Gabriel Aubry Moving To New York To Take Care Of Nahla

Gabriel Aubry is moving to New York to be with his 2 1/2-year-old daughter Nahla. He plans to take care of her while her mom, Halle Berry, works on the new film New Year’s Eve in the city.

A source tells, “Gabe’s arranged a short let apartment in New York. And he plans to be there all the time Nahla is. He has put his career temporarily on ice, canceled a couple of projects he had booked, and plans on concentrating full time on being with Nahla.

Recently, Berry won the right to bring Nahla to New York City so that she could work on the movie. Hours before the Canadian model had filed a motion to end his custody case and dismiss his request for child support from Halle.

The insider adds, “The agreement at the moment is that Gabriel will be primary caregiver to Nahla during the time Halle is working, but nothing is set in stone, or agreed in writing, so we will have to just see how that goes.

“He really wanted Nahla to stay behind in LA with him while Halle went to New York, but she wouldn’t allow that, so he is uprooting and moving there to be with her.”

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  • mackenzie

    good for him. holding back his career to spend time with nahla.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true…Halle sounds very selfish

  • Anonymous

    I have totally lost respect for Halle Berry. She just plain acts like a woman scorned and is seeking revenge. I went thru that with my ex-husband and I have no respect for people who use their kids that way. I won’t be going to any of her movies now.

  • madison

    Have you seen how she acted out in front of the paparazzi? When she out with nahla she rude and yelled with nahla and her arms. I understand they can be annoying at times. But she should handle the situation with dignity. Especially when nahla is with her.

  • Anonymous

    she is pathetic. and selfish. and doesn’t deserve to be a mother if she’s going to continue acting like A CHILD.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow she looks a lot happier when she is with her dad.

  • mackenzie

    Call me crazy but if a parent abused his child. Wouldn’t nahla tried to get away from him and cried. She looks so happy with him. Ever since the custody battle halle seems bitter.

  • Mel

    I still don’t understand why Nahla couldn’t have stayed with her obviously loving father in LA while Halle went to New York to work. Men should have equal rights when it comes to parenting.

  • Anonymous

    Nahla seems very happy spending some time with her dad Gabriel. She doesn´t look like an unhappy little girl “forced” to spend time with her dad. I just keep wondering where do these rags always get their information. If Gabriel would be abusing Nahla in any way she wouldn´t look this happy. She wold be crying and fighting. It´s wonderful to see that despite what happened between Halle and Gabriel he has stayed very close to his daughter. And I really hope that their relationship will always stay this close. And why shouldn´t it? He´s her father after all. Halle may have found a new man and Gabriel sure will find a new woman one day but that won´t change the fact that they (Halle & Gabriel) will always be Nahla´s parents.

  • nicoleC

    he seems is a good father !

  • Sam

    Hmmm….I’m a little confused here. Isn’t Gabriel a model? NYC is the heartland of models in the US, so I hardly think that he’s suffering a great injustice by spending some time there. Secondly Halle wanted to take Nahla to NY with her, something that Gabriel at first denied. He is not making a gigantic sacrifice to be with their daughter, it sounds as though he is choosing this. So the “oh look he’s a martyr” story is a bit of a stretch. NY and LA are six hours apart by plane, I’m sure if he had such pressing projects he could still have done them and flown to see Nahla. Lastly, when Halle was shooting a film in South Africa, she paid Gabriel to come along, so she could take Nahla with her. She’s probably paying him now as well. I hardly think the best option would be having the child stay behind with the non-custodial parent…as suggested in other comments. It’s clear these parents don’t get on. In bad break ups people sometimes say awful things. People who hear these things usually understand that most of it is situational, and take it with a pinch of salt. Halle is getting the most awful vitriol from the public though, which is a little odd in the circumstance. People need to back off.

  • Lizzig

    I have lost all respect for Halle. Gabriel is the one that probably needs work yet he is putting his career on hold to care for his daughter. While Halle continues to make Millions just for being in a movie that will take less then 2 weeks to film. I love seeing pictures of Nahla with her dad. they always look happy and carefree. Yet when you see pictures of her with Halle there are at least 2 nannies, Halles mum and the bodyguards. I know which lifestyle I would prefer. Keep up the good work Gabriel. Unfortunately for you to win you have to show your integrity and fight through this until some Judge finally sees that you are the better parent to care for Nahla.

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