters here.

            You are the one who needs help and how dare you defame her parenting skills. You should be ashamed.

        • Latrice

          Seriously where is it a generalization of black society as a whole. She states the ones that have been the most vocally negative have been the blacks she encountered. Unless you are assuming she has met every African, carribean skin color in the world, your rebuttal makes no sense.

      • Terry

        Vikki as a fellow black woman, do not listen to these hatred. They cannot bare to hear the truth.

        Go ahead call me a sellout an uncle Tom. Whatever, I did not allow the failings of the society define what I became.

        Deal with it people!

        • Anonymous

          What?!? Where is all this coming from? That is the question. How did this conversation turn into black people want to be defined by oppression? You obviously have some issues deeper than what is actually the topic of this conversation.

          As a black woman married to a multirace man and mother to mixed raced children, I respect however you wish to define yourself as it is not my job to define you and do not know the path you have went down that made you come to that decision. HOWEVER, I dont get how wanting to identify as black ties into black people are whiny, complaining, angry, idiots, who dont want to work for anything and want to be given everything on the backs of our ancestors. THATS CRAZY. and if you are a black person who feels that way about ALL other black people then yes, you have issues

          • Anonymous Philly

            Where did she classify all blacks? Those of you who take issue with vikki are making the sweeping generalizations yourself.

            She simply states that she feels it’s the black community that creates this division. For example as a biracial woman, not ONE black person I encountered believed that what Ms Williams- Bolar did was wrong. They argued that it was the whites who caused her to lie about her living arrangements so her children can have a better education. That is racism pure and simple

          • Anonymous

            Isn’t this comment a contradiction in itself. You just said no sweeping generalization was made but then went on to say she simply feels the black community… Wouldn’t that imply the entire group therefore makIng it a generalization

          • Anonymous Philly

            I give up, you truly like to play the persecuted one. I am off to enjoy my family.

          • Anonymous

            No where did I state that I was being persecuted or the victim. It a conversation, opinion are exchanged, things are debated, I disagree with you and thatwans I feel like I’m being persecuted? I understand what you were saying, I disagree, it was contradictory, don’t feel like your persecuting me just feel like we were engaged in a discussion

          • Anonymous

            No where did I state that I was being persecuted or the victim. It a conversation, opinion are exchanged, things are debated, I disagree with you and thatwans I feel like I’m being persecuted? I understand what you were saying, I disagree, it was contradictory, don’t feel like your persecuting me just feel like we were engaged in a discussion

          • lmichelle

            How the hell does that equal racism?! What pisses me off is how some whites see all white people as loving, innocent angels! Are you crazy!?They planted the seeds of racism and now have the nerve to lash out when the fruits of their labor grows. Just like wanting every one to be ‘green’ when they destroyed the earth in the first damn place. The Native Americans warned their asses.

      • lmichelle

        It was black society that fought with their lives so you would have the right to spread your legs for your white husband.

  27. Anonymous

    If Halle identifies herself as black and her daughter as black, then why did she use a white sperm doner?

  28. melo1983

    I disagree with the fact that she used Gabriel for his DNA, how do we know he didn’t do the same? We don’t.

    However, being a mother of 3 biracial children I would never have one my children identify themselves with one race. I think my African American heritage is just as important as their father’s European American heritage. I think it’s sad when parent fued and totally disown some part of their child that has to do with the other parent. I still love and respect Halle but I guess that’s just how she looks at it.

