The Jackson Siblings Donate To Homeless Shelter

Michael Jackson‘s children – Prince, 14, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 9 – were photographed playing games and donating time and money ($10,000.00) to a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (February 23).

ABC News was on hand to interview the King of Pop’s kids. Sounds like showbiz might be in their future: “I’m looking at a couple of opportunities in show business – mostly producing,” Prince said. Paris shared that she wants to be an actress. “I’m thinking about auditioning for a play next week,” she said.

Their famous father died June 25, 2009 after being administered a lethal dose of propofol, a powerful intravenous sedative. His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King of Pop. Murray has been ordered to stand trial for his alleged role in Jackson’s death.

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  • Sophia

    That’s nice. Paris is stunning!

  • Anonymous

    It’s so nice they have inherited their father’s philanthropy, he would have been proud.

  • Love Michael Jackson

    They are so beautiful !!!
    Oh , that’s so sweet from them !!
    I’m sure Michael is so proud of them 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that’s nice 🙂

  • Danielle

    wow Paris looks like her mother, no dna test needed there!

  • Anonymous

    They are so cute!!
    Michael will be so proud!! Adorables kids!!

  • Anonymous

    Blanket is Michael twin!!

  • madylane

    Prince looks just like his daddy!

  • Anonymous

    They’re actually being forced to do that by that organization that hasn’t been associated with MJ for years and Katherine is getting paid for appearances. I think Michael would be furious to see his children being pimped out in such a manner, but it’s all done under the guise of charity. I hope the kids have as normal a childhood as possible and stay of out the business until they are of age. Good luck to them.

  • Anonymous

    They ALL look like their dad! So cute!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed!! Especially Blanket O_o

  • nicoleC

    they’re all beautiful !!

  • antigoniem

    They looked sooooooooo much more relaxed that they did in the Oprah interview, especially Blanket. Saw the interview yesterday and Blanket has a great sense of humor.

  • Ashley

    Michael would be proud that his kids want to continue his humanitarian efforts. Those kids are growing so fast!

    Let’s not make this into yet another paternity debate. Nobody’s going to change anybody else’s minds. If people can’t believe those are his kids, even after it’s been pointed out that Prince has vitiligo, nothing is going to change their minds. It’s sad but true.

    • Hmm…

      Who brought up paternity, but you?

      • Ashley

        There were a few posts about it before I made my post. It looks like they got removed.

  • highly impressed

    It brings a tear to my eyes to see these beautiful children continuing their fathers work. They are so precious and he would be so proud of them. They are stunning kids. The oldest looks just like Michael in his youth. He’s a little heart breaker in the making. The ladies will be after him in no time. And Paris, someone get that child an agent. She needs to model she’s so gorgeous. The little one is a doll. The spitting of little Michael from the J5. He has such a innocence about him. I wish all these children the very best in life

    • Ashleyy

      What’s funny is that the girls are already after Prince. He actually has fan girls…about the same age as most Bieber fans, I’d guess. It’s funny…he hasn’t really done anything but be born to a famous person. Though he has been on TV for interviews and the Grammys in 2010, so that counts for some, I guess. LOL

      Paris is very pretty, but I don’ t think she should be pushed into modeling if she doesn’t want to do it. Michael would want his kids to be kids first and worry about all that showbusiness stuff when they’re old enough to truly know what they want to do with their lives. If they already know that’s what they want to do, that’s great, but they should still focus on being their respective ages, and they should worry about the things other 14 and 12 and 9 year olds worry about…LOL.

  • JMO

    his dad would be proud. His father was just scared to show them in public for fear of them not having a normal childhood like he did but lets face it they never were going to be quite “normal” with having Mike as a dad.

    I think Blanket looks alot like Mike. They’re very cute kids and I’m sure in that family they’ll be something special.

  • Julita

    Paris is GORGEOUS

  • Ashley

    It’s crazy…Paris looks so much older than 12. She’ll be 13 in a couple of months, but she seriously looks like she could be 15. Those kids are growing so fast!

  • Sarah G.

    I seriously cannot believe how absolutely stunning Paris is. And she’s only 12! It’s hard to believe she’s the same girl who made that heartbreaking speech about her Dad at his Memorial not even two years ago.

    Blanket is too adorable for words! And Prince is getting mighty handsome. 😀

    • Ashley

      They’re all getting so tall! Prince is almost as tall as his Uncle Jackie, which I think puts him at around the same height Michael was. Paris isn’t too far behind him. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Prince is 6 feet tall when he’s done growing.

  • Kimber

    The 3 are so, so beautiful and adorable kids. Blanket is a little sweet thing. But I think that Katherine does not may to expose the kids in interviews. MICHAEL DOES NOT WANT IT.

  • Ondine

    For their sake I hope someone will suggest and urge a college education for these kids so will they have an option other than show business as adults. It doesn’t seem that education is valued in the Jackson family as much as show business and earning a commission check for their agents and managers.

    • Ashley

      I’m pretty sure that Paris mentioned wanting to study acting. I think education was a big part of those kids’ lives. I hope they go on to college, but hey, I went to college, got a degree, and I still have trouble finding work. Not that they’ll ever have to worry about money, but college does not equal automatic career.

      Still, I do think education is important, and I hope they do go on to college. They may find things that interest them outside of show business.

      I think Paris is going to be her dad’s greatest defender. Michael’s taken a lot of heat by the media over the years, and now the kids are being treated similarly. She already seems to be the most outspoken/vocal of the three, and it’s pretty obvious she’s trying to relay that she had a good dad, and he wasn’t like the world perceived him through the eyes of the media.

    • Anonymous

      Ondine at least 10 of the Jackson grandkids have attended college including Marlon’s daughters, Jackie’s daughter Brandy, Rebbie’s daughters,Randy’s son Randy Jr is in college now just to name a few.

  • Janis Jones

    Paris is so beautiful… They all are. God bless them

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