Mark Wahlberg: No Tattoos For My Kids

Mark Wahlberg got his first tattoo at the young age of 11, but this is one instance he doesn’t want any of his four kids following in his footsteps. “I just don’t want my kids to think tattoos are cool,” the star of The Fighter said.

Mark said he even went so far as to make eldest kids Ella, 7, and Michael, 5, watch their dad get some of his ink removed. “I started getting the tattoos removed initially to do The Fighter, because I didn’t want make-up to cover them up all the time,” he said.

“When I started removing them, they said it’d take five to seven visits. I’d been 20-something times and I took my two oldest to watch because it’s like getting burnt with hot baking grease, there’s blood coming up, it looks like somebody welded your skin, there’s these welts that come up like a quarter of an inch. Hopefully that will deter them from getting (tattoos).”

Mark and wife Rhea Durham are also parents to 1-year-old Grace and Brendan, 2. Looks like they escaped dad’s ‘scared straight’ lesson!

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