Nicole Richie’s Daughter Loves Playing With Makeup

Nicole Richie says her 3-year-old daughter Harlow loves playing with her makeup.

“She’s still too young to understand fashion, but she loves to play with my makeup and tries on my lipstick,” she told People while attending an event at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman department store last night. “I just let her do it because it’s part of being a girl and part of experimenting. It’s all in good fun.”

The 29-year-old added, “She’s very good at it and very careful with it. She doesn’t go outside the lines – not even once. I am the opposite. I’m the girl who can’t wear red lipstick because I’ll forget about it and it ends up on the side of my face. She may have to start teaching me to be more careful.”

Richie, who also raises 1-year-old Sparrow with husband Joel Madden, is loving using her married name.

“I just went to Ireland, and it was really the first time I was called Mrs. Madden,” she says. “The people were asking me if my last name is Madden, and I was like, ‘Yeah, my last name is Madden now.’ And they were like, ‘You’re one of us!’ And I was like, “Oh, hell yeah I am.’ It’s awesome to be known as Mrs. Madden. It’s music to my ears.”

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  • Anonymous

    love nicole n harlow to bits

  • Ella Timberlake

    That’s the way you do makeup with little girl! Not Suri Cruise out and about with a full face of foundation, lipstick etc…

  • Anonymous

    She has something done to her eyes. They’re not ‘droopy-esque’ anymore. I saw it in other pictures as well!

    • Alma

      Now that you mention it, I can take that as the answer to her changes. Didnt occur to me.

  • Anonymous

    Fine if it’s for fun, but it isn’t “part of being a girl”. I wish women didn’t need to embellish their faces to feel beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I thought too. I find it a shame when so little girls already see the need to wear make-up, copying their mothers.

  • P!nk

    Yeah you’re right, she doesn’t have those droopy, baggy eyes anymore.

  • Anonymous

    i hope its just her make-up and not surgery, i dont like the way she looks here. she was cute!

  • Anonymous

    didn’t we just see a video for the house of harlow shoot where nicole said she doesn’t wear make up? i wear make up and don’t care if nicole does, but in a culture where women are striving to live up to unrealistic images why can’t these beautiful celebrities just be honest?

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say she looks different in this picture. It almost doesn’t look like her. Maybe she had something done with her eyes. She looks beautiful though.

  • the beast of comedy

    why cant she do something to make herself look better. i think she looks cute, also she may not have had her eyes done she might just be aging and looking more mature since the baby. BABIES CAN CAUSE U TO CHANGE AND LOOK DIFFERENt!!!! LOL

  • betancourt4456

    Not only she there are more girls also like this play with makeup and i think her inspiration makes them so more eager in this work. I mean this make others so more stylish ed in here.

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