Rebecca Romijn’s Twins Give Her Sleepless Nights

Rebecca Romijn says Dolly and Charlie, her twin daughters with husband Jerry O’Connell, are leaving her exhausted because they’ve reached the “terrible twos.”

She says, “It’s equal parts absolutely adorable and absolutely horrible! I’m just trying to get them to bed at night, but they’re two! That’s what being two is all about!”

Taking care of their health is also a challenge.

She reveals, “Right now, I think the whole job of being a two-year-old is just trying to get as sick as often as possible to build up your immune system. It’s been three months of fevers, colds and vomiting.”

In general, the X-Men star says she and Jerry are just plain tired.

There have been so many sleepless nights for my husband and I. If I can just get them to stay in their beds and shut up at night, I’d be happy.”

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  • Anonymous

    Newsflash — when you are a parent, all of this goes with the territory.

    • Alma

      oh shup up…unless you have twins, you have no idea what that means and how all your life is turned upside down. When you still have sleepless kids at age of 2, and they are 2 of them, I KNOW what that does to your proper function during the day. You wish the day didnt start yet.

      • Anonymous

        You sound like a bitter, angry person. If you scroll down the posts, you will see that someone pointed out that (unlike most people), this couple can afford to have a support network (nannies, assistants, etc.) and therefore, should have little to complain about.

        • anonymous

          Unlike many other celebrity parents you do not see these parents with nannies at all. they are raising their twins just as any non celebrity would… I really like them they are down to earth people.
          I feel they have earned the right to complain a little….

  • mackenzie

    didn’t they break up because john wanted children. she didn’t now since she had them she happy.

  • Anonymous

    i have twins also, deal w/ it. it all comes w/ being a mom. in the grand scheme of things you have it easier than most…you can pay your bills. stop complaining

    • Alma

      Seriously?!? What does paying your bills has to do with not being able to function during the day(s), due to lack of sleep? Going more than 6 months without a proper rest of your body during the night sleep, it can easily turn you into a walking corpse.

      Yes, I have the money, I have the twins, how all of those help me know when I also have the Chronic fatigue Syndrom?

      Deal with it?! Shame on you!!!

      • Brooke

        I agree with Anon 7:19. She could have help if she wanted and while I commend her if she wants to take care of the children instead of using nannies, her problems pale in comparison to those who cannot even FEED themselves and their children.

  • Anonymous

    I have twins. I hear you, Rebecca!

  • Danielle

    She fails to mention the assistance of one full time and one half time nannies! Imagine the stress without all that help! She’d be a basket case!

  • Anonymous

    I can relate completely! I’m sure she’s very happy with her daughters, but a mom is allowed to vent! I wish my daughter would go to sleep and be quiet too!

  • Anonymous

    There is such thing as freedom of speech! If this woman says she’s tired then let her say it and get over it! No matter what you complain of there is almost always someone worse of than you, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little moan. I also think she expressed her feelings to make other mother’s feel they are not alone and that these feelings are completely natural.

    • Anonymous

      I think she is a little too self-involved to be interested in empathizing with other mothers. She always seems to have something to complain about pertaining to her kids — in many of the interviews I’ve seen, she has something to sound off on. Pretty annoying and also a bit ironic — didn’t she go to great lengths to have children in the first place (IVF??)

  • FrankiePhe

    I’m just grateful there is one mother in Hollywood who speaks the truth. Its not all unicorns andd rainbows and paparrazzi ballet class tutu shots. Its hard being a parent sometimes. Who outlawed whinging?

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