Larry Birkhead & His Darling Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead and his 4-year-old daughter Dannielynn got in on the fun at Jayneoni Moore’s Celebrity Baby & Big Kid Pre-Oscar gifting suite in Los Angeles, California yesterday (February 25).

The pretty preschooler took time out from her snack to pose for a couple of pictures with her dad.

Dannielynn’s late mother Anna Nicole Smith is the inspiration behind a new musical playing in London – and Larry isn’t too happy about it.

“One day my daughter is going to see this trash,” he tells CNN of the show. “These aren’t the images you want to relate to your child.”

He added that he is looking into “legal options” regarding what he says is the misuse of Anna Nicole’s image.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Jill Rosenbaum

    I think it is great how this little girl has turned out. What a beauty! Glad to see that she is right where she belongs.

  2. Anonymous

    Whenever I see new pics of her it makes me sad she is not with her mother and brother

  3. Sam

    Dad has done a great job with his little girl!
    Yay for single daddies!!! 🙂

  4. Sophia

    Dannielynn is gorgeous and the perfect mix of her mom and dad. My little neighbour Romy looks a lot like her but with dark hair/eyes. Very cute.

  5. Anonymous

    I think as she gets older she looks more and more like her dad. I know people want her to look like Anna Nicole but I just don’t see it especially in this pic.

  6. Anonymous2

    This guy has a great heart! Not sure why he was with Anna Nicole Smith to start with but I’m assuming it was destiny. This little girl has great dad! Love them both.

  7. AnnieMouse

    I am so happy to see him and her together! I was worried when he first came out saying he was the father it was a publicity stunt, but I think you can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that he love love LOVES that little girl and that he’s not a media hound like I thought he was going to be either.

    Way to go Larry…you are doing a wonderful job raising your beautiful little girl!! I agree with the poster that said Yay for single daddies!! It’s a beautiful thing!

  8. Heart

    My fave kids dannielynn soo beautiful!

  9. Anonymous

    OMG! What a beautiful little girl Dannielyn has become! It´s easy to see that Larry adores his little girl.What a shame that Anna Nicole isn´t with them anymore. She would be so proud of her little girl. I see a lot more of Larry in Dannielynn than Anna Nicole. She has her mum´s blond hair but otherwise she´s all Larry.

  10. Smiley

    This warms my heart – nice to see this little girl has a stable home with a father who clearly loves her. This will ground her greatly when she becomes an adult and fully understands what was going on with her Mom.

  11. This made my morning

    What a cutie! And you know he is just a great dad. With looks like that, if he was shady and only took her for the money (like some tabloids say), she would already be modeling or in films constantly. She is going to be a knockout! 🙂

  12. Coco

    Dannielynn so cut and just like dad larry, and nothing like Ana nicole lol

  13. Anonymous

    So glad to see pictures of Larry and Dannielyn,She is the cutest kid in Hollywood,she looks a lot like her mom,hope Howard K.Stern gets to see her,He loves her too.Larry so proud of you,when are you moving to Ky???

  14. Anonymous

    Larry,You do something about the opera,about Anna,If they did not get the o k from you and your lawyer,I would bring suite against them,It will look bad on Little Dannielyn,when she grows up and hears about this show.Anna would be real up set with this about ,

  15. Anonymous

    He should take care of Dannielynn as best as he can because she is the only thing that Anna Had.

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