  29. Anonymous

    Most of you who thinks shes nuts are probably white. She makes sense. Basically all she is saying is that the world will identify her child as a person of color and therefore that is more likely how she will identify herself. What dont you understand? And for all the people asking what difference does it make, where all people, kumbaya…. Race STILL matters and people still get judged by their skin color and I dont think the way to elimate that is by becoming color blind but rather embracing all shades. I didnt hear a negative untertone to what she said. Stop digging for something to crucify the woman

    • Ada

      Ditto! Just what I was about to say. Anytime a black/ mixed person procreates with a white person the result in 99% is a coloured child. Because the child is coloured,he or she will never be seen as white by the rest of the world but black. Now I know gentically this is incorrect and I’m not saying that I agree with it ,i’m just stating a simple fact people can’t deny. Halle is only preparing her daughter for the real world (especially race obsessed America) by stating she’s a child of colour, hence in American terms black

      • Moo x

        Ada: Your comment is the first i’ve noticed on this entire thread that has explained what she said in such a way that actually makes me understand what she said and why. Until this point i have thought she was 100% wrong, but this makes me think there may have been another thought process to what she said. So thank you! x

  30. JMO

    If she wanted a black daughter so much why didn’t she just get with a black man? She probably wanted a mixed kid. Yes Nahla has black in her but she is also white therefore she’s mixed just like you Halle. Obama isn’t the first black president he’s the first MIXED BIRACIAL (however you choose to word it) president!!

    • lmichelle

      Gabrielle is the only white man Halle has ever been with. As far as Obama is concerned. Every online article about him is filled to capacity with WHITE people shouting about how that ‘monkey, ni@@#&, and any other derogatory name they can come up with has destroyed the country. A general in the army was recently sent to Prison because he refused to take orders from that ‘ni##%#. Trust me, he’s black.

  31. olia

    i am somehow shocked by halle words. if i were her i wouldnt answer this question.
    maybe because it is ebony magazine she felt she should say something like this?

  32. JMO

    “let’s stand and fight,walk by faith,not by sight
    we’re all the same color when you turn out the light”

    • Anon

      Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya.

      Nice in theory but it will never work as long as blacks identify themselves by being the oppressed.

      *jamaican, Italian, Irish, Filipino, but first I am a member of the human race- and proud of all my heritage.

  33. Gems

    People choosing a race, disregards their true ethnicity, I’m proud to be mixed race! a symbol of how far we’ve come! It angers me that people feel they have to identify as Black because they’re not white, Halle and Obama are setting a bad example for the increasing number of mixed heritage children.

  34. Anonymous

    Mariah Carey – Black and White – considered white

    Shamar Moore – Black and White- considered Black

    President Obama – Black and White – considered Black

    Halle Berry- black and white – considered black

    and sorry Nahla looks more black then anything else and that what she’ll be to the rest of the world. She might have a white father and a white grand mother but she IS black

    • Gems

      Mariah Careys father is mixed race, the same parentage as Nahla, What about Nahla makes her “look black”? does she have afro-hair? no. She has brown soft wavy hair. yes her skin is olive but hardly the darkest child you’ve ever seen! To look at her id say she looks mixed. and ever so beautiful because of it. You may want to see the world in stereotypes but some people are happy about multicultralism.

  35. Olivia

    I hate that people even refer to eachother as black, white, etc. We are human beings with varying skin tones, eye colors and hair colors.
    If someone asks me what nationality I am, I say American. If they roll their eyes and say “No really, you know what I mean” I say “No, I don’t know what you mean”. They usually feel too stupid to keep going. My goal is not to make them feel stupid, but to make my point subtly.
    There is usually a choice as to whether you want to check a box marking your race or not. I skip it.

  36. Goddess william

    Once, again all you haters have come out with a vengeance against Halle. That is exactly my point, racism is deeply rooted in this culture and will forever continue to thrive. It takes two to Tango, Tiger said he was caublainasian, whatever the heck that is, at the end of the day, he is a black man in the eyes of this racist country. So, that is what Halle is trying to say, when society looks at Nahla, they are not going to see a white child but rather a child of color. Gabriel is obviously a racist and should not be having children with a person of color. He has done an injustice to this child by bringing her into the world knowing full well that he is nothing but a bloody bigot! Accept it or not, she ain’t white and never will be!

