Happy 14th Birthday Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr!

Name: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr

Date of Birth: February 13, 1997

Parents: Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe

Siblings: Paris Michael Katherine (04/03/98) and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II (02/21/02)


  • He is most commonly referred to by the name “Prince”
  • His godparents are Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin

Quotes from Parents:
“Prince likes electronics. He can hook up about anything. He also likes karate. And all of the kids are musically talented. I truly believe that God blessed this family with the gift of music to make people happy all over the world. If they want to become performers, that’s fine with me and my mom, but they also have to get an education.” – Marlon Jackson, on his brother’s children.

“When he’s crying, to keep him from crying, I have to do one thing. I have to stand in front of him… and dance… and his tears turn to laughter, and he’s happy. He smiles.” – Michael, to Barbara Walters in 1997, on consoling his crying newborn.

Our apologies for being one day late with Prince’s birthday wishes!

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  • nicoleC

    wish him happy !

  • courtney

    I wish him the best

  • Anonymous

    you will get the best thing that you want and i wish you would make your father proud

  • Anonymous

    yes yes he is his bio child.. otherwise how could he have his disease

  • Janis Jones

    May the Good Lord bless him and his siblings. And may they find some normalcy and peace of mind in the chaos they live in. Whatever anyone says and however weird their lives or father may have been, one thing is is true, and that’s that Michael loved them with all his heart…. God continue to watch over them.

    • Ashley

      Lovely post. And you’re right. People can make all sorts of judgments about how those kids lived their lives when their father was here. But the children spoke their minds in the Oprah interview, and I think it’s quite clear that he loved them dearly, and they loved him just as much.

      This was Prince’s second birthday without his father, and I’m sure that’s got to be tough. I hope that he and his siblings will forever remember that their dad loved them and did his best to keep them safe while he was here.

      Blanket’s birthday is next week, and Paris will be 13 in a couple of months! Time sure does fly!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Prince.

  • rachel

    happy birthday prince

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Prince , I love you so much <3
    I wish you all the best
    He is as beautiful as his father <3

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jr.

  • Natalie

    Happy Birthday! I can still remember the day he was born. I was 16 then… wow! time sure does fly!

    • Ashley

      Just to let you know, Natalie, that comment I made looks like it’s in response to yours (at least on my computer, it does) but it was a response to another post that seems to have been removed.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday applehead!!!

  • MJ lover

    L O V E is all it’s about, Happy Birthday Prince, you are loved! and I will always protect your daddy.

  • Anonymous

    Confused how he is “Jr.” when his name is PRINCE Michael Joseph Jackson and his da’s name is Michael Joseph Jackson. To be a “Jr.” you need to have the exact same name as your father.

    • Ashley

      Prince is a nickname. His legal birth name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. One of Michael’s grandfathers passed away around the time of the birth, so they nicknamed him Prince, and it stuck.

      There is a video floating around out there that News of the World released. Prince was about 4 months old, and Michael is singing to him. He’s calling him Baby Michael.

  • courtney

    Im so sick and tired of people saying that not his son does it bother u that if people that’s his bio son y would mike ask that fat pig for his dna? and klein is gay? sorry but i think mike wouldnt like the idea of having a gay son and we dont need paris turning into another chaz bono now if this sounds offensive im sorry but im sick of people treating michael he wasnt a human being he is a man like any other man that wanted kids just like brad pitt his x wife refuse to have his child so he find some who did. just like lisa she didnt want to carry his child so mike found some who would do it y would he go through all that just ask another man 4 his dna this is no proof that mike is not the father of his kids all this hearsay BS no facts what so ever but there proof that mike indeed fathered all 3 of them yet people rather Believe a fat ugly pig like klein who did this 4 money but oh yeah i 4 got mike wasn’t allow to be human or have feelings like a normal man that wanted kids and the Jacksons is not going to do an DNA test just prove that they r his they don’t have to prove anything to anybody unless if the court wants a test done SO LAY OFF rip mj

  • Desh

    happy birthday Prince dude!

  • Patti Brower

    Hi Prince:
    My name is Patti. I want to apologize for being late on wishing you Happy Birthday twice now. I don’t use facebook much and didn’t think about finding out if you used it yourself until today. I”m glad you have an account so that I can wish you Birthday wishes. I know I’m a couuple years late but still want to send you hugs and my condolances on the loss of your wonderful Father. I cried for him this morning and have posters all over my room I made myself and christmas ornaments I made up hanging in my ceiling bedroom. I’m a year younger than your Dad but stil feel like a kid.

