Jon Gosselin’s Career Move – Under Construction

Jon Gosselin is back to work!

After months of unemployment, the former TLC reality star has found a new gig as a construction worker in Pennsylvania, TMZ reports.

The 33-year-old father of eight began work with Green Point Energy earlier this week. The former computer technician is installing solar panels on the roof of a storage building. TMZ caught these pics of Jon working hard and having a smoke break.

Jon – who split with wife Kate, 35, in 2009 – first showed signs of money trouble last April.

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Photo credit: TMZ

  • Sarah G.

    Even though I dislike Jon Gosselin, I’m nonetheless glad that he found work, because he DOES have EIGHT children, and unemployment is one of our country’s biggest problems right now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that he’s actually WORKING, rather than pimping out his children for a few bucks…. unless it’s yet another reality show (which is likely as well).

  • rachel s

    he got roly poly. what a change. why doesn’t he go back to his fancy I.T. work?

  • Danielle

    At least he’s working, jeez, I’m so happy Kate and those kids aren’t on TV everywhere and in the magazines, glad that 15 minutes of fame is over, good riddance. I’ll be frank, their kids are not that cute, but no one has the cajones to admit it

  • JMO

    Kate isn’t out of the spotlight a new season of Kate plus 8 returns in April and she was just on The Talk last week. Kate will still put herself and her kids in the spotlight as long as it’s bringing in the money! I liked Jon and Kate when the kids were babies but now it’s more about Kate. All she does is yell, nag, make every situation about her. The older girls imo look less then thrilled to be on tv anymore the little 6 kids don’t really know any better. There will be a day where the show just fizzes out bc nobody will care for six 9 year old children! So Kate better suck it up all she can.
    Glad Jon’s working. I never disliked him. I thought he always got treated badly by Kate however his actions after their divorce were less then thrilling. But it seems he didn’t want to be on tv and exposed in public anymore so hopefully he’s getting back to just being normal and providing for his kids.

    • Anonymous

      Well said!
      I also liked the show when the kids were babies/toddlers… but Kate is WAY too much for me and I’m in the UK!! She is not on all our daytime shows. But she is still really irritating here.
      Wish the kids all the best 🙂
      And good job to Jon for getting a proper job again!

    • Emily

      Amen to that and i couldnt have said it any better myself.

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