  37. Goddess william

    Additionally, all you haters and racist, you need to purge your mind and think about why this issue is triggering you so much. Americans need therapy regarding race relations. I think it should be mandatory in school for all children. Most people identify themselves in other countries as a people, in this country it is based on classification of race. What white America has done to people of color is wrong, but guess what, they will never apologize for their wrongdoings but simply make excuses and blame it on their ancestors. We are the product our ancestry and by taking responsibility we are merely offering compassion to another and understanding. Some blacks are the way they are not because they want to be, but rather their spirits have been broken down. If you took a black person from an oppressed environment and placed them in another county where they were treated with dignity and respect, you would see an entirely different human being. It is not about Halle but rather us individually. We need to access the sort of reaction we are having to this issue. Once, again, i am not a racist and believe that we are all one in the eyes of the almighty.

    • Tina

      No, my child need not have to learn revisionist history. Neither should he be made to feel guilt for being a white male..

      Stop with this oppression crap.. You want to be victims that’s the only justification for your anger.

    • Terry

      Some blacks are the way they are not because they want to be, but rather their spirits have been broken down. If you took a black person from an oppressed environment and placed them in another county where they were treated with dignity and respect, you would see an entirely different human being”

      Are you serious? So black on black crime is the result of the white man? Give me a break. I was raised in east la to a drug addict father, and mother who bailed when I was 4. I could have every excuse to become another statistic. But I worked and put myself through college and then Stanford med. There were just as many hard luck stories there with my fellow students, white, black and yellow. You and every other one of my sisters here only give credence to the anger of the whites.
      Pathetic, get off your soapbox and do something constructive instead of driving a deeper wedge.

    • Anony mommy

      “Americans need therapy regarding race relations. I think it should be mandatory in school for all children”

      As long as those race relations make the blacks out as the oppressed, right?!Not with my tax dollars. Yet another reason affirming that I made the right decision sending my child to private school.

  38. Goddess william

    Anony mommy
    You are ignorrananananat! People like you are the reason why this country continues to be the way it is. I was not speaking specifically about blacks but rather us thriving as a country and having understanding and compassion in regards to all people and additionally people of color toward the whites because there are racist people of color too. Have you ever heard of muti-culturalism? Obviously, not. It is scary to think that people like you are raising future generation Americans. I believe people should need a license before they have children and you justify my belief around that.

  39. Goddess william

    You might have book sense, but no common sense. Gee willickas, you are a doctor, yupee! It does not mean squat to have book sense and no common sense.

    • Terry

      And you will always be a malcom x , black panther wannabe.

      Your antipathy towards anyone who follows a counter set of beliefs will certainly serve you well, on the road to hate.

      Your inability to maturely respond to posters such as Jessie t and anony mommy just reinforce the fact that it is you who is ignorant.

  40. Lioness

    Well, Halle’s right, isn’t she? Nahla is black. But she’s also white. It is only now such an issue because it supports Halle’s current narrative of Gabriel being a racist. I say she keeps her mouth shut, she only makes herself sound worse the more she talks.

    As for the whole race relations argument, I’ll say this: this country is f*cked up almost beyond repair when it comes to race. When everyone wants to be a victim, we get an entire nation of oppressors. I am black, raised by African parents, and grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. My parents took great pains to pay little attention to race in my house, and therefore my sisters and I grew up treating people as individuals. But if parents didn’t teach me about race, society surely did- i.e. my white classmates made sure I knew I was black. That was in the 80’s- I work with kids now, and it doesn’t appear to have changed much at all. The fact is, most white people have absolutely NO CLUE what it is like to grow up as a minority in this country, and should really refrain from trying to assume that they have some understanding. And black people should really get over the crutch of “being Black”- i.e. I hear black radio show hosts who are CONSTANTLY discussing issues that affect the “Black community”, and have Black friends who are always moaning about “white privilege” (look it up if you don’t know the term)… by doing this, we only reinforce the perceptions we so vehemently fight against.

