Bethany Joy Galeotti Welcomes First Child: Maria!

Congratulations are in order for Bethany Joy Galeotti and husband Michael Galeotti! The One Tree Hill star and her rockstar hubby recently welcomed daughter Maria. The proud new mama shared the above picture and announced the happy news on her website today (February 23):

Michael and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our beautiful girl, Maria. I’ll probably be MIA from my blog for a few weeks as we adjust to life with our girl, but I’m hoping to bring in a few “guest editors”! Bless you guys and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! xoxo Michael & Joy”

Maria is the first child for the Galeottis. Bethany has been married to Michael, a member of the band Enation, since 2005.

Thanks to CBS reader SAGOT!

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Photo credit: Bethany Joy Galeotti

  • VeronicaRamos

    Yaay! I’m so happy for them both. Love Joie, love the baby’s name! I also wanted to say that I’m happy to see Joie is finally in this site 🙂

    • VeronicaRamos

      Plus, how funny is the fact Joie’s character Haley James-Scott (from ‘One Tree Hill’) is giving birth this next week?!

  • mackenzie


    • Amy

      joy and james are better sorry but cute baby posted 1:54 P.M Monday June 16, 2012

  • Anonymous


  • Gis

    Congratulations to both Joy and Michael Galeotti. May your blessed angel Maria bring you lots of love and happiness from God and the Angels above. God bless the both of you.

  • Anonymous

    i’m so happy for them
    Bethany was my best actrress on one tree hill!
    love her
    god bless them

  • Anonymous

    Congratualtions Joy and Michael. I love the name Maria.

  • Brooke

    I love her on OTH! Congratulations!

    • Amy

      I love you James If your out there please reply

      • amy

        please right to me james Laffrerty if your out there

  • Judge Judy

    That is a great picture. Much better than anything you’d see on a magazine cover.
    They look so happy.

  • Anonymous

    so nice that they didn’t name her something insane. Maria is a very cute and normal name.

  • Anonymous

    I was so happy to read this announcement on her blog and I’m happy she felt comfortable enough to share a picture, considering the gross invasion of her privacy that occurred when she was pregnant. Such a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name to match. I’m glad she didn’t pick an odd name, but one that’s normal without being too common. Well wishes to them all!

  • Jasmine

    She is so cute but she should of been James lafferty child because use two are so cute together

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