Suri Cruise Makes A Starbucks Stop

Suri Cruise was escorted to Starbucks by her nanny and bodyguards in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (February 22).

The 4-year-old enjoyed a warm drink before putting on her faux fur coat to go back outside.

The night before she and dad Tom Cruise were spotted right after having dinner at Joe Fortes Steakhouse.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has been busy promoting her fashion line Holmes & Yang. Over the weekend, she and her partner Jeanne Yang presented their collection at a trunk show at Barneys New York in Dallas.

The busy mom plans to do more trunk shows in New York and Beverly Hills next month.

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Photo credit: Flynet/Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but it’s getting ridiculous now how photographers are following this girl like EVERYWHERE. There’s absolutely no line here, everything is crossed out.

    • Local Vancouver resident

      I can confirm that they were seen in Holt Renfrew with their OWN photographer. All the photos in Vancouver were exclusives by the Cruises photographer. Seems their outings are now staged for the public and media exposure. Poor little girl doesn’t even know her parents rely on HER for exposure, at 4.5 years she is bigger than her parents combined.

  • Anonymous

    Photographers are there because of people like us who visit sites like these. We’re all guilty.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the nanny & body guard are getting paid 50 cents and hour.I love the photos on another site of her at the library reading Vanity Fair,LMAO!!!I see she whipped out her credit card to pay for her Starbucks!

    • Local Vancouver Man

      Clarrification : I was in that Starbucks, it was not a credit card, its the current STARBUCKS stored value card. It’s red, check the photos again, there’s no red credit card on the market.

  • Anonymous

    In pic 3 she looks like she’s saying,”yeah bitches I roll with my own plastic!”Too funny!

  • suzan

    WTF???????????????????????? Drinking starbucks at that age?!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Just wow. Starbucks at 4-years-old??

    • Anonymous

      they have hot chocolate, what is wrong with that?

  • sammi

    she seems to have two nannies… same two girls she was photographed with the other day.

    now i know she is spirited, magical and strong but TWO adults to manage one 18 kg 4 year old? seems a tad excessive. i wonder what the reasoning is?

    • Anonymous

      Probably just to shield her from all the paparazzi…Speaking of paps, I wish they’d just go home and stay the h*ll out of Canada.

  • Anonymous

    Relax, she may be under-dressed but I’m guessing that Tom and Katie aren’t dumb enough to let her drink coffee. It’s probably hot chocolate.

    • Alma

      or tea

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t dumb enough?? They let her eat what ever she wants, mostly junk food. Not to mention the high heels and make up, baby blankets, bottles, slippers on the street, bare foot, skimpy night gowns, pajama’s in public etc.. They would so let her drink coffee because what Suri wants Suri gets!

  • Anonymous

    Spoiled brat with her credit card!

  • anonymous

    Sorry but I am stuck on the fact that she never wears tights or socks and her shoes always look so worn… I can pratically smell her feet through the computer….. It is obvious from all pictures that she rules the house.

  • JMO

    They have plenty of kid friendly drinks at Starbucks.

  • Anonymous

    Hot chocolate would be fine if it was hot choc, but that clearly looks like a caramel machiatto

    • Anonymous

      Dang you know your Starbucks beverages(smile)

  • P!nk

    Aren’t dumb enough? You can’t get any dumber than those 2.

  • Anonymous

    people in here are so awful and jealous of suri haha it’s pacetic.

  • Amber

    all you crazy ADULTS need to stop hating on a 4 yro

  • Anonymous

    it’s a hot chocolate! and we only see pics. she probably wanted to be like her mommy and someone handed her the card to give to the cashier. my daughter has done that before.

    • Anonymous

      What adult would carry a pink credit card? It’s Suri’s, DUH! Remember, they treat her like an adult. So sad!

      • And…

        I have a pink hello kitty credit card–also may have been a valentines gift card.

      • Victoria

        Don’t speak for all adults, there are plenty of women who have pink credit cards, or credit cards with Hello Kitty or other girly girl themes on them.

  • mackenzie

    suri is adorable

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Katie?

  • Anonymous

    Brush that hair or cut it off! Her parents are billionaires and she always looks like a ragamuffin.

  • Grandma of Four

    Will someone PLEASE put some tights on this little girl! She is barefooted inside those shoes! Her little legs LOOK COLD! I just do not get it! Her parents are worth millions! Go buy her some tights or better yet, put some long pants and socks on her! Burrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;- (

    • Anonymous

      Money does not give you class or common sense, two things (among others) the Cruises lack! It really appears that they allow Suri to do whatever she pleases. Plus Katie and Tom are so blinded by there ego’s and Scientology that they don’t get how to provide limits for there daughter. Suri is treated as if she is an adult! Disaster in the making.

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