Cynthia Nixon Introduces Son Max!

Introducing Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni!

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, 44, and fiancee Christine Marinoni, 43, released the above photo of their adorable newborn son taken Friday in New York City.

Marinoni gave birth to baby Max last Monday (February 7). The couple, who began dating in 2004 and announced their engagement in 2009, have remained mum regarding any details of the baby’s biological father.

Nixon is already mom two children – Samantha, 15, and Charles, 8 – from her previous relationship with Danny Mozes.

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Photo credit: AP


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  1. Sam

    Aww Max is so cute! what a wonderful family.

  2. Sam

    Aww Max is so cute! what a wonderful family.

  3. Anonymous

    the baby is adorable!! I have a question and i don’t mean to offend anybody, if they split who is legally responsable for the baby?? who is the parent legaly?

  4. avery

    If they spit I think max is legally Christine since she give birth to him.I heard a story where a lesbian couple had a daughter together .they spit and the daughter was legally the women who give birth to Isabella.

  5. beautiful son

    Avery you do not spit.. but split.. up.. and yes since Christine gave birth
    she will end up the the son.. Who is Isabella..He looks just like Christine
    with her red hair..!!

  6. avery

    sorry i meant split up.Isabella is the daughter of the lesbian couple who split up.

  7. Jennie

    It might depend on who’s egg was used. I believe some lesbian couples will use the egg of the woman not carrying the child. So if the child is biologically Cynthia’s, then I believe at that point, she would gain custody. I’m not sure if they announced those details though.

  8. Anonymous

    God, people here are not very well-informed. New York, where they live, has full adoption rights for lesbian couples. What will presumably happen is Cynthia adopts the baby after the birth. So there is a short time when she may technically not have certain rights (can’t say for sure without knowing New York law on the subject), but once the adoption goes through, she is the full legal parent. The court cases where the birth parent was the only one with rights are from a time and from states where it either wasn’t legal to have two same-sex parents, or where the couple didn’t pursue it for some reason.

    In any case, however, no one here knows the facts, so no one here should be giving opinions about what could potentially happen.

    • Anonymous

      Especially because they won’t break up (because I won’t allow them to do it – they are one of my favourite celebrity couples and it would make me very sad to see them split up) 🙂

    • Brooke

      Just because we don’t know the facts doesn’t mean we can’t give *opinions*. That’s why they’re called opinions and not facts. And I believe the “not well informed” people were discussing what would happen if Cynthia had not adopted the baby and they split.

  9. Simone

    He Looks exactly like Christine 🙂
    Max is Adorable.

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