    At the end of the day, it’s going to take a lot more QUESTION-ASKING and a lot less STATEMENT-MAKING for us to recover from the sins of yesteryear. And for the love of God, everyone stop being SO freaking sensitive!!!

  41. LaKesha

    Nahla is Halle’s child-it’s up to her to decide who her child is.

    • Anonymous1million

      How is it up to her to decide what race her child will identify with? What if Nahla identifies with the Caucasian community when she is older? It is a parent’s job to guide their child through life with enough objectivity to let them form their own personalities/identities, instead of GIVING them one.

      I think the problem with Halle’s comments are their wording and timing. A couple of days ago tabloids were claiming that Gabriel was racist and was angered by people calling Nahla ‘black’ (but remember, this is all speculation). If Gabriel had went to People Magazine and had given a similar interview, stating that he believed Nahla would identify as Caucasian, everyone would be FLIPPING THEIR LIDS and saying he is racist. So where is the difference in Halle’s comments?

      I am really disappointed in Ms. Berry’s interview, especially the fact she justified her ‘Nahla is black’ statement with the degrading one-drop theory. Where is the objectivity? She could have easily stated that Nahla should have proud of her heritage, and that it is up to her who she will identify as.

    • Hannah.J

      It’s up to Nahla to decide who she is.

    • Ajay

      No, I’m pretty sure its up to NAHLA to decide who she is. She’s not a possession of Halle’s ya know.. she’s a human being.

  42. Anonymous

    Halle Berry is a crazy idiot! Very angry woman!

  43. wafita

    realy we dont have to blame her she just in fear losing her child and some time actresse make mistaks on iterviews i think she whant to say that her child will have more black culture and habits and we dont have to forget that the best for the child is to live whit halle better then her father how’s hoking whit every sex_ bombe in america (kim kardachien)

  44. Anonymous

    she was probably the victim of a lot of prejudice as a child and now feels like she needs to ‘be’ black out of spite to the ones who picked on her. she thinks it makes her a strong person.

  45. Anonymous

    HB has been a nut for years. 30 years later, this crazy weirdo still has man/woman issues. HB does not even speak to her own sisters because they got sick of her playing the victim and of her craziness. This woman will play the victim and not take any responsibility for her actions for the rest of her life.
    There is a reason why every man has either cheated on her or left her. It’s because she is a manic nutjob who makes people run from her. Her reputation in Hollywood is known as a manic bipolar mentally unstable mess of a woman.

    Her daughter is the true victim.

  46. Anonymous

    Nahla is more white than Halle….Halle had a white mother and black father, and Nahla has a white and black mom and white dad.

    • Anonymous

      Well my grandson has a mother who is White and a father who is black/white biracial and he still gets called the N word, he still gets followed around in stores, harassed by cops. They don’t care he is 3/4 white . He is Black in their eyes. So we had to prepare him for living in this society as a male with Brown Skin. We had to teach him how to handle racial slurs, ignorant cops and storeowners. When he is walking down the street the cops check on the suspicious Black guy not the suspicious 3/4 white guy. That is reality.

  47. Goddess william

    There are a lot of ignorant, racist, close-minded people in this country and the vast majority of you guys have proved my point. Lets close down this chat and once again, purge your minds and your hearts. America is the most racist country on the face of this earth, conquered by oppressors and continue to exist under their control. Get a life you people! Cause guess what? Halle’s got one, she’s got millions and does not give a hoot what you small minded, closed up in your insulated American culture thinks. Lets see how many of you people respond to this! I’m just sayin!

    • Marianne

      I Love how goddess Williams attempt to be The next BOBBY SEALE or HUEY NEWSON, has continually fallen on deaf ears. You get maybe two responses at the most. Why because most people recognize how empty a blowhard you are..

      You are a fool. And yes Halle has millions, but so does Oprah and she is a fellow black person to admire.

