Alanis Morissette’s Happy Family

Motherhood certainly seems to agree with Alanis Morissette!

The songstress looked positively radiant today as she headed out for coffee in Venice, California with her husband Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway and their 1 1/2-month-old son Ever Imre (February 20). The proud papa stopped to snap a quick pic of his wife and son as they walked.

Earlier this month Alanis shared the first photo of her beautiful boy on Twitter, a happy family portrait above the simple caption, “amazing.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Ashley

    Alanis looks amazing and so happy! Motherhood agrees with her. Little Ever is too adorable!

  • Desiree Fawn

    She looks so happy! 🙂 Love these photos!

  • carolyn Robertson

    I love how his little hand is holding onto her finger. So sweet.

    • Tara

      I totally did not notice that until read your comment. I thought it’s a nice picture, but after looking at it again- it’s is precious. These are the moments that make you realize what a gift children are to us. I was having a rough afternoon and my almost two year old climbed up into my lap and said “momma hugs”

      This pic and the hug brought me out of my mood;)

  • Anonymous

    I love finger holding photo. So freaking touching! Babies (God’s greatest gift) can really pull at your heart strings.

  • Anonymous

    awww, that’s really sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Awh… sweet. Canadians seem to really love living in America. They’re so lucky that we’re so close.

    • Joanie

      Geographically close yes, most canadiens look at Americans as superficial idiots with nothing to offer the world but egocentric obnoxious views.

  • Anonymous

    @Joanie – I really have a problem with you saying that “most Canadians” have that kind of an opinion. It’s not because George Bush is an ignorant, obnoxious and narcissistic idiot that you can go ahead and qualify all Americans as such. I am a very proud Canadian and the first to hate Bush and others of his kind, but there are just as many superficial Canadians as there are Americans. We have differing values and views on many things, but you also can’t generalize. There are extremists in every culture.
    Now can we please get back to the point here and focus on how insanely adorable these pictures are?! Love Alanis and am thrilled to see her so happy 😀 Ever’s grip on his Mama’s finger makes me go gaga!

    • Tara

      I agree with you on most things in your opinion, however you lost me with your assessment of President Bush. To be fair the majority of Americans realize he was stuck between a rock and hard place and regardless of what your personal beliefs are, one cannot deny that he was damned if he did damned if he didn’t. As what happened with Richard Nixon, history will dispel the negative legacy of his term to see the bigger picture of his achievements.

      But that picture is adorable.

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