Joel McHale Calls It Quits For His Kids

Joel McHale is a stand-up kind of guy. Well… sort of.

The 39-year-old comedian recently quit his stand-up act in order to spend more time at home with his kids, Eddie, 5, and Isaac, who’s almost 3.

“I’d like to see my children grow up,” McHale told Emmy in their latest issue. “I kind of missed it last year.”

That may be because Joel’s been doing double duty as the host of E!’s The Soup and star of the NBC comedy Community. Add that to a grueling stand-up schedule, and there’s not much time left for family… or anything else.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • klutzy_girl


    Love Joel on Community and The Soup.

  • Anonymous

    Joel would be a pretty cool daddy to have. That’s for sure :) Joel!

  • Dan in Puyallup

    We miss Joel in the Pacific Northwest. We remember him starting out on Almost Live in Seattle!! That was awhile ago.

    • Rachel in Chehalis

      I agree Dan!! I remember going to a couple tapings of Almost Live!…Joel was a huge assett!! Kudos to him though…definately from the Pacific Northwest!!

    • lenny keystur

      It’s amazing he’s even got a show! And what an absolute ass he was in Seattle when i first met this bozo thinking ha ha ha I’m such a funny bunny. Rode an elevator together and ripped an egg salad fart and put his chin up and said ‘wait till Hollywood hears me, gaaad i thought. And that show ‘almost jive’, it sucked because if you weren’t a true Seattlitte it didn’t make no sense!

  • Anonymous

    he is so hot, so is his wife and the kid too

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