Carlos Leon On Who Lays Down The Law With Lourdes

Mini Material Girl Lourdes Leon may have plans to get her nose pierced and dye her hair blue this year, but according to her dad, Carlos Leon, one of those things won’t be happening until she’s about 18.

The ultimate decision on Lourdes’ new look, however, will be up to her mom, Madonna. Carlos tells Access Hollywood that when it comes to discipline, it’s not papa doing the preaching, but Madge.

“[Madonna] is the disciplinarian and I’m the one that listens,” says Leon. “It works out perfectly. Again, we have this great communication with our daughter. We’re on the same track with her.”

Carlos, who’s currently promoting his new movie Immigration Tango, tells Access that he and Madonna are very open with their 14-year-old daughter, and that they talk to her about everything from drugs, to dating and sex.

In turn, she helps him out on the fashion front.

“She’ll tell me if I’m wearing something a little dorky or if I’m wearing the same clothes over and over, which I tend to do sometimes,” says Leon.

Despite her style sense, Carlos says that the nose ring is not happening… at least until Lourdes is 18.

“No nose ring,” he laughed. “Blue hair? I’ll think about it. It’s really up to her mom.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    She looks very Cuban like her dad.

  • Anonymous2

    When you see them together, you realize how much they look alike.
    He seems like a real good guy, mellow and not full of himself. Lourdes has a great dad.

  • Anonymous

    Cute dad, beautiful girl, hope they keep her in line!!

  • Anonymous

    He seems like a good dad. On a different note, I was surprised to hear he was appearing in a movie — thought he was a personal trainer.

    • Anonymous

      I think he’s a dancer.

      • Anonymous

        He’s not a dancer. He’s a personal trainer, but has also done some acting in film, TV, and theater in the past decade or so. He said Madonna is supportive and sees all his work. They’re good friends and talk or hang out often.

  • Amaryllis

    Madonna has always encouraged this relationship, seemingly with very good results. Halle Berry could take lessons from her on how to act like a mature adult.

  • Cary

    You can tell that He and Madonna are supportive of one another I’ve even seen photos of him with Madonna’s other kids from that act alone you can tell the close relationship they have.

  • foreverana

    Wow, I haven’t seen Lourdes, for a long time, I was always a madonna fan, and grew up with her, but never thought she was a real beauty, but Lourdes cuban heritage brings out the best in her. Thumbs up to Carlos for being such a great dad!

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