Victoria Beckham: “I Do Not Know The Sex Of My Baby!”

Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving her fashion show in the Upper East Side of New York City on Sunday morning (February 13). The 36-year-old fashion designer admitted at the event that she and husband David Beckham don’t know if they’re having a boy or a girl.

She tells USA Today, “I can go on the record and say contrary to rumors, I do not know the sex of my baby!”

She knows the family, including sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5, will be happy about the baby’s gender no matter what.

“We know what to do with boys,” she says. “They’re excited about having a little brother to teach how to play soccer. But, if it’s a girl, we’d be over the moon as well.”

Talking about her new line she said, “I can’t wait to fit in (the dresses) again. I designed this collection before I found out I was pregnant.”

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  1. klutzy_girl

    Took them an extremely long time to debunk those girl rumors. Why’d they wait this long?

    Still hoping (and thinking) they’re having a girl this time!

  2. FrankiePhe

    She may not KNOW but I am sure the sperm spinning thing makes it 98% sure its a girl…

  3. Anonymous

    I knew The Sun was full of lies.

  4. Courtney

    um not every mother over 35 that has twins used IVF twins are more common in older mothers anyway. there’s no way to guarentee one sex over the other it’s a 50/50 shot every time. all that matters is Victoria & The baby are healthy and that seems to be the case. female sperm actually die quicker than male sperm do and maybe they truly don’t know yet. sometimes it’s hard to get a definative answer on ultrasound particularly if it were a case of multiples as sometimes one twin lays on top of the other so it’s hard to detect both heartbeats

  5. Anonymous

    Courtney, I’m pretty sure that female sperm live longer than male sperm which is why when women time their pregnancies for a certain gender, they aim for the day of ovulation for boys and days earlier for girls. Not totally surprised that you’re wrong, but I am shocked that you didn’t babble as much as usual.

  6. sara

    My god Courtney you think you know everything. First of all if you do research you know that. Female sperm live up to 5 days, male sperm up to 3 days.

  7. Felicity

    Umm… actually, female sperm live longer than male sperm. About a week for female sperm and only 1-2 days for male sperm. This is due to the fact that male sperm swim faster and wear themselves out earlier. They get there first though! The sex is determined by which ones remain when ovulation occurs. It’s all about timing in the end! I kept a chart of my ovulation for six months, and studied up on the length of life for both male/female sperm, so I would have the best chance of conceiving the opposite sex the second time around. It worked!!

  8. Finsama

    Actually Courtney, female sperm lives longer and swims slower. So, if you’re going the old fashioned route, and want a higher chance of a girl baby, you want to do the deed before ovulation occurs (this can be calculated using ovulation predictor kits). If you’re aiming for a boy, you want to go for as close to ovulation as possible (without missing it, obviously), because the male sperm swims fast and dies quickly.

  9. celia

    With David being as HOT as he is… It’s probably difficult to “lay off” the sex for a few days to give those girl sperm a chance! Ha! That’s why they have all those boys!!
    Seriously, I’m with a lot of you others in thinking they probably did the sperm spinning. I think I would if I had three boys first!

  10. FrankiePhe

    Can I just say that I think boys are divine and that I personally would be happy to have 4 of them. I have no idea how the Beckhams feel, but tehy just have made it very clear they want a girl and tehy are rich as Croesus so I assumed they might use teh technology available. In no way was I suggesting that there is anything wrong with having lots of healthy lovely children of either gender.

    • celia

      And I didnt mean to insinuate that you did. I was only expressing my own opinion. I have two of each gender and I would really, really miss out on a lot if I didn’t have at least one of each! But obviously there are a whole lot of families who have all boys or all girls that would completely disagree with me!

      • matilda

        with respect, i disagree. the differences between individuals are far greater than the differences between sexes. i have four children and love their different approaches to life. i have a nurturing relationship-focused boy and a physically irrepressible girl and an intellectual book worm girl and a cool, laid-back, hey dude boy. I think i would have really missed out on a lot if i didn’t have any of them! sadly, i will never find out what #5 would be like because I HAVE A LIFE AND DON”T WANT TO SPEND 20 YEARS PREGNANT.

        • celia

          Actually, we agree. I know exactly what you are saying…. Although mine do tend to follow the stereotypical “norm” more or less, they are EXTREMELY different individuals and I wouldn’t want to be without a one of them! (Even the troublesome one 😉 I guess I was more referring to the more shallow aspects of raising boys vs. girls. The rough and tumble toddler years with my sons and the clothes and hair doing with my girls. All of it is so much fun! But having said that… adding #5?? Um, “No, Thanks! My work here is DONE!!” Ha!

  11. FrankiePhe

    Celia, I didn’t think you were implying that. I just hate it when women on blog sites talk about baby boys like they are some sort of booby prize. So I was trying to get in early!

    • sammi

      99% of people seeking gender selection in US want GIRLS. interesting… it does appear that boys are the booby prize these days.

      I lucked out twice and couldn’t be happier 🙂

    • celia

      Understood! So sad, isn’t it? Before I ever became pregnant, I don’t think I cared if I ever had a boy. In fact, my first pregnancy was my twins(B/G) and I remember thinking I either wanted B/G or G/G But PLEASE GOD NOT B/B!! But after having both I can honestly say that Boys are a JOY!!

  12. matilda

    they know. it is a girl and they are trying to keep an element of surprise/drama in it all… more press coverage etc.

    it is interesting though isn’t it? what sort of public reaction would they get if they just came out and said we spun the sperm because we wanted a girl? it is like the last taboo isn’t it?

  13. Anonymous

    matilda@ Please tell me how you know they know it is a girl and that they used spun the sperm were you their do you know them personally? My older sister has 3 girls and she try one last time to see if she get a boy and she did without any spun the sperm help it happens all the time, so unless you have some kind of proof to back up your clams please stop reading tabloid stories and taking them as fact.

  14. JMO

    I think if they did it the old natural way there chances of having a boy are much higher but if they had help then of course it’s most likely a girl. Which I believe they did have gender selection bc she’s been very open about wanting a daugther and I think if you really want one the only guarentee is through adoption or gender selection.
    Personally if I had 2 boys I’d try for another only if I knew 100% that I’d get a girl. I do not want 3, 4 or 5 sons! I have 3 nephews and I know how much of a rambunctious group they are and I much prefer to raise a danty little girl. Obviously if I have a boy I’d be just as thrilled too but I won’t lie when I say I’d much rather have a girl.

  15. Daniella

    Everyone’s always saying about how Victoria wants a cute lil’ girl to dress up & transfer her love of fashion onto, but here’s a question: What if they do have a little girl & she ends up being a complete tomboy? Just because you have a daughter doesn’t mean that she’s going to be a girly-girl who loves to dress up & do the typical girly things. Especially when that little girl has multiple older brothers.

    I turned out to be a complete tomboy who preferred doing typical “boy” things over typical “girl” activities. The same has also happened with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The personality matters more than the gender & there is no way of predicting what your child’s (male or female) personality will be like.

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