Tom Cruise & Suri’s Curb Appeal

Doting daddy Tom Cruise was spotted with his 4-year-old daughter Suri jumping the curb after having dinner at Joe Fortes Steakhouse in Vancouver, Canada on Monday night (February 21). On their way back to the hotel, the father-daughter duo held hands as Suri clutched her Hello Kitty purse.

Earlier in the day, the Top Gun star and his little girl were seen enjoying some quiet reading time at the downtown library. What a sweet pair!

Before meeting up with dad, Suri was seen out and about with her nanny.

The Cruises are in town while Tom films Mission Impossible IV.

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  • Janna

    • Oh no! Suri has no tights on!
    • How dare they let her run!
    • I bet she’s pretending to read a magazine to make us all feel stupid because our 4-year olds don’t measure up!
    • Why is she only smiling in one photo?
    • What a spoiled brat!

    (Did I hit all the ridiculous points that the lunatics here bring up with every post on Suri Cruise?)

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry, I’m sure they will come up with plenty of other things to criticize. I mean, you already missed the OBVIOUS issue of proper seating etiquette! (Is that the craziest they will come up with today? Only time will tell…)

    • Anonymous

      A+++ comment Janna. That’s exactly what i was gonna say.

      I’m tired of people always posting the same crap about Suri.

  • annabella

    This family is weird. First they baby her by holding her baby blanket bottle. Then they treated her as an adult makeup high hill fancy dress. she a cute little girl.

  • SarahEL

    What a cute set of pictures!!!

  • anonymous

    I have issues with little girls wearing dresses especially without tights and jumping around, sitting with legs open. Any child over 2 should be taught how to act with dress on…. Most adults I know that were not guiding from an early age about this still have issues with sitting properly in dress etc…. needs to be taught at a young age.

  • anonymous

    please disregard above post and replace with following SORRY for my typo….

    I have issues with little girls wearing dresses especially without tights and jumping around, sitting with legs open. Any child over 2 should be taught how to act with dress on…. Most adults I know that were not guided from an early age regarding these essential life skills still have issues with sitting properly in dress etc…. needs to be taught at a young age.

    • Anonymous

      Where is she “sitting with her legs open”? I think it’s kinda creepy that you’d say something like that.

      • Anonymous

        Ha, I agree! What a strange look on toddlers!

      • anonymous

        obviously you dont have children or home training… she is clearly sitting inappropriately reading book…. I am not creepy. I am a mother and I actually have children that know the proper way to sit in a dress in a public place. I am not looking at her in a perverted way but the way that any good respectable mother would perceive the situation….

        • Janna

          No, what you are doing is looking for ways to put down someone else’s parenting skills without any firsthand knowledge of what was going on there.

          Shame on you.

    • Janna

      There *is* a photo of her with her knees together, but feet apart (the one where she’s reading with her finger in her mouth).

      But here’s the thing: You have NO idea if her father walked right over and told her to put her legs down or close her legs. You just assume he didn’t and just doesn’t care if she flashes the world. How about you stop criticizing someone you don’t know based on a still photo.

      The other thing is that if you photographed any other 4-year old as much as this one is photographed, you’d probably catch them scratching their butt, picking their nose, drooling their drink, splashed with mud, etc etc etc. None of that means that their parents are incompetent.

      Lastly, shame on CBScoop for even posting that picture knowing that SOMEONE was going to say something about how ‘inappropriate’ it is.

  • FrankiePhe

    Well I think little girls you be allowed to loll and recline and laze so long as they aren’t ata restaurant and church. You only get to be 4 once. Hell, if they aren’t starkers they are doing pretty well.

  • Kate

    canada must be a very warm place.

  • Angela

    Cute pictures

  • Sarah G.

    Aww!!! I love the pic of Suri skipping through the library. So cute!

    • anonymous

      too bad you are not supposed to run in the library….

      • Janna

        Does it ever cross your mind that her father DID tell her to stop running, and that’s why she’s sitting reading in the other pictures?

        Man, you must be raising some robot children. Lucky them.

        • Anonymous

          No, Janna, these idiots are probably children themselves or simply trolls residing in their mothers’ basements!!

  • Anonymous

    Suri’s dress seems awfully short. It looks like it belongs on a much younger child.
    Also shocking to see her in a library and not shopping and eating junk food.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter use to sit with her legs open when she had dresses on so I told her she would have to wear pants until she learned to sit the right way.The world is full of wierdo’s!

  • Anonymous

    “Daddy this walking thing feels funny.Why can’t you carry me like mommy does?,oh yeah because you lack the upper body strength.”

  • Anonymous

    Does this kid ever wear pants?

  • JMO

    she clearly looks cold in picture number 2.

  • Pierre

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