Report: Tonya Harding Welcomes First Child

Congratulations are in order for Tonya Harding and husband Joseph Price. The controversial former figure skating champion has given birth to a baby boy, The Oregonian reports.

According to Harding’s friend, Don Horn, the 40-year-old first-time mom gave birth on Saturday (February 19) in a Southwest Washington hospital. Last week, Harding confirmed that she was pregnant and “super excited” to become a mom.

Harding required a Caesarean section and remained hospitalized Monday, Horn said. “Everybody’s healthy and happy,” added Horn.

Harding’s marriage to Price is her second. Her first marriage to Jeff Gillooly ended in divorce after Gillooly hired an associate to attack Harding’s fellow 1994 Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan with a baseball bat. Harding later admitted to covering up the incident. She was fined, given three years’ probation and barred from competing in the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships.

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  • Helene78

    Did it come out with a club in it’s hand;)

  • Anonymous

    seriously, get over it! yeah what she did was wrong, but it was so loooonnnng ago. if nancy kerrigan competed today, she wouldn’t even medal. in fact, she probably got so much sympathy points for that busted knee. neither were great skaters. to make such a public mistake like that and then having the a somewhat normal life takes a lot of courage. congrads to tanya, i hope one day she’ll recover completely. and no, i don’t feel bad for nancy, she got the gold medal.

    • Helene78

      Whoever said I felt sorry for Nancy? I thought she was a sore loser. Who did lack talent. But come on tonya was always and still is trailer park trash, as recently as doing pay per view mud wrestling a couple of years ago. She uses her hard life as An excuse for everything she has ever done.

      Thousands of people grow up disadvantaged yet still manage to live an honorable
      life. Tonya played the victim card and continued to do so for years.
      Feigning ignorance at what her ex husband did was beyond reproach and I would have more respect for her , had she come clean and admit her culpability in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        You just described my sister in law! Has no one else noticed the pink elephant in the room? She looks like she ate Nancy Kerrigan …

    • Kris

      Nancy didn’t get the gold medal, she got the silver.

  • Courtney

    anonymous that’s your oppinion and you entitled to it. I on the other hand think Ms Kerrigan is very talented. of course she neither would Medal today Nancy is older by about a year than Tonya and no in 1994 Nancy didn’t win the gold medal at the Olympics she won the silver Ukrainian beauty Oksana Baiul won the gold Medal at the age of 16 congrats to Tonya and her husband on the arrival of their son

  • Anonymous

    This is incorrect. Tonya has been married 3 times. Her first marriage was to Jeff Gillooly, her second marriage was to Michael Smith, and her third marriage is to Joe Price.

  • suzan

    Who is she!!!!!

  • tif

    OMG! She looks 65! What’s with that?!?

    • Anonymous

      It’s called KARMA!

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I’m just not motivated to cheer on a thug who has just given birth. I pray for the baby

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