LeAnn Rimes’ Family Valentines Day

They enjoyed a glamorous night out at yesterday’s Grammy awards, but LeAnn Rimes insists that date nights are few and far between for her and her fiance Eddie Cibrian.

“Date night activity, honestly, we juggle so much between both of our jobs and children and everything, to be at home and us and maybe have like a glass of tequila and that’s it – that’s date night,” the singer recently confessed.

The pair did have plans for a fun Valentines Day – though they involved Eddie’s sons Mason, 7, and Jake, 3.

“We actually are going to be with his children, so probably Wii and pizza – it should be fun.”

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  1. Anonymous

    those boys are not her children and he does not have a job….she’s delusional

  2. Dana

    I have ZERO respect for either of these two. Yuck.

  3. Anonymous

    ewwwww they make me ILL, yeah i’m sure life is reeeeal rough… gross

  4. Anonymous

    His Job???? umm, exactly how does being a paid gigolo interfere with date night activity? isn’t that his job now?

    these 2 are jokes

  5. Anonymous

    No, not a glass of wine. A glass of TEQUILA.

  6. Anonymous

    living in europe, I’m not familiar with these two … why are people verbally bashing them?

  7. Ondine

    He reminds me of Dean McDermott and his hideous but rich wife, both men perfectly willing to commit adultery and not caring how their families will react and the fallout affecting their children when daddy moves away to take up w/ a newer richer piece of a$$ who is their real soul mate. We all saw these men act shamefully and so did their new gals. So their respect for these men will diminish as their selfish antics continue. Both men will soon be reduced to following their women around 2 steps behind them while holding their purses, just another cute little accoutrement for them. Just wait until these gals try relying on these faithless men. I would hate to have to be dependent on a broke but good looking adulterer. I can only pray LeeAnn Rimes is refusing to marry him but w/ her reek of desperation, that is a dim possibility. After all, she’s gotta show the world that she and he have the real thing, just like the McDermotts.

  8. Anonymous

    I know what they did was wrong and all but……he is so friggin sexy!

  9. Franny

    they suck, big way. but he is so damn handsome…

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