Christina Applegate Says Sadie Grace Will NOT Be A Child Star

Don’t expect to see Christina Applegate’s daughter, Sadie Grace, on the big or small screen anytime soon. Other than the fact that she’s only 1-month-old, Sadie’s mom has some pretty definite opinions about child stars.

“She’s allowed to study, and if she wants to take acting classes or dance classes, she’s allowed to,” the Hall Pass star tells E!. “But I have a very strong ‘No’ when it comes to monetary exchange for your talents until she’s 18.”

So Sadie won’t exactly be following in her mother’s footsteps.

And though Applegate has thought about her newborn’s future, one thing that’s not on her mind right now is more children.

“I’m a month in,” Christina laughed when asked if she plans on expanding her family with fiancé Martyn LeNoble. “This is all I can handle right now!”

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  • LauraMM

    Thank you Christina Applegate!! I’m so sick of celebrities saying they will let their child be anything when they grow-up but NOT an actor. What if that is your child’s dream?? I agree with not letting them get in the business until they are an adult but your child can be an actor and not be in the business. Acting classes, school theater, local productions, etc.

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