Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou “Practice Every Day” For Another Baby

Life in the Fab Lane is pretty sweet for Kimora Lee Simmons. So sweet, that she and husband Djimon Hounsou are hoping to add another little one to their family!

While promoting Bounty’s Make a Clean Difference program in Harlem, the mom of three said that she definitely sees herself having more children, and that she and Djimon “practice every day” for another one.

“Hopefull we’ll have more,” Simmons tells Popeater, adding that she wants more kids in the next five years, “if everything’s working properly.”

And though adding another member to the Simmons-Hounsou household is on her To-Do list, right now, Simmons’ focus is on community service, and passing the message of “sharing is caring” on to her children – Ming Lee, 11, Aoki Lee, 8, and Kenzo, 1 1/2.

I represent, hopefully, this idea of ‘fabulosity.’ It’s about juggling a busy life. There’s so many young people, single mothers, working moms, dads. We want to live our [lives], juggle our responsibilities, be great parents, friends, socially involved, politically … and we want to look great and feel great while we’re doing it,” said Kimora.

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Kimora better be careful what she wishes for as at her age twins are more common and where she’s already got three kids that could push her over the edge


Don’t worry, they have nannies to take care of their kids.


Anonymous12:56@ All celebrities have nannies so what your point, and just because they have them doesn’t mean they what a house full of kids.


Exactly, people need to stop assuming the worst of celebrities and assuming that just because they have help means that they don’t raise their own children, which is completely silly and based on unsubstantiated evidence. I think that everyone who has kids should raise and take care of them, themselves, but if you need help and can afford it, then more power to you.


Does anyone else find it weird when celebrities announce that they “practice” for a baby all the time? They might as well say “Hey, we have a lot of sex.” Which is a weird thing to say.