      Good luck with your platform, you will be eaten alive.

  48. Alecia

    Nahla is Black. Black people come in many mixers. When white mixes with withing else it is not white anymore. It is like a milk shake. If you add vanillla, then it will be a vanilla milk shake. When you had chocolate to a vanilla milkshake it is a chocolate shake no matter how milky it is. You add as more vanilla to a chocolate milkshake and it will still be a chocolate milkshake. Even when the coloring looks white, it will be a white CHOCOLATE milkshake. Don’t let that white coloring fool you, it is still chocolate. Black people come in so many mixtures but they are still black.

    I know that no one wants to be black. But it dosn’t change the facts. Recessive genes always come out in later generations. So when you see people identify as white, but have a short wide nose, or full lips, it’s clear they are not really white. Some make excuses by saying they are french or from Canada. But, to me it is clear they are Black. Some of us choose not to be Passers. Even when the world around us wants us to.

  49. Anonymous

    Actually when I look at Nahla the first thought in my mind isn’t oh look at that black baby it’s look at that beautiful baby! I could careless if she’s white black orange red. Why do we need to define ourselves by the color of our skin. Wasn’t it Martin Luther King Jr. who said that one day he hoped that people would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin?? Problem is that statment has never really held true as to this day people still judge people based on their skin. Some things never change. But people also bring things on to themselves too (not just blacks but whites to) we live in a VERY stereotypical world.

    For Halle I get her point to an extent that people will most likely see Nahla as black and that she should embrace that. But she should just tell her that she is beautiful and underneath her dark skin she’s just the same as everyone else.

  50. AC

    Be honest, people. Halle only voiced what many believe…the offspring of black-white relationships are termed black. Also, what’s wrong with them being labeled black? People who are upset about this need to deal with their own racist perceptions of “black” people. Besides, Halle said that she “feels” Nahla is black, but that it will be Nahla’s decision to self-identify. However, it is sad that society will force Nahla to choose something, even if it’s “other”, a term that is associated with meaning anything other than human. I know people do not always comprehend what is read, but only focus on bits and pieces, as some did with this article. The anger toward Halle is unbelievable. No one on this board knows her. Some believe that from reading or hearing interviews they have a better clarity of the individual. NOT! Reactions/behaviors are indicative of YOUR character, not Halle’s. Stop flattering yourselves. Also, don’t forget, Gabe Aubrey said he sees Nahla as “white”, where’s the outcry to his comment? Is he pure “white”, whatever that means? How many “white” people have hidden the fact that they have “black” ancestry? If race is such an issue for many who responded, what actions are you taking to help dispel racism?

  51. lmichelle

    If Halle had said her child was white, none of you would have s#!* to say. Being biracial it is your choice how you choose to identify. Leave her the hell alone. Black people go out of their way to be anything BUT black. So when someone doesn’t have a problem being black it pisses people off. Why? Because it puts a dent in White superiority. How dare someone Black be proud.

  52. lmichelle

    This will be my last post. Unless, of course, some of you want to come for me. But be warned; I am well armed. Did any of you know that it wasn’t Halle who first acknowledged her as black? It was her white mother. She told Halle when she was growing up , and I quote, ” You are a black girl who happens to have a white mother'”. So , perhaps, she is the one you bigots should take issue with. She was one of those rare white women who didn’t think the world revolved around them.

  53. lmichelle

    Did you know that a child born to a Jewish mother is automatically Jewish until they grow up and decide otherwise? I keep bringing other cultures up to point out that it is only BLACK pride that society has a problem with.

  54. Anonymous

    Nahla is not just Black. She is mixed race like my Children are. I have taught my Children to be proud of and to recognize EVERYTHING that they are. They don’t have to choose to be one thing. Who says you have to choose? If someone has a problem with my Children and Grandchildren’s racial makeup then it is THEIR problem, not OURS. We have no time or energy to waste on idiots.

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