Premiere Beauties: Heather Locklear & Ava

Beautiful mother-daughter duo Heather Locklear and daughter Ava Sambora, 13, attended the premiere of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 8). Ava is looking more and more like her mom these days!

Ava’s dad, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, recently talked about introducing his daughter to Justin. And while he had good things to say about the teen star, he couldn’t help but sound like your typical protective dad.

“Well, you know, I had the pleasure of meeting Justin, and I introduced my daughter to him. And hopefully she won’t be going out with him any time soon,” Sambora laughed. “Although, I thought he was a great guy, I really did. I think he’s a nice boy.”

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Tiffany

    Good grief….this child’s dress is no longer than her mother’s shirt…SMH!! Why would anyone encourage/and or allow their 13 yr old to dress as if she 19 or 20…I just don’t get it.

  • P!nk

    Because in Hollywood, Tiffany, they promote sex, it sells and they don’t care about their child’s well being.

  • Lib

    She’s such a pretty young lady, but those heels and that dress, I had to do a double take of her age, 13!!! I thought she was at least 16/17! x

  • Anonymous

    They really should have traded outfits!!

  • Kids

    Have to agree with every comment on this one! She’s probably seem to much reality with her parents….but she is just too young for that look she wearing! I hope in Ava life her parents are being really honest with her about the facts of life! Sometimes parent throw the kids out into the real world to control all of the sneaking and lying kids do behind your parents back. Her parents would know all about that and perhaps are thinking if we let her hang with us doing stuff, she will not be tempted to have that sneaky life.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully she doesnt bend over

  • Lioness

    On my first glimpse of the picture, I thought “Oh, Ava’s finally dressed a little closer to her age, she looks cute.” Then I scrolled down and caught sight of the shoes, lol. Now I’m not usually one to comment on the appropriateness of outfits, as I usually subscribe to the “to each his own” philosophy, BUT… those heels are ADULT. I think children wearing clothes above their age-levels (i.e. 3-year-olds in bikinis) looks completely silly… simply because these kids often do not have the anatomy to support those fashion choices. A 13-year-old often does not have the legs for heels like those to accentuate- as is demonstrated by Ava above- so it often just looks like a child playing dress-up. And even if they do, why would you want to attract sexual attention of any kind to a 13-yr-old’s legs?

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but not an attractive kid. average at best.

  • Anonymous

    Her mom has on whatt she should be wearing.

  • Heidi

    the short dress i could possibly deal with in hollywood but those heals.. way too high for a 13 year old. but as for her looks i think she is pretty in a natural way!

  • Anonymous

    Wow very adult-like for a 13-year-old girl. Heather shouldn’t encourage her to try and grow up so quickly, she obviously is by allowing her to dress like this.

  • Anonymous

    A VERY average looking young girl who is trying to be portrayed as a bombshell/supermodel. How sad. This outfit is completely inappropriate. Why would a mother allow it?

  • Helena

    wow that is a super short dress for such a young girl. Heather still looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    She used to look so much like her mother, now I see more of Richie in her.
    But yeah, she’s a gorgeous girl but she looks way older with the way she’s dress and that make up…

  • lilseraph

    why is a 13yr old dressed like tat, seriously heather “wake up”!!!!

  • JMO

    yeah my first thought was wear are her pants!! Yikes! Don’t bend over is right!

  • Anonymous

    Ava looks like a young hooker! Heather still looks terrific!

  • Carrie

    Her mom has obviously lost touch with any common sense, totally inappropriate! Just because you can – does not mean that you should. I guarantee Heather will be paying the price for this down the road and wondering where she went wrong, unfortunately she has lost perspective.

  • Peta

    Sorry, but it looks like Mum and Child switched clothes on the way to the premiere.

  • Anonymous

    ava is the most beautiful celebrity child

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