Salma Hayek’s Cartanega Cutie

It was a family affair for actress Salma Hayek today, who was spotted in Cartanega, Spain with her mom Diana and her 3-year-old daughter Valentina (February 17).

The 44-year-old Grown-Ups star is on location shooting her new film La Chispa De La Cida.

The last time we spotted this gorgeous jet-setting mother-daughter duo they were vacationing in St. Barts with dad François-Henri Pinault.

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  • Macy

    what concerns me is does this poor child have disabilities (Down’s Syndrome?) . Her face looks it.

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t have DS, that’s just the way she looks. She is not very pretty but it doesn’t really matter because she will be rich! Salma made sure she picked the right father, I mean sperm.

  • Audrey

    What concerns me is how often that when a child isn’t round eyed they are suddenly diagnosed as disabled (esp. Down’s Syndrome). This child not only is typical but she doesn’t even start to look as if she has DS. As my grandchild does have DS I know what I’m talking about. Plus DS is a diagnosis NOT a disaster.

  • Anonymous

    And the place is called CartaGENA not CartaNEGA…

  • Isabel

    Ok, she is not what we can call a cute little girl, but she hasn’t got any disorder. Check, she just looks like her father !

    • Andrea

      She does look just like her dad but with dark eyes.

  • Macy

    violet – I must agree with you. She looks nothng like the father. I am glad she does not have DS but she still looks “off” and I do not know why.

    Her father is blond blue-eyed, yes, and Salma is Lebanese / Mexican and has a harsh face and jaw, but all in all the girl is ugly, as you say.

    They were both well over 40, Salma had gestational diabetes and delays and disabilities can occur , and I bet the girl will suffer with them unfortunately.

  • Zara

    What unbelievably nasty comments! Seriously – you’re talking about a 3 year old! She’s a gorgeous little girl, and you’re all bitter and twisted!

    • And…

      And horribly racist!

  • Audrey

    Good grief. I guess we are now to believe that any child, especially of noted adults, that isn’t drop dead fairy tale gorgeous, should be expected to suffer disabilities. Guess only blonde hair round blue eyed very young people should have children. Oh yeah, gestational diabetes, my daughter hat it and she was 26.

    I’m wondering what milestones this child is supposed to be missing that have been caught in pictures, that have offered up so much information on her state.

    The child is fine I’m willing to bet.

  • And…

    So because this child is ot white with blue eyes she isn’t beautiful? Whatever, this child is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like her mother before Salma had plastic surgery.

  • Macy

    Audrey, the gestational diabetes perhaps had NOTHING to do with Salma’s age, and I did not connect the 2 facts. Google gestational diabetes and you’ll discover it can cause quite a few problems to mom and fetus.

    We are simply observing how the child looks, and many posters here seem to all agree.

    Anyway, Francoise-Henri Pinault’s other children are very beautiful especially Mathilde and his son (not sure of his name), and of course Linda Evangelista’s son, who is also Pinault’s.

  • celia

    I’ve always thought Valentina was beautiful! In these pics she does seem to be making some funny faces. I think my kids are cute but I can tell you right now that I have snapped some photos of them where they’ve looked absolutely hideous! Thank goodness for digital cameras… now not everything goes to print. delete,delete,delete! Seriously, even if a child is gorgeous they can’t always be super-photogenic! Give poor Valentina a break! She’s a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    The child isn’t attractive but it’s not because she’s not blonde or blue eyed it’s because she got her FATHERS looks. You can see her flat wide big shaped nose is same as her fathers and the weird egg shaped chin as i call it on her, the jaw is also from her father. The face from eyes and up is her mothers but the nose and down is her fathers and that is what makes her look unattractive or odd looking. Salma Hayek is beautiful however her husband isn’t. Unfortunately attractive ladies can’t always pass down their good looking traits to their child.

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