Suri Cruise: Canadian Cutie

Clutching a little pink purse and wearing her favorite faux fur coat, 4 1/2-year-old Suri Cruise headed out in Vancouver, BC today with her nanny (February 21). The pretty preschooler is in town while her dad Tom Cruise films Mission Impossible IV.

Suri’s mom Katie Holmes has also been in the Canadian city, and the family have been busy checking out the sights – earlier this month we spotted them taking a trip to Science World.

Meanwhile, Katie’s much-talked about miniseries The Kennedys seems to have found a home. Though the History channel caused a stir when they decided not to air the project, ReelzChannel has since picked it up.

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  • Anonymous

    “Canadian” Cutie? That’s lame. Surely you could come up with a better caption.

    • Cabos

      Geez is life too tough on you? Chill out it’s just a caption.

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re the one who needs to take a chill pill — there are lots more ‘interesting’ comments to debate about if you scroll down further (Suri’s coat, hair, etc.). Seriously, get a life.

  • Anonymous

    It was freezing cold in Vancouver today. Brrrr….. I get cold just looking at those bare little legs. It’s winter here, how can she not be freezing? And please someone tie that poor child’s hair back, it’s always such a mess. My girls were always better dressed with their hair properly done and not hanging in their face 24-7.

  • Anonymous

    Fur coat and bare legs.

    I know, I know… everyone says, “Oh, don’t you know how hard it is to get a 4-year-old dressed?”

    Yes, I do, and I still don’t allow my kids to go out inappropriately dressed. Either schedule in some extra time to bargain or discipline the child. If all else fails, she stays home. My daughter wanted to wear her bathing suit to school one day. Did I have to spend time explaining why that was inappropriate? Yes. Did she go to school under/inappropriately dressed? No.

    I understand a certain freedom of expression, but that ends when it begins to threaten the child’s health.

    And let’s be honest, the only ones who ever get all this negative attention are the Cruises. Obviously, other Hollywood families can figure out how to dress their kids so they don’t have that excuse!

  • Anonymous

    Not Cute!!

  • suzan

    Stupid paparazzi. Why stalking a child?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Why post such an unflattering picture of Suri (the first one)?
    Im not fully understanding the way this child is dressed. Maybe the numerous blankets are to keep her warm?
    The nanny looks dressed for the winter weather, why not Suri?
    It also seems that Suri looks happy to be with the nanny more then with Katie?????

  • Anonymous

    Why no complaints about how it’s wrong to post photos of a child w/out her parents When photos of Reese Witherspoon’s daughter were posted w/out her parents some time ago, everyone freaked out.

  • Sophia

    Ooh, those poor chilly little legs! Suri must have some kind of incredible immunity to coldness because she’s just about always under-dressed but never seems to mind.

  • Grandma of Four

    I am having a chill just looking at these pictures! Just WHO is dressing this child? It is COLD! Where are the tights….socks…..maybe even a pair of long pants! And, as usual, her hair is unkept! The parents are worth a fortune! I do not understand the appearance of this child on MANY occassions…..she often looks like a little rag-a-muffin! At least she has a coat on! I just do not get it! WHAT books on parenting are these people reading! There should be a little common sense applied! Other than that, Suri is a beautiful child!

    • Anonymous

      Well said. Gosh, if I had that kind of money and such a beautiful girl, I’d have sooo much fun dressing her up. Love the way Jessica Alba dresses Honor. But this child, she never looks nice and she’s such a little cutie.

  • P!nk

    She looks like a homeless waif.

  • Anonymous2

    It is freezing in Canada! How can they let her be barefoot in her shoes!
    Really bad parenting. If they can’t handle her now, I can only imagine Suri as a teenager!!

    • Anonymous

      “Canada is freezing” — you say that like Canada is a town or city. If you look at a map, you will see that it is a pretty big place and as such, the temperature varies from city to city. It may be freezing in Calgary but mild in Toronto.

      • Anonymous

        Really?? Well…one thing I know is that I’m Canadian and I can safely say, it is FREEZING in Canada. At this time of the year there is not a town or city where being barefoot in your shoes is really appropriate.

  • Country girl

    It boggles my mind that they could let her dress like that. Sure I know that kids are supposed to have some say in their clothes, but this is ridicolous! She needs to reigned in or else she’s going to be such trouble when she’s older

  • Anne

    Legging or thights please! and maybe boots!

  • Sarah G.

    Wow. Suri’s getting tall. Just like Violet Affleck, she suddenly shot up, with longer legs.

    I love how people just seemingly lie in wait for new Suri pics, so they can pounce on a four year old child for any little reason that they can find.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see anyone ‘pouncing’ on Suri. They’re ‘pouncing’ on the poor judgment of her parents.

  • Tazina

    A pair of tights/leggings would have been perfect for Suri. She probably raises a hissy fit if her clothing choices are questioned. If that’s the case then they don’t know how to discipline her properly so she wears more weather appropriate clothing. I’m thinking she wasn’t outside very long so it’s probably not a big deal either.

  • Angela

    The expression on her face in the picture where she is on the stairs is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Another fine example of people having more money than brains!

  • FrankiePhe

    Put some clothes on Suri !

  • rachel s

    it’s probably like 20 degrees outside, and she’s got bare legs, geez.

    I agree with the top poster, BCS’s captions are getting a bit lame, and redundant. I love this site, check it everyday, but am starting to grit my teeth when I see your captions.

    • Anonymous

      Me three.

  • Anonymous

    Suri has her mom’s legs…

  • Anonymous

    This kid needs to wear pants!!! Sick of seeing her wear short dresses and no socks/tights in the wintertime. Lousy parents….

  • Anonymous

    put some damn pants on that kid.

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