Jessica Alba & Her Coldwater Crew

Expectant parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren spent fun-filled day at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, California with their 2-year-old daughter Honor Marie this weekend (February 20). Mom and daughter were both sporting cute boots!

The Fantastic Four star and her handsome hubby seemed happy to dote over their toddler, playing ball, mucking about in the sand and pushing her on the swing. Looks like Honor even got a balloon to take home.

Jessica and Cash announced just last week that they are expecting baby #2!

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Photo credit: Fame, GSI Media

  • Julita

    looks like a small bump there!!

    • Danielle

      Yup. Justjared have said she’s pregnant

      • Julita

        I know she is pregnant but its the first time the bump is visible, isnt it?

  • Anonymous

    Somebody REALLY likes this pair.. boring!

    • Anonymous

      They are a very nice family. YOU are boring.

  • Tina

    I agree this site should just change it’s name to “All Alba, all the time.”

    • Anonymous

      It used to be Jennifer Gardner all the time so who will next?

      • Anonymous

        I’d rather see Jennifer Garner than this.

  • Feb 22, 2011 @ 05:43 pm

    I happy Jennifer Garner is gone for the time being; what I do find funny is that Ben or the nannies manage to take the kids to school without the paparazzi following them unlike Jen who can’t and since Jen been gone there has not been one photo of the kids I guess Ben knows who to keep the kids out of the spotlight.

    • Anonymous

      It is because the whole Affleck family are in Atlanta where Jen is shooting her new movie. Locals spotted Jen with girls/ Ben with girls/ the whole family together in parks, aquarium, botanical garden and Violet enter the local preschool. Glad that no papz bother them there.

  • Feb 22, 2011 @ 05:43 pm

    The whole family maybe in Atlanta but Ben in charge of the kids and he manages to keep them out of the public eye. I find it odd that when people say that Jen should move to a small town to get away from the paparazzi her fan say that the pap’s will follow them every were they go but that’s not true because there are no photos of her or her kids in Atlanta. It seem like if Jen really wanted to get away from being photograph ever were she goes in Brentwood they could move to small town, she can do to ever thing she dose in Brentwood with her kids without the paparazzi.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong again. Very cute pics of Jen, Ben and both girls were featured in tabloid mag (Star) a couple weeks ago (blury but clear enough to ssee if was them alright) and Vi was spotted by local newspaper on set with Jen. The difference is paps in small towns have more respect for privacy of celebs. Not that the money hungry slime in La and NYC.

      I know Jen is grateful for the privacy, contrary to what you believe. She looked so happy and pretty.

  • nicoleC

    Honor is so chic

  • Feb 22, 2011 @ 05:43 pm

    Sorry but I’m not wrong you only mentioned a couple occasions where they were spotted a blurry photo in Star mag and local newspaper is nothing compared to the daily photo of her and the kids when she is in charge of them if she so grateful for the privacy why not move to a small town where she can actually get some.

    • Jenfan

      Because in LA there are the better education, better weather, friends and relatives (Casey), Ben and Jen’s respectively film companies (LivePlanet and Vandalia Films) and many more. Admittedly, there are also tons of reasons to leave LA. It is never easy to decide to move out of the town people are familiar with. Don’t take things for granted. Think over it first!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I heard good gossip that they were perhaps moving to San Francisco. It was a blind item about a movie star couple that was looking into an all-girls private school for their kindergardener and that the movie star mom was more into farmer;s markets than walking about in heels. It sounded like them. I hope they do move to S.F. that would be great!~

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