Khloe Kardashian’s Fertility Frustrations

Reality starlet Khloe Kardashian and her NBA superstar hubby, Lamar Odom, have been very open about wanting to have children since their wedding in 2009.

But after spending two years trying to conceive, Kardashian is starting to exhibit some fertility frustrations. “It takes time, I guess, I don’t know,” the 26-year-old star tells Us. “I don’t know what the problem is.”

While there’s no real rush for the couple to have a baby, Lamar hopes that it happens sometime soon.

“I still want to be young when my kids are young,” he says.

A baby may not be on the way yet, but in the meantime, Khloe is enjoying doting on her two step-children, Destiny, 12, and Lamar, Jr., 8, and her nephew, Mason, who’s 1.

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  1. Anonymous

    This article says they’ve been trying to conceive for 2 years. That is incorrect so she didn’t even KNOW him 2 years ago. They met & married within 2 months. Do the math.

  2. Courtney

    what do you expect it came from a tabloid first and tabs are notorious for getting their info wrong. some people just aren’t meant to be parents

  3. Sunny Sue

    Yeah…we’re only 2 months into 2011. If they married in 2009 after two months of courting [and I believe they married LATE in ’09] they haven’t been together for two years. But still, if she’s not preggo yet and they’ve been trying for a year, she is probably having fertility issues and should be speaking with her doctor. I know, personally, how difficult this sturggle can be and sometimes a year of trying and not being successful feel more like a decade!

  4. Anonymous

    With both of their hectic schedules I doubt the have consistently tried to conceive for a year. He’s been on the road for months and months playing basketball. I’m assuming they’ve been trying on and off for a year.

    That being said I’m sure it’s still disappointing. Maybe she is seeing a doctor or plans on it soon, we have no idea.

  5. Anonymous

    yawn…not this bs storyline again…

  6. Anonymous

    wow, some ppl are cruel. I can you say that some ppl arent meant to be moms. everyone should have a chance to show them selves. I have struggled with getting pg for yrs. so does that mean im not meant to be a mom… what a jerk!

  7. Anonymous

    They’ll say just about anything to pick on her…

    Love you, Khloe!

  8. Anonymous

    I like that this information is out, because not everyone conceives on the 1st go or the 1st few months…Too bad some details are off

  9. Ondine

    She needs to keep her fertility issues to herself. It just adds fuel to the debate over whether she’s a male or tranny or anything less than a natural born female.

  10. Anonymous

    wasnt it announced she is expecting? it was here in fact

  11. Bergitta

    My husband and I have been trying for about 18 months now and we still have no baby. I don’t want to do IVF or anything like that. I’d like to stay natural if I can.

    Does anyone one know how you can increase your fertility or chances of conceiving?

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