Will Smith & Family: Grammy Awards 2011

Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith and their daughter Willow smiled for photographers at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles yesterday (February 13).

As always, Willow wore an interesting outfit alongside her proud parents. The 10-year-old musician posed with her funky purse as she worked the red carpet.

Last week, we spotted the trio – along with 12-year-old brother Jaden – at the premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • andreea

    i like them and i like willow’s clothes. I mean they’re funky and weird, but if you don’t wear them at 10, then when?? I don’t think she’s gonna dress like that 5 years from now, and for her age it shows a lot of imagination 🙂

  • Anonymous

    More and more surreal, these people. They look like wax figures.

  • Evana

    Willow looks trashy.. Im sorry. But that is the worst outfit I have ever seen regardless of her “style” I would never let my daughter dress like that in public.

  • freya

    I hate people slagging other parents off on this site but I would never ever let my daughter wear something like that out in public.

  • anonymous

    Jada and Willow both look like something out of some crazy science fiction movie….. Platforms on those sneakers are way to high and probably really too heavy for little Miss Willow. She looks like a beginner Lady GaGa.
    whole family seems to get weirder and weirder as the days go by….

  • avery

    will and jada are the few celebrity parents who push their children to stardom at a young age.

  • Anonymous

    Does Willow eat?!

    • Trudi

      THAT’s a real good question. She looks like one of these size-zero-models for me.

      • And…

        Umm…she’s a ten year old kid–how big do you want her to be?

  • Goddess william

    Wow! that is all i can say. Are Will and Jada on something! That is not cute, individuality taken a bit too far. She can be unique and look her age. The child always looks like she is trying to be someone she isn’t, or looking to old grown before her time. IF this is what having money does to a person, then hmmm, that is all i can say to that!

  • TDfaninTX

    The clearly live in their own world and not the real one.

  • Anonymous

    the outfit looks ridiculous but it was picked out by a 10 year old with no sense of style, which is normal since she’s trying to figure out who she is while experimenting with fashion. Ultimately, what I see is a completely covered up 10 year so I have no complaints. It would be different if she was dressed provacatively or suggestively. I look at Will and Jada and I like what they are wearing so clearly this look is all Willow but I suspect they are giving her a little bit of freedom but keeping the reins on her since you rarely ever see her dressed like a future porn star like Miley Cyrus.

  • FrankiePhe

    Ummmm….you are aware thta Willow has a personal stylist that selects her “quirky individual” outfits? Her parents want to start a children’s line. Get with it people, their is NO self expression going on…this child is being pimped out to expand their egos and the family coffers/brand. ICK!

  • RL

    this is just so wrong… why do this parents allow that to happen? they have all the money in the world and they act like they would do everything to get attention… and its horrible they do that through their kids. they look ridiculous and crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to comment of the little girl, it’s the whole family that lacks any sense of style.

  • EuropeanGirl

    Please, don’t call Willow a musician! She is a a little girl who has one song. Musician??????
    By the way when she looks back to these days when she gets older, she will be totally embarassed and she will ask her parents what the heck they were thinking letting her dress like this.

  • Anonymous

    This family is truly pathetic!

  • Angela

    I don’t like this family!

  • Venni

    Willow is big as a toothpick, so why do they always allow her to wear these tight-leg pants? She would look a lot nicer in looser-leg pants (which could still be fashionable). I mean, seriously. The kid just looks so mis-shaped and mis-fit in her clothes. Jada looks like a witch! This family is nuts.

  • Anonymous

    well I guess Will just has to go with it….his wife has the “crazy eyes syndrome”
    and yeah they are rich ^^
    Will please just do other movies…many people including myself liked them!
    You’re kids shouldn’t be doing all those things..probably in a few years nobody will take them seriously…and who in the world gives a damn about cloth..she is a ten year old..leave her alone
    damn crazy eyes

  • Anonymous

    By far the WORST parents in the biz. They want their young child tgo work as much as possible? How about school? Nuff said.

    • And…

      You base this knowledge on what?

  • Anonymous

    Willow is so beautiful! Crazy clothes n all.

  • Anonymous

    can you people see? The only one looking strange is Willow. Tell me what’s wrong with what Will and Jada are wearing?

  • Anonymous

    Her clothes are absolutely Ridiculous! if anyone encluding her parents thinks this is ‘class’ guess the hell again.
    she looks simply stupid!

  • maynik

    hi my name is maymay i love hi tell hi to call me

  • Anonymous

    i hare that family

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