    I live in the San Diego area but I’m also disabled and bedbound. I wish I could make it to L.A for when they have events concerning your dad and it kils me that I couldn’t make it to the memorial but I did record it so I can watch it every year in June. He did such a wonderful job in raising all of you. Keep up the karate classes, it’s was a very smart move.

    My Brother has a black belt in Aikido, you should check it out, it’s a combination of all martial arts in one. Ask your Karate Instructor about it and he can explain it better than I. My brother used to teach at the San Diego Police Department for the women’s self defense class that would join back in the early 80’s. In Karate you will get worned out verses what Aikido teaches, you don’t get worn out except the opponent.

    Anyways I made a homemade poster I had too enlarge of Your Dad holding you and Paris when you were about 1 and 2 years of age, your hair was blonde in this one. Underneath I have a tribute I wrote about your Father, I would like to know how I can get it to you. I think your Grandma would like it.

    I traced a rose at the top and the second page I have a picture I printed out of a dark night with light reflecting off a lake I think and inside the moon is a picture of your Father from a photo session he in 1989 and in the bottom in small letter it reads, “He watches over us now”. And the title I gave it is: “He was ever so gently, A generous soul”. And I start the tribute with different adjectives. And I end it saying that: “There will always be a ribbon in the sky for our love.”

    A Devoted Fan,
    September 3, 2009

    I might change that and put my name on it. I’m getting ready to have it put in the MJ – upbeat webside with Bonnie’s help. I also have an idea that I presented to her regarding a flag that they are putting together here in San Diego to remember the lives lost in the 9/11 incident and I want to do something that I think that fans would really love and Bonnie is trying to help me with contacts with my idea but I don’t trust anyone else to tell this to but I don’t mind telling you.

    Your Grandma and your Aunt Janet or La Toya ar fine, maybe your Uncle’s too. I just want to keep a secret but let me give you my personal email and if anyone of you or them would like to to contact me on this idea to help me get this done by September, it would kindly be appreciated.
    My email is: patrcast@aol.com and if you or a member of your family decides to contact me, please put on the subject line: responding to your 9/11 project. I’d leave you my phone but not on facebook, my apologies on that one. We just changed it for personal reasons.

    Well sweetie, I need to rest, I’m with the flu and am starting to feel a bit shaky. Thank you for reading my ramble ; )’ and I hope to hear from you or whoever I mentioned. I know that your Uncle Jermaine would want to jump on this and maybe this could be his chance to do what he wantd to do regarding some tribute he was working on but I don’t know if it ever happend seeing that we dont’ have cable anymore. que sera sera huh? Please show this to one of the members of your Janet, Jermaine or whoever and hope we can get this thing going. I don’t remember right if I mentioned kthat I brought this idea up to the attention of Bonnie who runs the Mj – upbeat.com website and she thought it was a beautiful idea and mentioned something about trying contact some people she knew that night be able to help. I also mentioned that I don’t care if I do or don’t get the credit for it, I just want to get this idea out there by the date of Sept. Now I just need to let her know that I told you, like oops! I’m getting silly and I can be a big kid myself.

    Well lit was a pleasure to write you and my love to you and your family, please give Paris and Blanket a hug fo rme and a bigger hug and kiss on the cheek to your Grandma from me ok? Thanks for that.
    Sending you many blessings,
    much love,
    Patti Brower

  • Patti Brower

    Hi Prince, patti here again, I just got through reading what I sent you and boy does it sound like a second grader wrote it. At the same time I hope you got what I was trying to say. I should have been more careful in correcting it before sending it to you. I tend to type faster than I can think and don’t always take the time to corrrect my mistakes. I noticed I said your Grandma and your aunt Janet or La Toya are fine, meaning are fine to tell this idea to, sorry about that. And I think you get that I want to keep the details a secret until I know more. I see I made other mistakes but don’t want to go through all of them and correct them so I hope you get what I was trying to convey to you. Feeling nauseated and shakey doesn’t really help so please forgive my mistakes. I was never good at the english grammer thing in school. I hope my letter sounds somewhat smart enough. I still struggle to this day due to an illness that I have, and long story short my Doctor said I have brain Fog. It’s ok to laugh cause I sure did when he told me. : )’

    Anyways I was too lazy to do sentences but I need to lay back, my fever’s kicking my butt. A Good day to you and I hope to hear from you or someone I mentioned in my last letter.
    Take care you,
    Patti :)’ and many hugs ooooo

  • Princy

    Awesome like his Father

  • Nasiha

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE!!!!!! You’re incredibly cute. God bless you and your family. I believe that you are just as talented as your daddy was. His legacy lives on and I can’t wake to see how you take on the music industry. I heard you’re a really good singer. Anyway, happy fifteenth. Love Michael forever…..

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