Orlando Bloom Cradles His Cutie

Orlando Bloom had his hands full as he left a doctor’s office in Los Angeles, California with his 1 1/2-month-old son Flynn in one arm, his jacket in the other and a soother sticking out of his mouth (February 16). Model mama Miranda Kerr followed closely behind her handsome boys.

The Victoria’s Secret beauty has been a vocal breastfeeding advocate since her son’s January birth. After posting a pic on her Kora Organics web site of her feeding Flynn, Miranda revealed that she hopes to continue to nurse “for as long as I can.”

“The photo was one of the first photos Orlando took,” she said. “We both loved it and we wanted to share it. The pleasant surprise was that it also had the added benefit of promoting breastfeeding which to me is the most natural thing in the world and I love it.”

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Anon.

    Wow! I know it’s hard to judge from a photo, but that looks like a HUGE baby to me!!

    • klutzy_girl

      Wasn’t he ten pounds or close to that at birth?

      • Daniella

        Yes, I believe he was about 10 pounds. My brothers & myself were about the same weight (10+lbs.) at birth & were always much larger than the average sized baby. His size probably makes handling the baby a little more easy & less nerve-wracking for the first-time parents too, or so I’ve been told by my mum. On a side note, Flynn is adorable!

  • Sarah G.

    Absolutely adorable! ღ

  • Courtney

    yes he was and that’s not exactly gigantic when your mother is 5’9″. try being 13.5lbs at birth when your mother is 4’11” like Dolly Sinatra was and her only son Frank was 13.5lbs. little flynn is a cutie and Orlando looks like a doting daddy. at least Miranda is nursing most models/celebs don’t for vanity issues or legistics if it’s twins.

  • Anonymous

    Handsome daddy with his little bundle of joy. ♥

  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • JessaMom

    So sweet! Anyone know what kind of paci that is?

  • Anonymous

    That’s looks like a HEVEA pacifier! LOVE them. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she lost all the baby weight in 1 month!

    • andreea

      OMG, that is true!!!! i wonder how she did it..

    • Anonymous

      before she was pregnant, she was much smaller than she is now. she looks normal now whereas before, you can see all the bones on her body. she gained a reasonable amount of weight and still has it. but compared to a normal person, she still looks small.

    • Anonymous

      You also shed 300-500 calories a day while nursing. 🙂

  • CaliMama

    That baby is almost as cute as his daddy. Love the retro binky.

  • Jenny

    The Hevea Pacifer – I just love it!

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing!!!!


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