What Liev Schreiber Loves Most About Naomi Watts

After six years and two children together, Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts seem to be an example of a very happy Hollywood romance.

When the Salt star was recently asked what he most loves about his partner, he replied: “What do I love most about her? Well, she makes beautiful children, she’s very talented and she’s pretty easy on the eyes.”

With two young boys in the house – Sasha is 3 and Kai is 2 – Liev says his idea of a perfect date night is pretty simple.

“Good cooking,” he tells US. “Dinner at home and everybody’s quiet.”

As for Valentine’s Day, the handsome star admits he had a little help with Naomi’s gift: “Sasha and I made her a card.”

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  • Sophia

    I’m not having a go but those aren’t very deep things to say about the woman you love. Although I guess he probably wouldn’t want to be pouring his heart out to some random interviewer haha.

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