Lourdes & Madonna’s Closet Capers

Daughters love to raid their mothers’ closets. But what happens when your mom is Madonna— the original Material Girl?

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Lourdes Leon dishes about her mother’s closet hypocrisy.

“I’m not supposed to take things without asking, but she’s always taking things without asking,” Leon explains. “I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but… she has such amazing like clothes, so it’s like kind of annoying sometimes.”

So what’s Madonna “borrowing” from Lourdes?

“She wears my shoes a lot and she wears my accessories,” revealed the little fashionista.

In her mother’s defense, the girl does have style!

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    I can understand why Madonna feels that way and it’s not like she’s really borrowing her clothes anyway. Madonna just borrows flat shoes and accessories. Lourdes’ shoes are sometimes already beat up and the accessories are mostly not expensive, plus Madonna takes care of the stuff she borrows according to Lourdes. On the other hand, what Lourdes borrows from Madonna is expensive designer items of all kinds which she sometimes accidentally messes up according to Madonna. I hope she also doesn’t lose anything.

  • Anonymous

    Her daughter looks very Cuban.

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