Rufus Wainwright Welcomes Daughter Viva!

In a message posted on his Web site today, Canadian signer Rufus Wainwright announced the birth of daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen.

Darling daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen was born on February 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, California to proud parents Lorca Cohen, Rufus Wainwright and Deputy Dad Jorn Weisbrodt. The little angel is evidently healthy, presumably happy and certainly very very beautiful.

Daddy #1 would like to offer everyone a digital cigar and welcome the little lady in with a French phrase from his favorite folk song, A La Claire Fontaine: “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai.”

The lyric translates to, “I have loved you for a long time. I will never forget you.”

Lorca Cohen, who carried baby Viva, is the daughter of musician and writer Leonard Cohen, and a longtime friend of Rufus and his fiance Jorn.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • TiggerTiff

    ummm….I’m momentarily confused by this post. I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard of them. Correct me if I’m wrong but Viva is born to a gay couple right? Is so why does she have the last name Cohen is these guys are going to be her parent??? REALLY CONFUSED! that’s all…

  • Sonya

    I’m confused too. Are Rufus and Lorca bio parents and will share custody? So what is Jorn here? Would he have any legal rigts to the baby (or is he just Dad’s boyfriend?)? Who will the baby live with….

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that the situation is somewhat similar to Clay Aiken’s. Only Rufus has a BF. The most telling thing to me is that the baby has the mother’s last name.

  • Anonymous

    Does no one here have any common sense, or know how to use google? Rufus Wainright is gay. Jorn is his longtime partner (fiance, apparently). Obviously Lorca, a longtime friend, agreed to carry the baby for them, and it sounds like they are all close enough that she will be involved in the baby’s life to a significant degree, to the point where they gave the baby her last name. Perhaps that means they consider her an equal parent. Perhaps it’s just honorary. Who knows. But there’s no reason why so many here should be so confused.

    • TiggerTiff

      Well I’m glad you have so much time on your hand to decipher all this 😀 That’s why I asked the questions…I expected answers. Thank you. It make sense now.

    • Anonymous

      Well, sorry, I’m still confused. Is she the biological mother? I assume so. Even if they are close friends, how will they manage in the future? Do they live together, will they meet often, does Lorca not have a partner or a family of her own,… it seems like a fairly complicated situation to me.
      I know, they probably know how they are going to do it, and for them it’s not so complicated, but for me here it does seem confusing.

      • Judge Judy

        Well lucky for us confused ones, it’s none of our concern!

        I like the name Viva!

  • Alice

    Leonard Cohen is a GRANPA! A fact is for sure…Little Viva won’t cry, she will sing! Congrats to the three of them and welcome Viva.

  • Anonymous

    for goodness sake – this is Lorca’s baby. She did not “carry” their child.

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